Meeting You Shining

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Korean opening themes


빛나는 너를 만나
Binnaneun Neoreul Manna
Meeting You Shining
SM OP 03
Artist 권하늘
Kwon Ha-neul
Lyrics 강연경, 김태진
Kang Yeongyeong, Kim Taejin
Composer 김태진, 김정아
Kim Taejin, Kim Jeonga
Arrangement 김태진
Kim Taejin

Meeting You Shining (Korean: 빛나는 너를 만나 Binnaneun Neoreul Manna) is the third opening theme for the Korean dub of the Sun & Moon series. It debuted with SM069, replacing ALOLA!. It uses the same footage as its corresponding Japanese opening theme, Future Connection.

The song was uploaded to the official Korean Pokémon YouTube channel on September 18, 2018.

Opening animation


The opening begins with a low camera view of Ash and Pikachu running along the beach. Their footprints are quickly washed away as a wave rolls in. The opening then cuts to scenes of the clouds quickly rolling over the island and of two Passimian running through a lush jungle with a Pikipek nearby. Finally, the sun rises over the ocean and the series logo appears.

Poipole is shown in a world of darkness until it notices a beam of light. The next shot shows Poipole racing through an Ultra Wormhole which eventually leads it to Alola. Poipole is then seen exploring multiple lights in its new world, such as a traffic light and a lantern, until it collapses on the roof of the Pokémon School, where it looks up to see Ash and Kiawe having a battle. It becomes engrossed in the light from Pikachu's Thunderbolt. It rushes towards Ash and Pikachu in excitement, who turn around and greet it with a smile.

Ash, his classmates, and their Pokémon are shown excitedly heading towards the Pokémon School, but then turn around to the camera and cheer. Ash and his classmates are then seen heading up an elevator and take off on their Ride Pokémon as the Ultra Guardians. They find themselves in front of several Ultra Beasts, who menacingly look down on them. Despite the threat, the Ultra Guardians are full of confidence as their Pokémon all cheer. The next scene is a series of colored sketches of Ash, his classmates, Professor Kukui and Burnet, Team Rocket, Gladion, and their respective Pokémon. Finally, Ash and his classmates are seen at the Pokémon School, where they watch the sunset, as Toucannon and its flock fly by.




TV size

Korean English
얼마나 헤매었는지 몰라
어둠 속 한 줄기 빛을 따라서
여기저기 둘러보아도 날 반길 곳 없어
불쑥 찾아온 외톨이 빛나는 너를 만나

소리 내 크게 웃어 이제 시작이야
끝없는 모험 미래는 알 수 없지만
우리의 여행 두근두근해
그렇게 활짝 웃어 내일을 향해

내게 약속해 아무리 힘들어도 지금 마음으로
언제나 함께 하기를, 우리의 꿈 변치 않기를

You don't know how long I've wandered
Following a single ray of light in the darkness
Although I searched here and there, there was no place that welcomed me
A loner – you were shining when I unexpectedly met you

Shout and smile broadly, now is the start
An endless adventure. Although we don't know what the future holds
Our adventure will be thrilling
Smile brightly towards tomorrow

Promise me that no matter how difficult it gets, our hearts
Will always be together, our dreams unchanged

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