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Route 7 (east)

Route 7

Route 7, or Rivière Walk, is the single longest road in Kalos, and runs alongside one of its largest rivers. The path links Camphrier Town and Connecting Cave, while Route 6 branches off to the north. Landmarks include the Berry fields, Pokémon Day Care, and Battle Chateau.

Berry Fields

Southwest of Camphrier Town is an orchard known as the Berry fields. At the entrance, you are approached by a man and his daughter, who ask for help taking care of the orchard. Accept their request, and the man hands out five Oran Berries and five Pecha Berries, as well as a Sprinklotad to water them. These fields are the only location where Berries can be planted, and it is important to return occasionally to remove weeds and fight off hungry Bug Pokémon. Excess Berries can be turned into MulchAmaze, Boost, Rich, or Surprise varieties—by using the composter. Different Berry combinations produce different types of Mulch.


Mutations may occur when two different trees are planted next to each other. After the first mutation occurs, a Scientist will visit the area, and set herself up in the family's house to begin collecting data. Thirteen Berries can only be found through mutations, while another fourteen can only be obtained from faraway regions.

Result Recipe
Apicot Berry Apicot Berry Kelpsy Berry + Wacan Berry
Ganlon Berry Ganlon Berry Qualot Berry + Tanga Berry
Grepa Berry Grepa Berry Aguav Berry + Figy Berry
Hondew Berry Hondew Berry Aspear Berry + Leppa Berry
Kee Berry Kee Berry Ganlon Berry + Liechi Berry
Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry Chesto Berry + Persim Berry
Liechi Berry Liechi Berry Hondew Berry + Yache Berry
Result Recipe
Maranga Berry Maranga Berry Salac Berry + Petaya Berry
Petaya Berry Petaya Berry Pomeg Berry + Kasib Berry
Pomeg Berry Pomeg Berry Iapapa Berry + Mago Berry
Qualot Berry Qualot Berry Oran Berry + Pecha Berry
Salac Berry Salac Berry Grepa Berry + Roseli Berry
Tamato Berry Tamato Berry Lum Berry + Sitrus Berry

The Caretaker and the Crisis

Continue west from the Berry fields to find the castle caretaker. A Snorlax has fallen asleep on the bridge, and only a Poké Flute can wake it. The caretaker used to have one, but it now resides in Parfum Palace to the north.

Route 6

Route 6

Route 6, or Palais Lane, leads north from Route 7 to Parfum Palace. Northbound travelers are required to take the main road, but when leaving the palace, it is possible to explore the paths through the tall grass on either side. When walking down the main road, if you walk near the bushes very closely, occasionally you'll come across a bush to which a wild Pokémon will jump out and attack you.

Parfum Palace

Parfum Palace
Parfum Palace Courtyard

The magnificent Parfum Palace was built ages ago by a king who wished to display his power for all to see. Tourists travel from across the region simply to gaze at its majestic architecture.


Speak to the Tourist on the dirt path to receive an Oran Berry. There is also a Photo Spot to the southeast, and an Ether to the northwest. Shauna catches up to you near the gate. To enter the palace, visitors must pay a PokémonDollar.png1,000 fee, which goes toward repairs and restoration... probably. Admission is free for those with less than PokémonDollar.png1,000.


On the first floor, you and Shauna witness the building's owner frantically searching for his Furfrou, so she suggests helping out. North of the entrance is a doorway leading out to the courtyard, and the first room to the left holds a bed where your Pokémon can rest. Speaking to the several other visitors will give some insight into the region's past.

On the second floor, stop in the westernmost room to obtain an Amulet Coin, which doubles the amount of prize money if the holding Pokémon takes part in battle.


Cross the bridge to the gardens, where Shauna rushes past to check the north side. Visit the southwest hedge to obtain HM01 (Cut), then head to the northwest hedge. Furfrou is here, but runs off to the northeast when Shauna arrives. Seeing a dead-end path, she suggests chasing it there. There are three areas where she can stand guard to prevent Furfrou's escape. Talk to her at the entrance to have her wait there, then approach Furfrou from the west so it runs to the north. Have her cover the east side, then loop around from the west, trapping it. The palace owner shows up to express his gratitude, then invites the two to watch a fireworks display from the balcony as thanks.


Head back inside and climb to the second floor's center hall to reach the balcony. Talk to Shauna and the pyrotechnic display begins, after which the palace owner and his butler arrive. Shauna asks for the Poké Flute, and the owner instructs the butler to turn it over. Once the owner leaves, the butler also gives out TM17 (Protect).

