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Pokémon TV

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Pokémon TV
Pokémon TV.png
Logo for Pokémon TV
Provider The Pokémon Company International
Launched November 2010 (Website);
February 12, 2013 (Application)[1]
Service provided Video streaming of Pokémon episodes
Accessible by Internet, Application
Website Pokémon TV website
iTunes Application
Android Application
Amazon Application
Roku channel

Pokémon TV is a free video service provided by The Pokémon Company International that provides select episodes of the Pokémon anime to viewers. It was first accessible to users in November 2010. Episodes are divided by region with the viewable episodes being rotated out over time. It can be viewed through the Internet with a web browser or by downloading the free "Pokémon TV" app on the App Store for iOS, on Google Play for an Android device, on Amazon for the Amazon Fire TV, and on the Roku Channel Store for Roku devices.

Available content


There are two English versions of the service, a United States and a United Kingdom version. Both the website and the mobile app are available for both versions. On the United States service, all five regions (excluding Kalos of the XY series, which is still ongoing) are available with ten episodes for each. Each Friday, the episodes showing are rotated, removing the earliest five and adding the next five of a region. The United Kingdom service uses the same schedule in regard to the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions, but has a different schedule for Unova with showings being 33 episodes ahead of the US. The new episodes rotate identically with the US version with both regions updating at the same time, but the UK is updated on Saturdays rather than Fridays due to time zone differences. In addition, specials shown on the US and UK services may differ.

The US version is accessed through the US website or, in the case of the mobile app, having the device set to United States English or an unsupported language. The UK version is accessed through the UK website or using the app with the device set to United Kingdom English.

French, German, Italian, and Iberian Spanish

The French, German, Italian, and Iberian Spanish services show the episodes on a shared schedule. While there are five different episode categories like the English versions, they are instead categorized by the episode season with only two regions being available at a time. Each season shows ten episodes (in release order) that rotate each Friday, with the episode showing being similar to the English versions in that it removes the earliest five and adds the next five. Currently, seasons 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 are being aired. Both the website and the mobile app is available in these languages.

Other languages

Some languages have Pokémon TV available on the website only. The mobile app is unavailable in these languages, defaulting to United States English. The Pokémon TV service in these languages shows a complete season at a time with no rotations, but the update schedules are unclear and vary by language. All languages excluding Russian and Portuguese have the seasons separated into four categories; these currently being season 11, 12, 13 and 14. Russia has a extra fifth category showing season 15, While Brazil only has three categories showing seasons 13, 14 and 15. Portugal does not have its own website to distribute Pokémon TV and instead prompts the user to redirect to the official North American site. Languages in this group are:

  • On a shared schedule
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • Finnish
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish
  • Portuguese (on the Brazilian website; on its own schedule)
  • Russian (on its own schedule)

Languages other than these or the ones with more support are unavailable in the service.

Episode debuts


  1. Wired - February 2013

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