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This article is about the game. For the TCG set, see Pokémon Rumble (TCG).
Pokémon Rumble
Pokémon Rumble logo.png
Pokémon Rumble's logo
Basic info
Platform: Wii
Category: Action RPG
Players: 1-4 players simultaneous
Connectivity: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Developer: Ambrella
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Generation IV spin-off
ESRB: E10+
Release dates
Japan: June 16, 2009[1]
North America: November 16, 2009[2]
Australia: November 20, 2009
Europe: November 20, 2009[3]
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: Official site
English: Pokémon.com (US)
Pokémon.com (UK)
Japanese boxart
Pokémon Scramble logo jp.png
乱戦!ポケモンスクランブル Melee! Pokémon Scramble logo
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Pokémon Rumble (Japanese: 乱戦!ポケモンスクランブル Melee! Pokémon Scramble) is a WiiWare game, and the first game in the Pokémon Rumble series. It was released in Japan on June 16, 2009, November 16 for North America, and in Europe four days afterwards. It could be purchased for 1,500 Wii Points.

This title is no longer legitimately obtainable, as of the Wii Shop Channel's shutdown on January 31, 2019.


Introducing a new kind of Pokémon challenge, available exclusively to the WiiWare service! Pokémon Rumble is an action game in which you control Toy Pokémon (referred to as "Pokémon") and take on wave after wave of other Pokémon in a variety of stages.

Befriend some of the defeated Pokémon along the way, adding them to your collection and granting you the ability to use them in battle. Switch between collected Pokémon at any time, taking advantage of the fact that the amount of damage you deal depends on the type of move used and the type of Pokémon hit. Be the last one standing to gain the right to compete in the Battle Royale and test your skills against many Pokémon at once.

Or team up with three people for some multiplayer action, working together to take down tough Bosses and earning points that can be used towards recruiting or training Pokémon. You can even save your favorite Pokémon to your Wii Remote controller for exchanges with friends.

Combining beautiful cel-shaded graphics and exciting game play features with the world of Pokémon, this is one Rumble you won't want to miss!


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Pokémon Rumble takes place in a world with Toy Pokémon that come to life after winded up by a Wonder Key. A toy Rattata controlled by the player sneaks into the Battle Royale hoping to prove its strength, but is defeated. The player then collects more toys from each level and defeats boss Pokémon to pass each Battle Royale and prove their strength!

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, there are several Normal Rank stages on each level where Pokémon can be befriended. All Pokémon in the Normal Rank stages are from Generation I. In the first level, Rank C, the first stage revealed is Silent Forest. Once completed, Windy Prairie, Rocky Cave, Fiery Furnace, Bright Beach, and Eternal Tower are accessible. In every subsequent level, all stages are available immediately. The Battle Royale building will not open until a Pokémon of a certain power level is befriended. After the Battle Royale is won, the player will increase in rank, and the next higher level will be accessible. If the player faints three times in one stage, they are sent back to the terminal and instructed to reattempt stages to befriend more powerful Pokémon. In Multiplayer mode, if the two players faint three times combined, they are both sent back to the terminal.

Once the player has beaten Mewtwo in the Rank S Battle Royale, Advanced Mode is revealed. Advanced Mode contains Generation IV Pokémon. After completing the Advanced Mode, EX Mode is unlocked, consisting of random Pokémon from both previous modes as well as some new ones.

Recruited Pokémon

Recruited Pokémon are Pokémon available to switch into battle. They appear listed in a menu item. Pokémon with pink names have Special Traits, those with blue names are Shiny, and those with white names are typical. If a Pokémon has a Special Trait and is Shiny, its name will still appear blue in the list.

Pokémon can be recruited through battling in one of the six stages in the terminal, through purchase at the Recruit Point, or through entering a password at the Recruit Point.


  • The game is played with the Wii Remote on its side, a Classic Controller, or a GameCube controller (Multiplayer only).
  • Pokémon are like wind-up toys and they appear as they did in My Pokémon Ranch.
  • There is a Battle Royale mode where players control their Pokémon in a massive pit where lots of other Pokémon appear. The last one that remains standing will be the winner. Players control both the Pokémon's movement and what move they use.
  • It also has a story mode where there are levels which end with a battle where in a giant Pokémon is a boss. The boss may be a legendary Pokémon. Other Pokémon are obtained through defeating them in this mode.
  • Players can also take screenshots of their Pokémon in the battles.
  • There is a two-player co-op mode, as well as a stadium mode where up to four players can battle. Other players of this game can also bring their Pokémon from their game on the Wii Remote, similar to Miis.
  • Similar to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, the player may enter in passwords which can be used to get Pokémon that either are not regularly obtainable in the game or have Special Traits. Such codes are released through official media.
  • Pokémon can know up to 2 moves at a time.
  • Shiny Pokémon are also included in the game, which the player is automatically able to befriend if knocked over.
  • Only Pokémon from Generation I and Generation IV are obtainable in the game.
  • For a price, the player may purchase a Pokémon from the certain area they are in. The Pokémon is usually a boss, or a rare Pokémon.
  • As they are toys, Pokémon with alternate forms, such as Shaymin, cannot change between forms.
  • If a Pokémon has a small blue symbol by their power level, the Pokémon will increase in power after a Battle Royale is successfully completed.

Special Traits

Main article: Special Traits

Special Traits are abilities that an individual Pokémon can possess. When a Pokémon with a special Trait faints and is ready to be befriended, it will sparkle with a different color than usual.

