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PS403 : Cleaning Up Grimer
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS405 : Shorting Out Electivire
Encountering Elekid
Enemy Headquarter and Intruder
VS エレキッド
VS Elekid
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 404 in Vol. 36
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 67 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures

Encountering Elekid (Japanese: VS エレキッド VS Elekid), titled VS Elekid in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 404th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 67th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Enemy Headquarter and Intruder (Japanese: 敵陣と侵入者 Enemy Lines and Intruders) in the VIZ Media translation and Enemy Line and Intruders in the Chuang Yi translation.


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After passing out at the Snowpoint Temple, Platinum wakes up at the Snowpoint City Pokémon Center to find Maylene and Candice staring over her. The two Gym Leaders thank her for carrying them there, but Platinum is confused as she only remembers bringing them to the temple. She apologizes to Candice for entering it without permission, but Candice reveals that even she does not know what is inside.

Maylene tries to rally the others to come up with a new way to defeat Team Galactic, but they are interrupted when the phone rings for Candice. Byron is on the line—returning a call from her—and she demands for backup while Maylene requests for someone to train them. Byron promises to send someone over, then hangs up. Unable to go himself, as he is still caring for Professor Rowan and Mr. Berlitz, he considers sending Roark. When Byron remembers that Roark's strength may not be enough, he realizes that there is someone much stronger who can help. He is hesitant to reach out, but attempts to call them. To his surprise, the line drops due to a blackout.

At Sunyshore City, the Valley Windworks manager and his daughter investigate the cause of the blackout. The manager determines that it was caused when the entire city's electricity was diverted to one particular place—the Sunyshore Gym. When the two enter, they are met with bright light shining from inside. The Gym Leader, Volkner, mistakes them for challengers, and becomes disappointed when he learns that they are only there to learn why the power has gone out.

As the two walk farther into the Gym, they see a massive network of gears using up all of the electricity. Volkner explains that because he has been so bored due to a lack of strong challengers, he has spent his time renovating the Gym to entertain himself. As the manager berates Volkner for hogging all of the electricity, he is interrupted by the sound of Volkner's phone ringing. After picking up the call, Volkner gets to his feet and begins to leave, saying that he suspects "something exciting" will soon take place.

At the Team Galactic HQ, Cyrus and the Advanced level Grunt prepare to extract power from the lake guardians to create a material for the Red Chain. Cyrus begins the extraction, and a crystal forms from the lake guardians' power. Cyrus reveals to the Advanced level Grunt that he will be creating two chains—one for Dialga, and one for Palkia. He explains that when the chains intertwine, their powers of time and space will allow for the creation of a new universe that will absorb their current world. Cyrus and the Advanced level Grunt decide to wait for the lake guardians to recharge their power so it may be extracted once more.

As Cyrus walks by the hangar in the HQ, a figure can be seen underneath one of the airships. Hiding in the shadows with Lax and Don, Diamond makes a promise to save the lake guardians.

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PS403 : Cleaning Up Grimer
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS405 : Shorting Out Electivire
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