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ガリュウ Garyū
Gender Male
Hometown The Village of Protecting Time
Region Unknown
Relatives Haruna (wife), Ryouga (son), parents

Garyū (Japanese: ガリュウ) is a major character in the Pokémon RéBURST manga.


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Garyū is the father of Ryouga, who has gone missing for several years, forcing his son to go on a search for him. The only available clue to finding him is Arcades, a mysterious figure in the clouds that would take him to Garyū once he became strong enough and meets with him.

However, it is later revealed that Arcades is actually Garyū, who is one of the people to take on the Arcades name and was turned into a statue because of it.


Garyū is first mentioned by Ryouga in a flashback to his childhood as he runs towards Arcades. He begs for Arcades to take him to where his father is, only to be denied because it is impossible. Despite hearing this, Ryouga refuses to give up and eventually convinces Arcades to take him to his father, but only if he becomes strong enough.

Later, Ryouga and his friends meet Rend, a friend of Garyū's that once fought with him against Great Gavel when they were younger.

Sometime later, Ryouga is attacked by Sabin a mysterious man claiming to be hired by his father to prevent him from reaching Arcades. Ryouga manages to battle and tie with him, convincing Sabin into revealing that he is another ally of Garyū's. He reveals that if Ryouga goes to meet Arcades, he will not be able to escape the fighting lifestyle. When Ryouga states that he is fine with it, Sabin gives him the last Burst Heart needed to be able to find Arcades and sets off.

Garyū as a statue

With all the Burst Hearts he needs in his possession, Ryouga and his friends use the Compass of Light to travel to an unknown island. There, they find a statue of Garyū, made into a strange pose. At first, they believe it's only a statue made in his likeness, a woman calling herself Arcades' caretaker reveals that it is actually the real Garyū.

She goes on to explain that Arcades is not a person, but multiple who have taken the name Arcades by taking its power. She offers Ryouga the chance to be the next Arcades, but only if he can pass a test she has for him.

Passing the caretaker's trial, Ryouga proceeds to make physical contact with his father's statue. But before he could do that, Fraud threw Miruto at Ryouga, distracting him long enough to touch Garyū's statue and take Arcades' power for himself. After which, Garyū's statue quickly disintegrated into dust.

After engaging another battle with Fraud, Ryouga is eventually defeated by him. While unconscious, Garyū appears in his mind. To bring the devastated Ryouga back to his senses, he punched him in the face and asked if he's going to give up. Hearing that he won't, he reveals to him that his Burst form is not complete as it is missing the tail, and explains that he is not alone as he had encountered many friends on his journey. He then calls Zekrom to their side, gives Ryouga its full power, and finally completes the Burst form. Ryouga then asked his father to watch over him as he prepares his takeoff to the Eternal Tower. Garyū makes his final appearance in a Ryouga's flashback as he fights against Fraud.


Given away

Garyū's Zekrom
Zekrom is Garyū's only known Pokémon. Garyū gave Zekrom to his father so that he could give it to Ryouga when he became the right age. When Ryouga left on his journey, he was given it and it became his Burst Pokémon.
Debut The Beginning of the Adventure!


Language Name Origin
Japanese ガリュウGaryū From 竜 ryū, dragon. Possibly from 臥龍 garyū, great man, reclining dragon or 牙竜 garyū, dragon's fang.

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