Raikou-GX Starter Set Lightning (KTCG)

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전격 스타터 세트「라이코 GX」
Raikou-GX Starter Set Lightning.jpg
Raikou-GX Starter Set Lightning
Release date August 17, 2018
Types used Lightning
Coin SMB Silver Coin.png

The Raikou-GX Starter Set Lightning (Korean: 전격 스타터 세트「라이코 GX」) is a Korean-exclusive Standard Deck released for the Pokémon Trading Card Game on August 17, 2018.


This 60-card deck focuses on the Legendary Thunder Pokémon Raikou and is supported by a number of other Lightning-type Pokémon plus an array of useful Trainer and Special Energy cards. The Pokémon included are reprints sourced from the Tapu Bulu-GX Enhanced Starter Set, the Ultradimensional Beasts and Ultra Moon expansions, and the Ultra Force subset with the exception of Raikou-GX, which originated outside Japan and was available in the Legends of Johto GX Premium Collection. All cards have their own collection number and symbol. Each deck includes a rulebook, a 2-player playmat, a sheet containing damage counters and status markers, a GX marker, and a coin.

A deluxe version of the deck, the Raikou-GX Card Sleeve Set (Korean: 카드 실드 세트 「라이코 GX」 Raikou-GX Card Shield Set) was released on December 7, 2018, which contains a copy of the deck and a set of 64 sleeves featuring Raikou.

Deck list

Raikou-GX Starter Set Lightning
SetSymbolRaikou-GX Starter Set Lightning.png
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/022 A Pikachu Lightning
002/022 B Magnemite Lightning
003/022 B Magneton Lightning
004/022 B Magnezone Lightning
005/022 B Electabuzz Lightning
006/022 B Electivire Lightning
007/022 B RaikouGX Lightning
008/022 A Tapu Koko Lightning
009/022 B Xurkitree Lightning
010/022 B Shaymin Colorless
011/022 A Nest Ball I
012/022 A Potion I
013/022 A Energy Retrieval I
014/022 A Rare Candy I
015/022 A Pokémon Catcher I
016/022 A Ultra Ball I
017/022 B Cynthia Su
018/022 A Lillie Su
019/022 A Sophocles Su
020/022 B Volkner Su
021/022 A Hau Su
022/022 A Double Colorless Energy Colorless E
Basic Lightning Energy Lightning E 16×

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