Lycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter Set (KTCG)

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전격 스타터 세트「라이코 GX」
Lycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter Set.jpg
Lycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter Set
Release date March 20, 2017
Types used FireWaterFightingColorless
Coin SMB Silver Coin.png

The Lycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter Set (Korean: 전력 배틀 스타터 세트 「루가루암 GX」) is a Korean-exclusive Standard Deck released for the Pokémon Trading Card Game on March 20, 2017.


The Lycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter Set is a 60-card deck that centers on the Wolf Pokémon Lycanroc and other Pokémon of various types. Its composition is very similar to the Japanese Rockruff Full Power Deck—the only difference is the quantities of some cards. All cards have a collection number and symbol exclusive to the deck, which was only applied to the new Pokémon in the Rockruff Full Power Deck. Each deck includes a rulebook, a 2-player playmat, a sheet containing damage counters and status markers, a GX marker, and a coin.

Deck list

Lycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter Set
SetSymbolLycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter Set.png
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/024 A Litten Fire
002/024 A Turtonator Fire
003/024 A Carvanha Water
004/024 A Sharpedo Water
005/024 A Mareanie Water
006/024 A Machop Fighting
007/024 A Zygarde Fighting
008/024 A Rockruff Fighting
009/024 A LycanrocGX Fighting
010/024 A Rayquaza Colorless
011/024 A Pikipek Colorless
012/024 A Stufful Colorless
013/024 A Bewear Colorless
014/024 A Poké Ball I
015/024 A Potion I
016/024 A Great Ball I
017/024 A Energy Switch I
018/024 A Crushing Hammer I
019/024 A Switch I
020/024 A Pokémon Catcher I
021/024 A Ultra Ball I
022/024 A Ilima Su
023/024 A Professor Kukui Su
024/024 A Hau Su
Basic Fire Energy Fire E
Basic Water Energy Water E
Basic Fighting Energy Fighting E

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