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サビン Sabin
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown

Sabin (Japanese: サビン) is a character in the Pokémon RéBURST manga.


Sabin is a mysterious man who refers to himself as "The Black Whirlwind without a Face" (Japanese: 黒い旋風顔無し).


Sabin first appears in The Strongman Tournament on the Kanai Village rooftops, watching Ryouga compete in the Kanai Village Strongman tournament.

After Ryouga wins the second place prize of the Strongman tournament, a Burst Heart, Sabin appears and steals the Compass of Light from Ryouga. He introduces himself to the group and informs Ryouga that he intends to prevent him from meeting with Arcades. When Ryouga tries to take the Compass back, Sabin uses his Burst form, a Sigilyph, and runs off.

Despite Ryouga's protests, Karuta and Rug decide to chase after Sabin in an attempt to retrieve Ryouga's Compass and Burst Hearts. The first to find Sabin is Karuta, but he is easily defeated once Sabin paralyzes his body with Psycho Freeze and finishes him off with Break Wind. Rug arrives to find Karuta defeated but Sabin decides to immediately stop her with Psycho Freeze.

However, because of Rug's Dark-type Burst, she is unaffected by his Psychic-type attack and quickly takes back the Compass with her thieving skills. Despite taking back the Compass, Sabin easily finishes her off with his Flying-type Break Wind attack, sending the Compass and the Burst Hearts flying on impact. While Sabin recollects the Burst Hearts, Ryouga manages to catch up with them and demands to know who hired him to prevent him from reaching Arcades. Sabin replies that he was hired by Ryouga's father, Garyū.

Ryouga activates Burst and begins combating Sabin. The two battle each other, each one delivering several blows to the other. Eventually, Sabin looks in Ryouga's eyes, sees that he refuses to give up, and turns back to his normal self, ending the battle. Sabin reveals to Ryouga that he is an ally of Garyū's that fought Great Gavel with him in the past. Sabin reveals that Garyū sent him to prevent Ryouga from meeting with Arcades and searching for him due to the fact that Ryouga could never have a peaceful lifestyle if he does so. Ryouga refuses to do so, convincing Sabin enough to give his Burst Heart to him and tells him to go meet with Arcades and fight alongside his father to battle the increasingly powerful Great Gavel before taking his leave.


Given away

Sabin's Sigilyph
Sigilyph is Sabin's only known Pokémon. Sabin uses Sigilyph to Burst, allowing him to use the abilities that Sigilyph possesses. After his battle with Ryouga, Sabin gave his Burst Heart away to him.
Debut The Closed Path


As a user of Burst, Sabin can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Sigilyph.

Known techniques

  • Psycho Freeze (Japanese: 念力固定, literally Psychokinesis Fixation; read as サイコフリーズ Psycho Freeze). Sabin rotates his hand in a circular formation and releases a wave of energy from it. The energy paralyzes the opponent, freezing them in place. The move is a Psychic-type attribute, so Dark-types are not affected by it.
  • Break Wind (Japanese: 空裂旋風, literally Sky-Tearing Whirlwind; read as ブレイクウイン Break Wind). Sabin charges at the opponent from a low angle with his wings outstretched and cuts them multiple times.
  • Perfect Reflector (Japanese: 完璧反射, literally Perfect Reflection; read as パーフェクトリフレクター Perfect Reflector). Sabin creates a shield made of energy. The attack can reflect techniques back at their user.


Language Name Origin
Japanese サビン Sabin Possibly from assassin and 敏 bin (agile)

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