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Fortree City

Fortree City

Fortree City is located in an old-growth forest with many towering trees. These ancient arbors are so large that the residents were able to build cozy homes among their branches. The Fortree Gym can be found in the heart of the city, and a shop offering Secret Base decorations can be found in the southeast part of town.

Secret Base Shop

Climb the ladder near the Poké Mart and head east across the rope bridge to reach a shop with a selection of Secret Base decorations for sale. Desks can be purchased at the counter to the left, while chairs can be purchased at the counter to the right.

Desk shop
Small Desk Small Desk
Pokémon Desk Pokémon Desk
Heavy Desk Heavy Desk
Ragged Desk Ragged Desk
Comfort Desk Comfort Desk
Brick Desk Brick Desk
Camp Desk Camp Desk
Hard Desk Hard Desk
Chair shop
Small Chair Small Chair
Pokémon Chair Pokémon Chair
Heavy Chair Heavy Chair
Ragged Chair Ragged Chair
Comfort Chair Comfort Chair
Brick Chair Brick Chair
Camp Chair Camp Chair
Hard Chair Hard Chair

Running Errands

Speak to the Pokémon Breeder in the northeast house to see his Wingull fly off on an errand. Return later to see if it's successful!

Reveal Your Hidden Power

The north-northwest house belongs to an old woman. Speak to her to take a quiz. She holds a coin in her hand, and asks in which one you think it's hidden. Guess correctly three times in a row to receive TM10 (Hidden Power)! This unique attack is listed as a Normal-type move, but its type and power vary depending on the Pokémon using it.

Speak to the woman's elderly husband to learn that he talks in his sleep. He offers to teach the move Sleep Talk to a Pokémon, one time only.

Time for a Trade

The little girl in the northwest house wants a Volbeat. If you happened to catch one back on Route 117, she'll give you her Plusle in return. Plusle arrives holding a Wood Mail.

Route 120

With an invisible object blocking the Gym, there's nothing else to do in the city. Go east to Route 120 to find Steven on the northern bridge. It seems that another unseen object blocks the way forward, but luckily he has a way to solve this mystery. He puts on the Devon Scope, a high-tech piece of eyewear that reveals invisible objects. Sure enough, they reveal a Kecleon in front of you; catch or defeat the Pokémon to clear the bridge. Pleased with your actions, Steven allows you to keep the device. With the Devon Scope in hand, you can chase off the Kecleon outside the Gym, so head back into town to win your next Badge!

Fortree City

Fortree Gym

Fortree Gym

Fortree City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Winona

The bird user taking flight into the world.

The Fortree Gym specializes in Flying-type Pokémon, which take serious damage from Electric, Rock, and Ice moves. The Gym is fairly straightforward, with a single path leading up to the Gym Leader's lofty perch. The only obstacles are turnstiles, some of which can only be spun in certain directions. Pass through the first two turnstiles to reach Bird Keeper Humberto. After that, spin the third turnstile clockwise to reach Picnicker Ashley and Bird Keeper Jared. Spin the fourth turnstile clockwise, then do the same for the fifth. Go back to the fourth and push the larger side southward, then spin it clockwise again. Pass through the fifth turnstile again to reach Camper Flint and Bird Keeper Edwardo on the other side. Defeat Bird Keeper Darius to the west, then there are only three turnstiles left. Spin the smallest one counter-clockwise without walking through it, then pass through all three in a counter-clockwise circle. Push the larger side of the southeast one eastward, then go northeast to reach the Gym Leader.

Winona starts off with Swablu; not very threatening on its own, but Mirror Move executes the previous move used by the target, and Perish Song causes any Pokémon on the field to faint in three turns. Her Tropius relies on the sun; Sunny Day both doubles its Speed due to its Chlorophyll Ability, eliminates the charging turn needed for SolarBeam while active. It also makes Synthesis more effective, restoring 66% of its HP rather than the usual 50%. Her Pelipper takes massive damage from Electric attacks. Rock moves are also effective, but Rock Pokémon should be wary of its Water Gun. Skarmory has several resistances and a high physical Defense, which may rise even higher due to Steel Wing. Sand-Attack makes it harder to hit, while Aerial Ace's perfect accuracy lets it reliably land a hit. Due to its Dragon typing, her Altaria takes only normal damage from Electric moves. Rock moves will be more effective, and Ice moves are greater still. It can target unsuspecting Electric types with Earthquake, and can raise its Attack and Speed with Dragon Dance.

Fortree Gym
The Feather Badge

Upon her defeat, Winona awards you the Feather Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 70 and enables the use of Fly in the field. This move allows you to instantly revisit any city or town you've previously explored. She also hands out TM40 (Aerial Ace) as a prize, and registers herself in your PokéNav.

A short time after you leave the Gym, you receive a call from Scott. He's impressed that you defeated the Fortree Gym, and wonders if you could be the Trainer he's been searching for. He also reminds you that he'll keep cheering for you from the sidelines.

Route 120

Route 120

The lengthy Route 120 runs southeast from Fortree City to Route 121. The long grass makes great cover for Pokémon capable of camouflaging themselves. Two separate ruins, Scorched Slab and the Ancient Tomb, are located here.

Gabby and Ty

After defeating Gabby and Ty on Route 118, the news team can now be found in the northeast corner of the route. Accept their challenge and give them another great interview afterwards!

