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Vs. Recorder
Battle Recorder
Bag Vs. Recorder Sprite.png
Vs. Recorder
Artwork from Pokémon Platinum
Introduced in Generation IV
Generation IV Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items (PtHGSS)
Generation V Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VI Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VII Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items

The Vs. Recorder (Japanese: バトルレコーダー Battle Recorder) is a Key Item that was introduced in Pokémon Platinum. It can record and replay a player's battles, similarly to the Frontier Pass's Battle Record.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


Generation IV

Some of the features

There are several features and two modes on the Vs. Recorder, which all use the Nintendo DS's touch screen to operate. When a battle is recorded, it can be shared over Nintendo Wi-Fi at the Global Terminal in Jubilife City in Pokémon Platinum or Goldenrod City in HeartGold and SoulSilver. It can also take pictures of the player's boxes and will display the player's Battle Frontier record. The Vs. Recorder can only record Wi-Fi, wireless, and Battle Frontier or Battle Subway battles.

Browse Mode

The Vs. Recorder in Browse Mode

The Browse Mode does not require Nintendo Wi-Fi to use. In this mode, the color of the recorder's interface can be changed from green to other colors (pink, gray, yellow, red, brown, and orange, in that order) by touching either the left or the right border of the touch screen.

Touching the right border changes the interface's color to that of the next color (i.e. from pink to gray), while touching the left border changes it to that of the previous color (i.e. from red to yellow).

Battle Videos

The recorded battles, known as Battle Videos, can be found here. The Vs. Recorder can record battles from the Battle Frontier, wireless play and Wi-Fi. Players can also download videos from the Global Terminal which can be viewed in the second option. An uploaded video to the Global Terminal will receive a twelve-digit code, much like a Friend Code. The third option deletes recorded videos.

Battle videos change depending on the game's language. Everything changes to the game's language except the names of Trainers and Pokémon. For example, watching another player's video from a Japanese version of Platinum which features Dahlia in an English game would show her name as Arcade Star ダリア and her Pokémon would have Japanese names.

Uploaded videos will not remain in the Global Terminal forever, so codes might not always work.

In Generation VII, if 2 players with different version numbers battle each other (e.g. 1.2 vs 1.0), only the higher version number one can record the video.

Trainer's Profile

In any saved video, the profile of the Trainer that recorded the battle can be seen by touching the "View Profile" button.

The Trainer's Profile displays the Trainer's name, birth month, location, and favorite quote, as well as the sprite of the Trainer's favorite Pokémon.

Frontier Record

The Vs. Recorder also keeps the amount of Battle Points the players has. It also contains the commemorative prints obtained from the Battle Frontier. This option is only available once the player has arrived at the Battle Frontier.

Global Mode

The Global Mode can only be used in the Global Terminal and it depends on the terminal used. There are three floors of terminals, each accessible from the warp panel of the same color. The blue room is 1F, the green room is 2F, and the pink room is 3F.

Blue Room

This room is the main lobby of the Global Terminal. It has two terminals for checking Battle Video Rankings and Trainer Rankings. The Battle Video Rankings displays the top thirty Battle Videos. The Trainer Rankings can be viewed based on Trainer class, birth month, or favorite Pokémon.

Green Room
An uploaded video

The top terminal is used for viewing another players' PC box, ranked by views, name, newest additions, etc. Players can also submit one of your own boxes. The bottom terminal is used for viewing Super Contest dress up pictures. Players can also submit their own dress up pictures.

Pink Room

This one is used to view and upload videos of battles. The first option allows the player to view battles. It can be searched by the last thirty that were uploaded, choosing the Trainer and the type of battle or by putting in numbers. The second option allows the player to upload their own battle. Several numbers are given which are used in searching for it.

Generation V

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Obtain sprite from the Generation V games

In Generation V, much of the Vs. Recorder's functionality remains identical to that of the previous generation. Changes from Generation IV include when a border is touched, the color is always changed to the next in line, instead of going to the previous one if the left is touched.

