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Scarlet & Violet arc
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Discovery! Quaking Earth Leader!!
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 2 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: 発見!土震のヌシ!! Discovery! Quaking Earth Leader!!) is the second chapter of the Scarlet & Violet arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

It is subtitled (Japanese: VSイダイナキバ VS Idainakiba).


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Searching for Herba Mystica while riding on Miraidon's back, Violet and Arven arrive at a clifftop, where a Great Tusk and a large Iron Treads face off below. Violet notes that Herba Mystica is typically found near Titan Pokémon, and Rotojī points out that the Iron Treads is likely the Titan. As Arven begins to strategize how to obtain the Herba Mystica, Violet gets Miraidon to charge down the cliff. As they plummet downward, Arven regrets his decision to come with Violet and thinks back to the way Nemona had approached them several hours ago.

An extended flashback begins, and it is revealed that Arven had only agreed to come with Violet to get away from Nemona. After the exhibition match was interrupted and Nemona's opponent had disappeared, she asked Violet to battle her to make up for it. Delighted to receive a challenge from the president of the student council, Violet accepted, but quickly changed his mind after Rotojī reminded him not to get distracted.

Miriam suddenly entered the area, calling for Clavell's attention. She began to report that some bed sheets had gone missing from the nurse's office, but then spotted Violet's cape and grabbed it from his back. Violet told her that he was simply borrowing the sheets, but praised her for coming directly to him to reclaim them. After getting Arven to join him, he hopped on Miraidon's back and sped off. Shortly after, Tyme approached Clavell and suggested holding an emergency staff meeting. Clavell agreed, but decided to first announce the beginning of the Treasure Hunt to the students in the area, warning everyone to stay away from the Great Crater of Paldea.

Riding with Violet on Miraidon's back, Arven began to speak to him using his first name, but Violet cut him off and asked to be called "Prince." When Arven became agitated, Rotojī came to him to privately explain Violet's past.

Meanwhile, at Clavell's office, the Instructors were stunned to learn that Violet is not actually a prince, but an heir of a wealthy family. Clavell revealed that Violet's parents, as well as the staff at his mansion, call him Prince. He explained that there was once a butler who believed Violet's excessive pampering was a problem; the butler had wished to help him learn to socialize, but passed away before he was able to. Violet had been distraught after the butler's death, and his parents sought to alleviate his pain by giving him a Rotom Phone installed with his personality. To make the phone resemble the late butler, Violet made a fake mustache and attached it to its case. Respecting the butler's wish, Violet's parents had enrolled him in Uva Academy to help him learn to socialize.

After receiving Rotojī's explanation, Arven began to feel sympathy for Violet, understanding what it is like to be raised by difficult parents. He agreed to help Rotojī ease Violet into learning how to socialize, but still asked him why he was dressing as a prince. Violet explained that it is because Rotojī had suggested people would have a better time understanding he was a prince if he dressed like one.

As the two tried to figure out their destination, Violet revealed he was seeking the Herba Mystica to help Miraidon improve its mobility. They then decided to go to the Asado Desert, where the Quaking Earth Titan was rumored to be.

Meanwhile, Nemona wandered the school campus in search of her missing opponent. Overhearing a conversation, she followed the voice to find the helmet-wearing Trainer on a call using a Rotom Phone. The voice that came through the phone mentioned having the Trainer illegitimately enrolled as an honor student, but Nemona paid no mind to it, only wanting to battle. She ran after the Trainer, but they seemingly disappeared. While peering from behind a door, Penny witnessed the Trainer descend from the ceiling with a web-like rope.

While continuing to ride on Miraidon with Arven, Violet described how he and Rotojī had left on a journey to find the fastest Mythical Pokémon around. He told Arven that while he was walking near Cabo Poco one day, he had seen a Pokémon crash into the ground. That Pokémon had ended up being Miraidon, and had sprung onto Violet in order to eat the sandwiches his personal chef had packed with him. After Miraidon had begun following Violet, he received a phone call from Professor Turo. Turo explained that Miraidon had escaped from Area Zero, and that it was currently in a weakened state. He had told Violet that the only way to help it quickly regain strength would be to feed it Herba Mystica, and advised him to work with Arven to locate it.

The story is brought back to the present, where Miraidon lands in front of the Great Tusk and Iron Treads after leaping off of the cliff. Both Pokémon charge for it, and Arven frets that Miraidon can't run at full speed. Violet dismisses his worries by pointing out that their pursuers are not as quick as them. Despite this, Miraidon is hit by the Iron Treads, knocking both Violet and Arven to the ground. Iron Treads dives under the sand, frustrating Arven.

Rotojī suggests preparing for a battle, as they will be unable to catch up to the Iron Treads. Violet sends out his Fuecoco and asks Arven to fight alongside him. As Fuecoco begins to send out puffs of hot air, Arven tells Violet that he does not have a Pokémon to fight with. Violet points to the Poké Ball in Arven's vest, offended that his "best friend" would lie to him. Unnerved by Violet calling him a best friend, Arven tells him that his only friend is what he keeps in the Poké Ball—a weak and injured Mabosstiff. It is only then when Arven reveals his motivation for finding the Herba Mystica: the Violet Book had led him to believe it could be used as a cure for Mabosstiff. Rotojī identifies the book as something widely believed to be a hoax, but Arven asserts that it is entirely true, saying he has once been to Area Zero.

When Violet asks if the book contains more information on Herba Mystica, Arven suddenly realizes that the air around them has become scorching. Violet remembers that he has been having his Fuecoco light the ground on fire, and reveals that he has a plan after all. From the fiery earth, Iron Treads emerges into the air.

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Scarlet & Violet arc
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