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Kate (Japanese: ローズ Rose) is a character of the day who appeared in We're No Angels!.

She is a fan of Team Righteous and has always liked watching them "on the news films," and is a little ditzy. She was very glad "they" had come to help them against the yearly threat, a flock of Taillow. She seemed to have an immense crush on James, constantly worrying of him and blushing when trying to convince him to stay. After saving the village, James wonders if he, Jessie and Meowth should stay and help them in case of trouble, but they eventually got blasted off and returned to trying to steal Pikachu.

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 皆口裕子 Yūko Minaguchi
English Suzy Myers
Brazilian Portuguese Cláudia Carli
Spanish Latin America Gaby Ugarte
Spain Emma Jiménez

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