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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Gold and Silver.
These pages follow the original Game Boy Color iteration, not Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The guide for those games can be found here.

Route 31

Route 31

Route 31 is a short, winding path, linking Route 30 with Violet City to the west. A cave entrance on the route's east side leads to Dark Cave, but the area is difficult to navigate without certain field moves.

Natures's Gift

Bug Catcher Wade can be found to the south of the pond. Defeat him in battle and register his phone number in your Pokégear. If you do so, he will call ocassionally after finding an item that he thinks you may like. Visit him shortly afterward to receive the item, which is determined randomly from a group of four: Berry, Bitter Berry, PRZCureBerry, or PSNCureBerry.

Violet City

Violet City
Sprout Tower, 1F
Sprout Tower, 2F
Sprout Tower, 3F

Violet City is an old village surrounded by trees. The city stands between Route 31 to the east, Route 32 to the south, and Route 36 to the west. It is a common destination for new Pokémon Trainers, as a Pokémon academy and the Violet Gym are both located here. A tall building known as Sprout Tower stands on the north side of town.

Time for a Trade

Visit the house to the southwest of the Pokémon Center to find a boy who would like to trade Pokémon. He is willing to part with his Onix in exchange for a Bellsprout. Bellsprout can be found nearby on Routes 31 and 32.

Earl's Pokémon Academy

The local Pokémon academy is run by a man named Earl Dervish, who is initially found standing between the Gym and Poké Mart. Speak to him, and he asks if you have defeated the local Gym; say no, and he leads you to the school while he twirls around at every turn along the way. The school teaches inexperienced Trainers about the basics of battle. A blackboard in the front of the room describes the five status ailments that can affect a Pokémon.

Ailment Effect(s)
BRN Burn Attack drops to 50%; inflicts damage equal to 1/8 of maximum HP every turn.
FRZ Freeze Cannot move until thawed (~10% chance of recovery per turn)
PAR Paralysis Speed drops to 25%; cannot attack 1/4 of the time
PSN Poison Inflicts damage equal to 1/8 of maximum HP every turn; loses 1 HP for every four steps taken outside of battle
SLP Sleep Cannot move for one to six turns

Sprout Tower

Sprout Tower is a large pagoda held together by a flexible pillar that sways from side to side. This flexibility protects the tower from earthquakes and symbolizes the battles occurring on the upper floors. It is inhabited by Sages who study diligently and teach that all living beings coexist through cooperation. It is said that the swaying pillar was once a 100-foot-tall Bellsprout.

1F (Center)

The tower is three stories tall. The ground floor is open to tourists, who visit to see the unique style in which the tower is built. Pass by the swaying pillar and climb the stairs to 2F.

2F (Northeast)

Go east to battle Sage Nico and take the stairs back down to 1F.

1F (North)

Pick up the Parlyz Heal to the south. Head west to battle Sage Chow, then climb up the western stairway.

2F (Southwest)

Grab the X Accuracy to the north, then battle Sage Edmond in the southwest corner. Climb the southern stairway to 3F.


Collect the Potion to the west. Continue northward to battle Sages Jin, Neal, and Troy.

When you pass the swaying pillar, you find that Silver has just defeated the elder Sage, Li. He acknowledges Silver's skill as a Pokémon Trainer and hands him an HM, but warns that he should not treat his Pokémon so harshly. Silver notices you at this point, and complains about the elder Sage being weak. He clearly has no intention of heeding the Sage's warning, as he is only interested in strong Pokémon that can win. He then uses an Escape Rope to leave the tower.

Pick up the Escape Rope in the northeast corner, then speak to Sage Li. He welcomes you to the tower, and offers to test the bonds between you and your Pokémon.

VS Sage Li

Li's two Bellsprout can both boost their Special Attack with Growth, which lets them deal extra damage with Vine Whip. Grass-type Pokémon like these are vulnerable to Fire- and Flying-type attacks, so Pidgey, Hoothoot, and Cyndaquil will have little trouble getting past them. His Hoothoot, a Flying-type Pokémon, takes serious damage from Rock-type attacks.

When the battle is over, Li rewards you with HM05 (Flash). This field move lights up even the darkest caves, but to use it outside of battle, you must first defeat the Violet Gym.

Violet Gym

Violet Gym
Violet City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Falkner

The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon

The Violet Gym specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. Flying-type moves are super effective against Bug-, Fighting-, and Grass-type Pokémon, while Flying-type Pokémon are weak to Electric-, Ice-, and Rock-type moves.

The Gym has a simple layout, and features a winding walkway that passes over a seemingly bottomless pit. There are two Gym Trainers that must be defeated in order to reach the Gym Leader.

Both of Falkner's Pokémon can use Mud-Slap, a Ground-type attack that lowers the target's Accuracy. Despite its low power, it still deals increased damage to Fire Pokémon like Cyndaquil. His Pidgeotto's Gust attack does well against Bug Pokémon, and Grass-type Pokémon like Chikorita. Flying Pokémon can do little against the high Defense of Rock-type Pokémon; if you traded for the boy's Onix, counterattack with Rock Throw for an easy victory.

Violet Gym
Zephyr Badge

After the battle, Falkner awards you the Zephyr Badge, which gives your Pokémon a slight Attack boost during battle and enables the use of Flash in the field. He also gives you TM31 (Mud-Slap) as a prize.

Elm and the Egg

Professor Elm calls when you step outside the Gym, and says that they have discovered something about the Mystery Egg. He informs you that his aide is in the nearby Pokémon Center, and asks that you pay him a visit.

Pokémon Center

Speak to Elm's aide near the counter. He delivers a message from the professor, asking that you take the Mystery Egg. The aide explains that in order for a Pokémon to grow and hatch from an Egg, it must spend time with other active Pokémon. He asks that you call the professor when it hatches, then leaves.

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