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Major Hilgreitz
ヒルグレイツ少佐 Major Hilgreitz
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Member of Great Gavel
Rank Warrior, Major

Major Hilgreitz (Japanese: ヒルグレイツ少佐) is a villain in the Pokémon RéBURST manga. He is a member of the Great Gavel Organization and is one of their Seven Warriors.


Hilgreitz has a sort of crazed personality, which was first shown when he uses Burst for the first time; he can be seen laughing maniacally as he attacks his opponents. He can also be easily excited, as shown when he goes to challenge Ryouga to a fight after learning about his ability to use Burst.


Hilgreitz first appears chasing after a group of runaways from their organization. Despite them taking fire on the Major, he quickly attacks them while revealing his Burst, an Excadrill, and traps them in pillars of stone. After reporting to a superior about his successful capture of the deserters he is reported of news about a boy that had defeated another group of their organization. At first, Hilgreitz just laughs at the news that Commander Yaza was unable to defeat a child, but once he finds out that he can use Burst, he gets interested at the thought of fighting the “original Burst”.

After Ryouga and Miruto finish climbing the treacherous Mt. Serables, Hilgreitz appears in front of them and attacks the two. After they manage to dodge his attack, he introduces himself and transforms into his Burst form. Ryouga transforms and the two begin battling each other; Hilgreitz starts the fight by having the upper hand until Ryouga throws an electricity filled punch at his gut.

The Excadrill warrior quickly reveals that he is unaffected by electricity due to his Ground type and deals a powerful blow to Ryouga. Hilgreitz then traps Ryouga with a quick drying mud-like substance and proceeds to attack with a drill shaped blast of energy. Hilgreitz cockily exclaims that it is impossible for Ryouga to defeat him, those words cause Ryouga to flare up and he manages to stop the attack and free himself by ripping out a large chunk of earth from the ground and throwing it at the attack.

The battle continues on and with the help of his mountain climbing ally Tougo, Ryouga manages to deal a powerful blow to Hilgreitz by having Tougo's Galvantula use its String Shot as a slingshot to propel Ryouga at Hilgreitz at a high speed. Despite the power of the attack Ryouga used, Hilgreitz still manages to get back up and continue attacking. Eventually, Ryouga manages to unlock another power of his Burst form and finally defeats Hilgreitz with it. Hilgreitz is knocked unconscious and his Burst Heart is broken, freeing his Excadrill that was held inside.

Ryouga uses the flower he was climbing Mt. Serables for, the Silver Drop, and uses it to heal Hilgreitz's Excadrill because it was only following orders and shouldn't be blamed for Hilgreitz's actions. Later, after Ryouga and his friends have left, Hilgreitz awakens to find out that Ryouga had spared him. Annoyed, he mutters that the other Seven Warriors are much more brutal than he is.


Hilgreitz's Excadrill
Excadrill is Hilgreitz's only known Pokémon. Hilgreitz used Excadrill to Burst, allowing Hilgreitz to use the abilities that Excadrill possesses. Excadrill was released from its Burst Heart once Hilgreitz was finally defeated by Ryouga.
Debut Ryouga's Secret


As a user of Burst, Hilgreitz can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Excadrill. These abilities include, the ability to burrow and move under the ground at high speeds, the ability to create small drills, large enough to surround his hands, throw as a projectile, or fire as a huge blast of energy, the ability to create a mud-like substance to trap opponents with, and the ability to spin like a drill at high speeds.

Known techniques

  • Drigger Cannon (Japanese: ドリッガーキャノン). Hilgreitz glows with energy and fires a drill shaped blast of energy at the opponent.
  • Drigger Impact (Japanese: ドリッガーインパクト). Hilgreitz jumps into the air and spins with high velocity. As he attacks, energy surrounds him, giving him the appearance of a giant drill.

Boss: Fraud
Three Generals: AmuGankuRovy
Seven Warriors: HilgreitzHariru*Carola*ZengaiKigyan*Lukov*Toga*
Notable Members: Yaza

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