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ガンク Ganku
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Member of Great Gavel
Rank General

Ganku (Japanese: ガンク ) is a character in the Pokémon RéBURST manga. He is a member of the Great Gavel Organization and is one of their Three Generals.


Ganku first appears in The Three Assassins at Great Gavel Headquarters along with his fellow Generals, Amu and Rovy. Despite Amu continuously spraying everyone with a water pistol, Ganku does not react when he is sprayed with water and just continues to read his book. Soon after, three of the Seven Warriors arrive in the area; Amu sprays one of them in the face with his water pistol, angering the three of them into using Burst.

Soon after, Gerubu arrives, declares the other three warriors as traitors, and commands the Generals to get rid of them. Ganku, Amu, and Rovy each turn into their Burst forms, Terrakion, Cobalion, and Virizion, respectively, and begin their attack. Although Amu rushes into battle, Rovy stops him and asks Ganku to defeat their opponents. Ganku proceeds to do so by grabbing Lukov and Toga and smashes them into Kigyan, defeating the three easily and leaving a huge crater in the ground.

Sometime later, Ganku, Rovy, and Amu encounter Ryouga's group preparing to use the Compass of Light. Before they can finish, Amu comes up and takes the Compass, only for Ryouga to take it back. The Three Generals then use Burst, forcing Ryouga's group to do the same. As they battle, Amu leaves Ganku and Rovy behind to battle Rug and Karuta while he battles Ryouga alone.

Ganku manages to easily defeat Karuta with his immense strength, along with Rovy who had defeated Rug. Soon after, their opponents are rescued by the defected Great Gavel members, Hariru and Carola. Using their newly-gained strength, Carola and Hariru battles Ganku and Rovy and seemingly gain the upper hand. Using a special combination attack with Rovy, Ganku seemingly defeats the duo with their powerful move.

Although the move was strong, Hariru manages to be able to stay conscious after the attack. Despite this, Rovy continues taunting him, angering Hariru into causing his Zorua. along with his Burst, to evolve into a Zoroark. With his new power, Hariru gains enough strength to be evenly matched with his opponents. Despite the new strength Hariru gained, Ganku convinces Rovy to not give up. Ganku and Rovy use their Combination Play a second time and successfully hits Hariru with it.

The attack appears to defeat Hariru, but a second one appears from the sky to attack Ganku and Rovy from behind. The two aren't fooled and turn around to attack the other Hariru, who turns out to have been an illusion all along. The real Hariru emerges from the wreckage of the combination attack he took and strikes his opponents, defeating them.

Later, his Burst Heart was taken by Gerubu to be used to revive Fraud.


Formerly owned

Ganku's Terrakion
Terrakion is Ganku's only known Pokémon. Ganku uses Terrakion to Burst, allowing him to use the abilities that Terrakion possesses. Terrakion first appeared protecting several Pokémon from Great Gavel but was injured in the process. Afterward, it was captured, turned into a Burst Heart and given to Ganku. Afterward, the Terrakion Burst Heart was taken away by Gerubu to give power to Fraud.

In the final battle between Fraud and Ryouga, Terrakion gives its power to help Ryouga defeat Fraud.

Debut Legendary Pokémon


As a user of Burst, Ganku can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Terrakion. In battle, Ganku shows tremendous strength and can create a sort of energy in the shape of his body to attack.

Known techniques

  • Rocky Scatter (Japanese: 岩石撒散, literally Rock Scatter, read as ロッキースカッター, Rocky Scatter). Ganku glows with energy and creates spires of rock from the ground. He then charges at it and breaks them, sending the shards of stone flying at the opponent. It is a part of a "Combination Play" along with Rovy's Ivy Spring.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ガンク Ganku From 岩窟 gankutsu (cavern), Terrakion's Japanese category.

Boss: Fraud
Three Generals: AmuGankuRovy
Seven Warriors: HilgreitzHariru*Carola*ZengaiKigyan*Lukov*Toga*
Notable Members: Yaza
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