Scorched Slab

Scorched Slab is a cave jutting up out of the north lake. The entrance lies at water level, so the single chamber inside holds mostly water. At the far end of the cave, a small slab of rock holds a single bit of treasure, TM11 (Sunny Day).

A Berry A Day

The route splits near its south end, with the western trail leading up to a plateau. Talk to the Beauty near the stairway and she'll give you one rare Berry every day. The kind of Berry received depends on the last digit of your Trainer ID number.

Berry Condition
Figy Berry Figy Berry ID number ends in 0 or 5
Wiki Berry Wiki Berry ID number ends in 1 or 6
Mago Berry Mago Berry ID number ends in 2 or 7
Aguav Berry Aguav Berry ID number ends in 3 or 8
Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry ID number ends in 4 or 9

Ancient Tomb

The unusual arrangement of stones on the southwest plateau is known as the Ancient Tomb. It is believed to mark the resting place of a legendary Pokémon. But with the entrance sealed, you won't be able to investigate until later.

Route 121

Route 121

Though smaller than the previous area, Route 121 is more straightforward. Route 122 runs off to the south, while Lilycove City lies to the east. The north side of the route is home to the Safari Zone, a park that attracts Trainers from across the region.

A Sighting

It's not long before you catch a glimpse of Team Aqua. These Grunts are in a rush to reach Mt. Pyre, and take off to the south.

Safari Zone

The Safari Zone

The Safari Zone gives Trainers a chance to encounter all kinds of Pokémon. It is only open to Trainers participating in the Safari Game, where Trainers must use unconventional tactics to try to catch these Pokémon. Admission is PokémonDollar.png500, and entrants are given 30 Safari Balls to be used and a limit of 500 steps taken before the game is over. The varied terrain means that some areas are only accessible by Acro Bike or Mach Bike. A Pokéblock Case is also required.

The four quadrants to the north and west of the building are open to all Trainers. Two additional quadrants to the east are still under construction, and will be home to many Pokémon not native to the Hoenn region. Because of this, only Trainers who have obtained the National Pokédex upgrade may explore this area.

Safari Game

In a Safari Game, Trainers must use unconventional tactics to catch wild Pokémon. Rather than use your own Pokémon in battle, you are only allowed to throw Pokéblocks to entice the target, making it less likely to run; or go near, which makes the target easier to catch but more likely to run.

In addition, there are several Pokéblock feeders scattered throughout the park. Each feeder can accept a single Pokéblock at a time. Any Pokémon encountered in the feeder's range of five steps will have a Nature that is attracted to that type of Pokéblock. The feeder's effect dissipates after 100 steps are taken.

Route 122

Route 122

Route 122 is a short, simple ocean route stretching between Routes 121 and 123, with Mt. Pyre standing tall in the center.

Mt. Pyre, 1F
Mt. Pyre, 6F
Mt. Pyre, Exterior and Summit

Mt. Pyre

The towering Mt. Pyre exists to soothe the spirits of Pokémon that have passed on. Hoenn's most beloved Pokémon have been laid to rest here, making the mountain a very sacred place.


On 1F, talk to the old woman in the northeast corner. Concerned for your safety, she gives you a Cleanse Tag, which reduces the wild encounter rate when held by your lead Pokémon.

On 6F, pick up TM30 (Shadow Ball) from the south side before falling through the nearby hole in the floor. On the south side of 5F, you find a Lax Incense, which boosts the holder's evasiveness by 5%. Fall through the southeast hole to return to 4F, where you find a Sea Incense. This item gives Water moves a 20% power boost when held. These Incenses also allow Wobbuffet, Marill, and Azumarill to produce Wynaut and Azurill Eggs at the Day Care.


Reaching the summit means a long climb up the mountainside. Be sure to collect TM48 (Skill Swap) and the Max Potion before moving on.


When you reach the summit, you are finally able to catch up to Team Aqua. Show no mercy to the four Grunts lining the path as you advance northward. Upon reaching the mountain's highest peak, Archie informs you that Maxie and Team Magma beat them to the summit, but he also got what he wanted, and steals the Red Orb from its altar! Like your last meeting atop Mt. Chimney, he doesn't have much time to waste on you. He orders his team to fall back, and the group disappears in an instant. Afterward, the elderly woman caretaker tells you that the two Orbs belong together and must never be separated as they are now. She says that although Team Magma showed up first and was able to steal the Blue Orb, they left something behind in their haste. She gives you the Magma Emblem, in the hopes that it may be useful.

Route 123

Route 123

Route 123 slopes downhill as it runs westward, from Route 122 back to Route 118. The Berry Master's house, and his extensive backyard garden, can be found on the route's west side.

Berry Master's House

The Berry Master's house, and the Berry garden he tends, are located near the route's west end. Talk to him to receive two Berries of the same name every day, chosen randomly: Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, Tamato, Cornn, Magost, Rabuta, or Nomel.

The Berry Master's wife will give out a Berry each day as well, but the type depends on whether or not you tell her a special phrase. Most answers will result in a common type of Berry—Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Leppa, Oran, Persim, Lum, or Sitrus—while certain answers will earn a rarer variety. After hearing all five phrases, she will hand out one common Berry every day.

Phrase Berry Received
GREAT BATTLE Spelon Berry Spelon Berry
CHALLENGE CONTEST Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry
OVERWHELMING LATIAS Watmel Berry Watmel Berry
COOL LATIOS Durin Berry Durin Berry
SUPER HUSTLE Belue Berry Belue Berry

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