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TW06 : Moonlight
Pokémon: Twilight Wings
TW08 : The Gathering of Stars

Web release
Japan August 6, 2020
United States August 6, 2020
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation Studio Colorido
Screenplay 木下爽 Sou Kinoshita
Storyboard 山下清悟 Shingo Yamashita
Assistant director 山下清悟 Shingo Yamashita
Animation director 近岡直 Sunao Chikaoka
No additional credits are available at this time.

Sky (Japanese: Sky) is the seventh and final episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings. It was first released on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel, the official English Pokémon YouTube channel and Pokémon TV on August 6, 2020.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


The day of Leon’s Championship match has arrived, and thanks to John’s letter, all the kids at the hospital are invited to attend! But in his excitement, John oversleeps and almost misses his chance to go to the stadium. Will he be able to make it to the battle in time?


While watching a television interview with Leon, John tells Tommy that the Champion doesn't seem to be smiling. Tommy asks how he can tell, though John doesn't elaborate.

Later John receives a sealed letter. He then falls asleep again, having a dream about Leon, before he is woken up by one of the hospital attendants, who hurries him to a waiting Flying Taxi to get to the latest match. They soon take flight, and on the way, John sees a group of Eldegoss being carried by the strong headwinds. He then spots Leon standing atop a steep cliff and orders the driver to land immediately. Meanwhile, the other children from the hospital are waiting with Rose inside a stadium viewing room. Oleana enters the room, and asks the chairman about Leon's whereabouts. Rose simply shrugs his shoulders and chuckles, seemingly unconcerned by Leon's mysterious absence.

Over with John, Leon admits he is worried about his upcoming match against a rival. The Taxi driver offers Leon his Corviknight to reach the match in time. Leon takes up the offer and also takes John with him. On the way, John reveals that it has been his dream to see one of Leon's battle. Hearing this, Leon suggests the Corviknight speed up, and it follows instructions by flying through a series of rock spires. John starts laughing from the sheer thrill of the flight, and Leon admits he is feeling excited as well.

Rose is the first to spot Leon fast approaching the Wyndon Stadium, and with a snap of his fingers, he has the center of the spotlight on Leon for a grand entrance. Leon and John step off Corviknight, making the crowd cheer with excitement. As Leon prepares to take his position, he asks John if his dream is really just to watch a battle, or whether he wants to become a Pokémon Trainer. John is stunned by this comment. He then starts walking towards his idol with hand help out, when Leon suddenly turns around and grabs his hand. Leon then leans down to John's level and declares that they will have a battle when they next meet.

The moment is interrupted by Leon's opponent, Raihan, who takes the opportunity to chastise the Champion for being late. Leon steps towards his opponent and performs a pose before removing his cape for the battle to begin. John looks on, wiping away the tears from his face. Raihan's Goodra starts off by flooding the field with Surf, though Leon's Aegislash emerges from the deluge and uses Giga Impact on Goodra, who responds with Thunder. Following on, Raihan calls out his Flygon, who takes out Aegislash with a Stone Edge, which transforms the battlefield into a rocky outcrop. Next, Flygon is forced to evade a barrage of Dragon Darts from Dragapult. Dragapult is then knocked out by a Draco Meteor, at the end of which Raihan's Gigantamax Duraludon appears.

Next, a Gigantamax clash between Leon's Charizard and Raihan's Duraludon unfolds. Gigantamax Charizard unleashes a G-Max Wildfire, however, Duraludon holds back the inferno with its Max Guard. As the rivals continue to battle, John is inspired and confidently declares to himself that he will one day become a Trainer.

Later, Victor and Gloria approach the Taxi Driver, asking for a ride.

Major events





John and Tommy as Trainers
  • The battle between Leon and Raihan here is the exhibition match seen at the beginning of Pokémon Sword and Shield.
  • The food that Gordie is seen eating has a slight similarity to the Sunday roast, a British meal with potatoes, carrots and Yorkshire Pudding (similar to the muffins seen in his dinner plate).
  • As a tribute to the end of the miniseries, director Shingo Yamashita posted an image of the first day of John and Tommy's journey on his Twitter. In the image, Tommy is seen with a Dreepy and John with a Rookidee. This also suggested that they were discharged from the hospital. Also in the picture, the attire John wears for his journey is similar to the attire Ash Ketchum wore during his Kalos journey.[1]


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TW06 : Moonlight
Pokémon: Twilight Wings
TW08 : The Gathering of Stars
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