Contest data structure (Generation III)

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Information about a move's Appeal/Jamming and other Contest-related data in the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen, and Emerald Version games are stored in a 4-byte data structure.

Contest Data
Effect byte
Appeal byte
Jam byte
Padding byte
  • Effect is a broad description of the effects, and takes on the following values.
    • 0 - The appeal effect of this move is constant.
    • 1 - Prevents the user from being startled.
    • 2 - Startles the previous appealer by the jam effect.
    • 3 - Startles all previous appealers by the jam effect.
    • 4 - Affects appealers other than startling them.
    • 5 - Appeal effect may change.
    • 6 - The appeal order changes for the next round.
  • Appeal indicates how much appeal this move receives, multiplied by 10. A value of 0x14 (decimal 20) therefore indicates 2 appeal points.
  • Jam indicates how much jamming this move produces, multiplied by 10. A value of 0x0A (decimal 10) therefore indicates 1 jam point.
  • Padding consists of 1 byte and should always be set to 0x00 (aligns the structure on 4-bytes boundaries).


Unlike most other structures which use the move's ID as the key for this array, this array of structures uses the move's Contest description ID as its index.


Since this array uses the move's Contest description ID as its index, we chose to display the corresponding description after each structure.

00 28 00 00  // "A highly appealing move!"
00 3c 00 00  // "After this move, the user is more easily startled!"
00 50 00 00  // "Makes a great appeal, but allows no more to the end!"
00 1e 00 00  // "Can be repeatedly used without boring the JUDGE!"
01 14 00 00  // "Can avoid being startled by others once!"
01 0a 00 00  // "Can avoid being startled!"
01 1e 00 00  // "Can avoid being startled by others a little!"
01 1e 00 00  // "After this move, the user is less likely to be startled!"

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