Evolution of Fennekin (KTCG)

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Evolution of Fennekin Half Deck
Release date March 4, 2014
Types used FireDarkness
Coin FXY Red Kalos Starters Coin.png

The Evolution of Fennekin Half Deck (Korean: 푸호꼬의 진화 Puhokko-ui Jinhwa) is a Korean-exclusive Half Deck released on March 4, 2014. Along with the Evolution of Chespin and Evolution of Froakie Half Decks, its contents make up the larger Korean XY Beginning Set, the first release featuring Generation VI and Pokémon X and Y for Korean audiences.


It is based on the Japanese Fennekin Half Deck released within the Boys' version of the XY Beginning Set. The cards included in the three Half Decks make up the larger XY Beginning Set, much like the English Kalos Starter Set and the Japanese XY Beginning Set. However, as the Half Decks are based on only the cards included in the Boys' version of the Japanese XY Beginning Set, the three cards included within the Girls' version are not included, and the set is appropriately out of 36 instead of 39. Additionally, one Poochyena was removed in order to contain two of the deck's main featured Pokémon, Delphox. However, later releases included the Braixen card in separate packaging as the second Delphox would be unplayable during gameplay.

The Half Deck contains a 30 card deck featuring two Holofoil cards (Delphox and Fennekin), a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, playmat, and a preview for the first XY expansion released in Korea roughly two weeks later.

Deck list

Evolution of Fennekin Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
006/036 Slugma Fire
007/036 Pansear Fire
008/036 Fennekin Fire
009/036 Braixen Fire
010/036 Delphox Fire
016/036 Poochyena Darkness
017/036 Mightyena Darkness
018/036 Inkay Darkness
029/036 Fletchling Colorless
030/036 Furfrou Colorless
031/036 Poké Ball I
034/036 Switch I
035/036 Pokémon Catcher I
036/036 Tierno Su
Fire Energy Fire E
Darkness Energy Darkness E

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