Passwords and Special Tickets

Special Trait Pokémon Move(s) Japan Europe US
Charmander Punchy Charmander Ember 27443472 59829039 79276161
Squirtle Hardy Squirtle Bubble 72965992 12502002 68242045
Venusaur Brawny Venusaur Vine Whip 42740853 --- 28427215
Bulbasaur Brawny Bulbasaur Vine Whip --- 69210136 ---
Piplup Piplup Bubble Pound 73895625 17578114 99002455
Chimchar Chimchar Ember Fury Swipes 93736858 57463079 81098384
Turtwig Turtwig Razor Leaf Absorb 27834249 15874390 86721076
Blastoise Blastoise Aqua Tail 15781346 62013880 95801423
Charizard Charizard Flamethrower 96004319 08879942 79684528
Venusaur Venusaur SolarBeam 99143094 16152876 15893955
Pikachu Rally Shiny
Thunderbolt Quick Attack 69984642 10542833 23236018
Raichu Rally Shiny
Thunder Agility 94658823 74492613 92192057
Arcanine Arcanine Heat Wave Agility 76672490 --- ---
Ninetales Ninetales Safeguard Fire Blast 62956406 --- ---
Eevee Eevee Quick Attack 58731954 56319548 05110403
Pidgeot Pidgeot Wing Attack Roost 33899104 --- ---
Leafeon Leafeon Razor Leaf 77022229 --- ---
Glaceon Glaceon Icy Wind 84739946 --- ---
Munchlax Munchlax Tackle 72136317 --- ---
Garchomp Garchomp Dragon Claw 18248991 49923796 81987397
Dragonite Dragonite Dragon Rush 33760940 29363116 72101767
Electivire Electivire Discharge 31117449 52511034 14838103
Magmortar Magmortar Lava Plume 59586223 57601263 38455271
Rotom Rotom ThunderShock 99661569 92949999 02001989
Togekiss Togekiss Air Slash 92668795 71354472 55697392
Porygon Porygon Psybeam 88088101 --- ---
Regigigas Regigigas Giga Impact 07520878 51010596 88732778
Rattata Speedy Shiny
Reversal Double-Edge 38849402 02153612 98493731
Bidoof Gutsy Shiny
Superpower Hyper Fang 17700982 24243624 55752435
Vaporeon PokéSun Vaporeon Surf 93381684 --- ---
Snorlax PokéSun Snorlax Belly Drum 24053396 --- ---
Gyarados PokéSun Gyarados Waterfall 67502839 --- ---
Parasect PokéSun Parasect X-Scissor 76533521 --- ---
Magnezone PokéSun Magnezone Thunderbolt 61061639 --- ---
Weavile PokéSun Weavile Night Slash 99652344 --- ---
Luxray PokéSun Luxray Thunder Fang 14055936 --- ---
Bronzong PokéSun Bronzong Hypnosis 83795196 --- ---
Hippowdon PokéSun Hippowdon Earthquake 22198658 --- ---
Probopass PokéSun Probopass Magnet Bomb 99863607 --- ---
Lucario Buchō Lucario Brick Break 97213750 --- ---
Chimchar Jōhō-bu Chimchar Ember 03314118 --- ---
Pikachu Fan Club (JP) Pikachu Volt Tackle 21109011 86442806 01190746
Zapdos Fan Club (JP) Zapdos Drill Peck 81068836 82023409 78443367
Bibarel Fan Club (JP) Bibarel Rollout 92367400 50483145 18906283
Shaymin Shaymin
Sky Forme
Seed Flare 78377094 68385121 54686284
Giratina Giratina
Origin Forme
Shadow Force 34214198 32805739 83223706
Mew Fan Club (JP) Mew Cut 66140248 52211368 95618808
Cherrim Fan Club (JP) Cherrim
Sunshine Form
SolarBeam 19231298 67427842 75405667

Release Tickets

If the player releases a certain group of Pokémon, they can grab a Pokémon Ticket.

Releasing five of the same Pokémon will merit a ticket for the next highest stage of evolution. Releasing five of the highest stage of an evolution line will merit a ticket for the basic Pokémon. Pokémon who do not have an evolution that appears in the game will not merit any tickets. Releasing five Eevee will also not merit a ticket.

There are only a limited amount of combos and the player is only able to carry one ticket at a time. Tickets can be redeemed at the red roofed building at the very bottom of the Terminal.

Pokémon Released Pokémon Ticket Received Pokémon Released Pokémon Ticket Received
Articuno Articuno RotomFlareon Rotom
Rotom Rotom
Zapdos Zapdos RotomLeafeon Rotom
Rotom Rotom
Moltres Moltres RotomGlaceon Rotom
Rotom Rotom
DialgaPalkiaGiratina Dialga
Mewtwo Mewtwo DragoniteBastiodonGarchomp
Dialga Dialga
Mothim ×5 Mothim ×5 Burmy Burmy
(Plant/Sandy/Trash Coat)
Palkia Palkia
Burmy Burmy
Wormadam Wormadam
(Plant/Sandy/Trash Coat)
Giratina Giratina
(Altered Forme)
Gastrodon ×5 Gastrodon
Shellos Shellos
Lapras Vaporeon Lapras
Phione Phione
Shellos ×5 Shellos
Gastrodon Gastrodon
Phione ×3 Phione ×3 Manaphy Manaphy
Rotom Jolteon Rotom
Rotom Rotom
(Fan Wash Heat Mow Frost)
Darkrai Darkrai
RotomVaporeon Rotom
Rotom Rotom
Shaymin Shaymin
(Land Forme)


Pokémon Rumble received a "Passable" score of 6.0 out of 10 from IGN, stating that those who like to collect Pokémon have "got your work cut out for you" and while the title is a fun brawler, the game's graphics were "ugly, even for wind-up toys" and game play became tedious quickly.[4]


Main article: Staff of Pokémon Rumble


  • A prototype for North America was shown at the Wizard World's Big Apple Comic Con in October 2009.[citation needed]

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