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Lilycove City

The hideout belonging to Team Aqua can be found in a cave to the northeast of Lilycove's beach. You'll need to storm their hideout in order to retrieve Captain Stern's submarine, so bring a party that can handle plenty of battles against them. When choosing your team, remember that Team Aqua often uses Water- and Dark-type Pokémon.

Aqua Hideout

Aqua Hideout, 1F
Aqua Hideout, B1F
Aqua Hideout, B2F

Team Aqua has been working hard to build an impressive hideout in this spacious cave near Lilycove City. Storming this heavily-guarded base won't be easy, but you must risk it all to prevent Archie's misguided vision from becoming reality!


Climb out of the water and up the stairway. At the top, a single Aqua Grunt patrols around the pool of water. Battle him and head down the stairs to the northeast.

B1F (west)

There are two warp panels in the northeast room; take the eastern panel first to reach the east-central room and a Max Elixir. Warp back and take the other to reach the northwest panel in the southern room. Ignore the three Aqua Grunts and take the warp panel in the southwest.

B1F (east)

The previous warp panel leads to a small room with several more. Follow them in the correct order—left, center, left, left—to reach the interior room on B1F.

B1F (west)

In Archie's office, you'll find four items near the far wall. Two of them are actually Electrode in disguise, while the bottom-left item is a Nugget and the top-left item is a Master Ball! This type of Poké Ball will catch any wild Pokémon without fail, and is best used on hard-to-catch legendary Pokémon. Backtrack through the warp-filled hallway to B1F's southern room, battle the three Grunts, and step on the southeast warp panel. This transports you to the north-central room; head down the stairs to B2F.


Go south and step on the warp panel there to be transported a short distance to the west; collect the Nest Ball from this enclosed area before warping back. Head northeast past another patrolling Aqua Grunt and take the warp panel there to the northwest room. Climb the stairs back to B1F.

B1F (west)

Battle past the single Aqua Grunt here and head down the stairs to the northeast.


Battle the two Aqua Grunts and step on the warp panel to the southwest; this leads to the southeast corner of B2F. Go west to find one of the Aqua Admins, Matt, standing at the water's edge. He's the only thing standing between you and stopping Archie's getaway!

The battle lasted just long enough for Archie to escape in his souped-up submarine. You've got to chase after him to the Seafloor Cavern, but you have no means of diving underwater like he can in his sub. For now, you'll have to keep to the surface. Head south then east and take the warp panel there back to the cave entrance and Lilycove City. The Grunt and his Wailmer blockade have disappeared from the beach, leaving you free to venture out into the eastern ocean.

Route 124

Route 124, Surface
Route 124, Underwater

Route 124 holds all sorts of treasure, but most lie on the ocean floor far below. It's not possible to fully explore the area without a certain field move, so for now the route simply serves as a connector between Lilycove to the west, Route 126 to the south, and Mossdeep City to the east.

Treasure Hunter's House

The Treasure Hunter's house stands on a small island to the southeast. He loves to collect Shards, and is happy to trade for them with certain evolutionary stones. The kind of Shard you trade him determines the kind of stone you get in return.

Shard Given Stone Received
Red Shard Red Shard Fire Stone Fire Stone
Yellow Shard Yellow Shard Thunderstone Thunderstone
Blue Shard Blue Shard Water Stone Water Stone
Green Shard Green Shard Leaf Stone Leaf Stone

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