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Palkia Deck
Expansion Collapse of Time & Space
Release date August 19, 2010
Types used WaterPsychicDarkness

The Palkia Deck (Korean: 구축덱 펄기아 덱 Guchuk Deck Palkia Deck is a Korean-exclusive Half Deck released alongside the Collapse of Time & Space extension of the PCG Series of the Korean Pokémon Trading Card Game on August 19, 2010. It includes a number of exclusive cards intended to bolster the Pokémon evolutionary families included in the main expansion.


The Palkia Deck is the sixth Half Deck of cards released during the PCG Series of the Korean Pokémon Trading Card Game. Available alongside the Dialga Deck starting August 19, 2010, it was designed to bolster the Pokémon evolutionary families included within the main expansion Collapse of Time & Space.

As the name suggests, the Half Deck centers around the Spacial Pokémon, Palkia. Much like each other release during the Korean PCG Series, the deck pulls cards from Diamond & Pearl to Platinum. The two Trainer cards are reprints from the first two extension sets, Start of an Adventure and Burning Confrontation.

The Half Deck came packaged with a small rulesheet, damage counters, and playmat. The only Holofoil card in the Half Deck is Palkia.

Deck list

Palkia Deck
SetSymbolPalkia Deck.png
No. Card Type Quantity
01/12 Staryu Water
02/12 Starmie Water
03/12 Delibird Water
04/12 Palkia Water
05/12 Duskull Psychic
06/12 Dusclops Psychic
07/12 Dusknoir Psychic
08/12 Skorupi Darkness
09/12 Stunky Darkness
10/12 Skuntank Darkness
11/12 Poké Ball T
12/12 Mom's Kindness Su
Water Energy Water E
Psychic Energy Psychic E
Darkness Energy Darkness E

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