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If you were looking for the similar concept from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, see Regular attack.
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A basic attack (Japanese: 通常攻撃(つうじょうこうげき) ordinary attack) is an attack available to each Pokémon in the Unite Battles from Pokémon UNITE.


Basic attacks are separate from moves. Basic attacks can be used freely and do not have cooldowns, but are not as strong as moves. The basic attacks used by Ranged Pokémon have a wide range and involve shooting a projectile while the basic attacks used by Melee Pokémon have a short range. The range of these attacks is an area around the user, where melee attacks only have a small area and ranged attacks have a much larger area. This area can be seen by the player by holding the input for the basic attack. When certain criteria are met, the next basic attack a Pokémon performs becomes a boosted attack, which is stronger and can have move-like additional effects and/or modified ranges compared to regular basic attacks. Generally, a boosted attack is performed with every third basic attack, but some Pokémon instead use a boosted attack when a gauge is filled or have to charge up their boosted attack by using moves. Certain moves and Abilities can bypass this, making the next basic attack a boosted attack. Non-boosted basic attacks are always physical in nature and use the Attack stat, while boosted basic attacks can be physical or special and use the corresponding stat.

Some moves, such as Dragapult's Dragon Dance, modify the properties of the user's basic attack, which can increase their basic attack speed (how frequently a basic attack can be performed), increase their range, cause them to deal more damage, or have other assorted effects. Other moves change what a basic attack does entirely, such as how Clefable uses a different basic attack while under the effect of its Gravity. Some moves, such as Azumarill's Play Rough and Aqua Tail change their user's basic attacks in lieu of attacking when the move is used.

Some moves allow for using a basic attack during their duration. One example of this is Zeraora's Spark. This can modify the effect of the move.


When a Pokémon uses a basic attack, it locks onto a visible opposing Pokémon within range of that attack or just outside it based on the Opponent Lock-On Priority setting, then attacks that Pokémon. If no opponent is locked-onto, a Pokémon using its basic attack will simply attack in the direction it is facing.

Depending on the setting, the Pokémon that gets locked-onto can be the opposing Pokémon with the least HP, the least percentage of remaining HP, or the closest opponent. Pokémon on the opposing team are prioritized over wild Pokémon, but this can be changed by using the Advanced Controls option to add a second basic attack button that prioritizes wild Pokémon. Opposing Pokémon hidden via Stealth or Tall grass cannot be locked on to, nor can opponents who cannot be seen because the user is under the effects of Vision Obscured.

If In-motion pursuit mode is on, and the player's Pokémon performs a basic attack while moving, the game will automatically move that Pokémon toward a nearby opposing Pokémon if one is nearby.

Wild Pokémon

Wild Pokémon are able to use basic attacks in ways similar to player-controlled Pokémon.

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