Trainer Profile icons can be changed by talking to a lady in the Castelia City Pokémon Center, who prompts the player to change their favorite Pokémon to the one leading the team at that moment.

Similarly to the Frontier Record, in Black and White and Black 2 and White 2 the amount of Battle Points won is displayed instead, as well as the player's records from each of the Battle Subway lines.

In Random Matchup, the Vs. Recorder includes the records "Player's Rating", "Rating Mode Record" and "Free Mode Record", which display the records from the "Random Matchup" battles from the Global Battle Union.

Generation VI

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In X and Y, the Vs. Recorder's functions have changed considerably. Up to 100 battle videos can be stored, which are saved to the system's SD card rather than the save file on the game cartridge. They can be viewed, or uploaded or downloaded from the PSS or downloaded through the Vs. Recorder by entering a generated, 12-character code of letters and numbers that is unique to the video. Selecting a video also gives the player the option of a having a Mock Battle, in which the player battles against an AI version of the trainer and their team that is featured in the video.

Additionally, the player can not change the color of the background on the Vs. Recorder in this generation.

If the player has Vs. Recorder battle data from multiple games saved to the same SD card, the data can be accessed on games outside of the one in which it was saved.

Generation VII

In Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, the Vs. Recorder is an option on the Start menu. Its functions are mostly similar to that of the Generation VI Vs. Recorder, but with additional options to organize Battle Videos by win or loss and mass delete many videos at once. Battle Videos can be viewed, uploaded or downloaded from Festival Plaza. The ability to view Battle Videos from other games of the appropriate generation on the same SD card is also retained. The feature is absent in Let's Go.

Battle Videos recorded before the latest updates cannot be played.


Games Description
An amazing device that can record a battle either between friends or at a special battle facility.
An amazing device that can record a battle between friends or the battles at certain special battle facilities.


Games Method
Pt Jubilife City (from Looker upon meeting him for the first time)
HGSS Route 31 (from Ethan/Lyra in the gate to Violet City)
BW Nimbasa City (from an Ace Trainer exiting the Gear Station)
B2W2 Nimbasa City (from Nate/Rosa after defeating the Subway Bosses in front of the Gear Station)
XY Kiloude City (from a Monsieur upon entering the city for the first time)
ORAS Mauville City Battle Institute (from a man in black upon entering for the first time)
Battle Resort (from a Collector during the first visit, if not obtained in Mauville City)



Key Vs. Recorder Sprite.png
Obtain sprite from
Generation V

In the manga

A Vs. Recorder in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Platinum arc

A Vs. Recorder was first shown in Getting the Drop on Gallade II, where Looker tried to offer his device to Platinum to help her during her Battle Castle challenge, until Darach informed him that everybody who challenges the Battle Frontier gets their own Vs. Recorder.

In The Final Dimensional Duel VII, Platinum loaned her Vs. Recorder to Marley during the final battle against Team Galactic in the Distortion World. Like Platinum before her, Marley was able to use the Vs. Recorder to figure out the secret behind Jupiter's Tangrowth's Natural Gift, giving her an edge in her battle against the Team Galactic Commander.


  • If a player is connected to the internet and their console is put into sleep mode while the Vs. Recorder is in use, the console will not be disconnected.
    • The Home button will also be ignored, causing the player to be unable to suspend the game while using the Vs. Recorder.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰記錄器 Deuijin Geiluhkhei
Mandarin 對戰記錄器 / 对战记录器 Duìzhàn Jìlùqì
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Gevechtsrecorder*
France Flag.png French Magnéto VS
Germany Flag.png German Kampfkamera
Italy Flag.png Italian Registradati
South Korea Flag.png Korean 배틀레코더 Battle Recorder
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Gravador de Batalhas*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cámara Lucha
Thailand Flag.png Thai แบทเทิลเรคอเดอร์ Battle Recorder
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Máy thu trận đấu

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