Route 7 (west)


Return to the Route 7 bridge, and turn over the Poké Flute to the castle caretaker. He warns that Snorlax will wake up grumpy, and asks if you are ready to fight it. Be sure to heal up and have some extra Great Balls before battling it. The creature is vulnerable only to Fighting-type attacks. It can raise its defenses with Defense Curl and Amnesia, but Physical moves will be more effective due to its lower Defense.

Normal Unknown
Immunity or Thick Fat
Held item:
Bag Sitrus Berry Sprite.png Sitrus Berry
Snorlax/ Lv.15
Normal Physical
Defense Curl
Normal Status
Psychic Status
Ghost Physical

Afterwards, the palace owner and his butler appear. He attempts to patch things up with the castle caretaker, allowing him to keep the Poké Flute in order to practice more. The others take off, leaving you and Shauna behind.

Pokémon Day Care

The Pokémon Day Care is located just west of the bridge. Tierno and Trevor suddenly appear, and are excited to check it out. The woman at the counter will accept up to two Pokémon to raise at once. Pokémon left here will gain one experience point for every step taken. If a compatible pair are left together, the man outside may sometimes find an Egg! It costs PokémonDollar.png100, plus another PokémonDollar.png100 for every level gained, to retrieve a Pokémon.

Battle Chateau

Battle Chateau

Farther west, Trevor calls to you from outside a large castle, the Battle Chateau. Step inside to meet Viola and a man named Hennessy, who explain the facility.


Thanks to Viola's recommendation, Hennessy assigns you the title of Baron/Baroness, the lowest rank of nobility. By defeating enough other Trainers, this rank will rise to Viscount/Viscountess, Earl/Countess, Marquis/Marchioness, Duke/Duchess, and Grand Duke/Grand Duchess. When this happens, a servant will inform you as you leave. For receiving the Grand Duke/Grand Duchess rank however, you'll be informed when you enter the Battle Chateau.

Each rank allows you to fight opponents of an equal or lesser title. After reaching the higher ranks, Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and even the Champion may be encountered. While most ranks are achieved based on the total number of points acquired which are determined by the rank of your opponent, for achieving the final rank, all the regular trainers must have been encountered at least once (not counting Diantha, the Gym Leaders, or Elite Four members).


As your rank increases, you will be able to issue a variety of writs. Each one expires at midnight, and several may be used at once.

Writ Effect Cost Rank first available
Writ of Invitation Invites Trainers to appear more frequently PokémonDollar.png50,000 Baroness
Silver Writ of Invitation Invites Trainers to appear much more frequently PokémonDollar.png100,000 Marchioness
Gold Writ of Invitation Increases battle winnings by 50% PokémonDollar.png100,000 Countess
Writ of Challenge Increases Pokémon levels by 5 PokémonDollar.png50,000 Viscountess
Blue Writ of Challenge Decreases Pokémon levels by 10 PokémonDollar.png10,000 Duchess
Red Writ of Challenge Increases Pokémon levels by 10 PokémonDollar.png100,000 Duchess
Black Writ of Challenge Increases Pokémon levels by 20, increases battle winnings PokémonDollar.png300,000 Grand Duchess


In addition to earning prize money and experience points, defeated opponents may sometimes relinquish valuable items. This is more likely to happen with higher-ranked opponents.

Prize Obtained from
Pearl Pearl Baron/Baroness
Stardust Stardust Viscount/Viscountess
Big Pearl Big Pearl Earl/Countess
Star Piece Star Piece Marquis/Marchioness
Prize Obtained from
Nugget Nugget Gym Leaders (initial), Duke/Duchess
Pearl String Pearl String Gym Leaders (rematch)
Big Nugget Big Nugget Elite Four members, Duke Hennessy
Comet Shard Comet Shard Grand Duchess Diantha

Multi Battle!

Serena/Calem is waiting just west of the chateau, hoping to strike up a Multi Battle. Agree to the proposal in order to join forces with her/his Fletchling and second-stage starter Pokémon. Since Tierno has only one Pokémon, try taking out his Corphish first in order to focus on Trevor's team.

Connecting Cave

Connecting Cave

Connecting Cave is an eerie place that links Route 7 to Route 8 and Cyllage City. The many Zubat that make their home here have earned it the nickname, Zubat Roost. As the northern tunnel is blocked by boulders, travelers must take the southern shortcut to Route 8. This visit is a quick one, but the Scientist on the south side is happy to heal a Trainer's Pokémon at any time.

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