Noivern BREAK Half Deck (KTCG)

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Noivern BREAK Half Deck
XY BREAK 30장 덱 「음번 BREAK」
Release date October 15, 2015
Types used PsychicDarkness

The Noivern BREAK Half Deck (Korean: XY BREAK 30장 덱 「음번 BREAK」) is a Korean-exclusive Half Deck released on October 15, 2015 alongside the Raichu BREAK Half Deck.


It is based on the Japanese Noivern BREAK Evolution Pack. The Half Deck contains a 30 card deck featuring a rulebook, damage counters, and playmat

Deck list

Noivern BREAK Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
001/017 Gastly Psychic
002/017 Haunter Psychic
003/017 Zorua Darkness
004/017 Noivern Dragon
005/017 NoivernBREAK Dragon
006/017 Chatot Colorless
007/017 Noibat Colorless
008/017 Super Rod I
009/017 Level Ball I
010/017 Reserved Ticket I
011/017 Professor's Letter I
012/017 Potion I
013/017 Switch I
014/017 Pokémon Catcher I
015/017 Judge Su
016/017 Professor Birch's Observations Su
017/017 Skyla Su
Psychic Energy Psychic E
Darkness Energy Darkness E

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