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If you were looking for the Glitch Pokémon of the same name, see h POKé.
アム Amu
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Blond
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Member of Great Gavel
Rank General

Amu (Japanese: アム ) is a character in the Pokémon RéBURST manga. He is a member of the Great Gavel Organization and is one of their Three Generals.


Amu is a young member of Great Gavel, and despite his size and playful personality, he is apparently strong enough to be a member of the Three Generals. As a child, he is very energetic, and is constantly seen running around, annoying his older teammates by teasing them.


Amu first appears in The Three Assassins at Great Gavel Headquarters along with his fellow Generals, Rovy and Ganku. He continuously sprays the two of them with a water pistol, much to Rovy's irritation. After three of the Seven Warriors arrive in the area, Amu sprays one of them in the face with his water pistol, angering the three of them into using Burst.

Soon after, Gerubu arrives, declares the other three warriors as traitors, and commands the Generals to get rid of them. Amu, Rovy, and Ganku each turn into their Burst forms, Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion, respectively, and begin their attack. When Amu tries to attack, he is stopped by Rovy and her vines. Much to his annoyance, Amu is forced to sit the battle as Ganku defeats their opponents single-handed. Annoyed that he didn't get to use Cobalion's power, Amu is told about Ryouga by Gerubu, sparking his interest and he asks where he is.

Sometime later, Amu, Rovy, and Ganku encounter Ryouga's group preparing to use the Compass of Light. Before they can finish, Amu comes up and takes the Compass, only for Ryouga to take it back. The Three Generals then use Burst, forcing Ryouga's group to do the same. As they battle, Amu decides to battle Ryouga alone and sends him flying towards a mountainous area, leaving Rovy and Ganku behind to battle Rug and Karuta.

During the battle, Amu manages to surprise Ryouga with his small size, great speed, and his quick barrage of attacks. Eventually Amu uses another technique, Metal Armor to encase himself in metal and prevent Ryouga's attacks from harming him. Amu attacks Ryouga relentlessly, but the weakness of his technique starts to affect him.

After figuring out his weakness, Ryouga leads Amu into a lake, causing him to drop to the bottom because of his heavy body. He manages to get out of the lake, and lets down his Metal Armor to enable his ability to breathe. Just as he does so, Ryouga appears with an attack ready to be used on him.

With Amu at his mercy, he tries to tell him to give up the fight. Amu refuses, and tries to use Metal Armor on Ryouga once again. He is too slow, and Ryouga sends him flying into a lake with his attack. Although he won the battle, Ryouga passes out from exhaustion soon after. Later that night, Gerubu finds Amu's Burst Heart lying in the lake, and takes it while saying everything had gone according to plan.


Formerly owned

Amu's Cobalion
Cobalion is Amu's only known Pokémon. Amu uses Cobalion to Burst, allowing him to use the abilities that Cobalion possesses. Cobalion first appeared when Yaza had captured several Pokémon as hostages and forced it to be captured in order for their safe release. Afterward, it was turned into a Burst Heart and given to Amu. Much later, the Cobalion Burst Heart was taken away by Gerubu to give power to Fraud.

Later, Cobalion helps Hariru and Carola after their defeat at the hands of Fraud. In the final battle between Fraud and Ryouga, Cobalion gives its power to help Ryouga defeat Fraud.

Debut Legendary Pokémon


As a user of Burst, Amu can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Cobalion. In battle, Amu is strong and quick despite his small size and packs quite a powerful headbutt. His horns can be used to attack and can even redirect enemy attacks, such as lightning.

Known techniques

  • Horn Destruction (Japanese: 鋼角粉砕, literally Steel Horn Pulverization, read as ホーンディストラクション, Horn Destruction). Amu's horns glow with energy and he headbutts the opponent, sending them flying with his power.
  • Metal Armor (Japanese: 豪鉄剛殻, literally Grand Iron, Firm Shell, read as メタルアーマー, Metal Armor). Amu momentarily turns his body into steel through metallization. The armor protects his body from physical harm and is a powerful attack, but Amu is required to hold his breath while using it, forcing him to only be able to use it during short bursts.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アム Amu Possibly from arm, armor, and 武者 musha (warrior).

Boss: Fraud
Three Generals: AmuGankuRovy
Seven Warriors: HilgreitzHariru*Carola*ZengaiKigyan*Lukov*Toga*
Notable Members: Yaza
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