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Pokémon: Magikarp Jump
Pokémon Magikarp Jump logo.png
Pokémon: Magikarp Jump logo
Basic info
Platform: iOS, Android
Category: RPG
Players: 1
Connectivity: Facebook integration
Developer: SELECT BUTTON inc.
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation VII spin-off
GRB: 3
Release dates
Japan: May 23, 2017
North America: May 24, 2017
Australia: May 25, 2017
Europe: May 17, 2017*
May 25, 2017*
South Korea: May 23, 2017
Hong Kong: May 23, 2017
Taiwan: May 23, 2017
Japanese: Official site
English: Pokémon.com
Splash Magikarp logo.png
Japanese logo of Jump! Magikarp

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump (Japanese: はねろ!コイキング Jump! Magikarp) is a spin-off Pokémon game for iOS and Android. It was released in Italy for iOS devices on May 17, 2017; in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and various other Asian countries for iOS and Android devices on May 23, 2017; in North America for iOS and Android devices on May 24, 2017; and in Europe and Australia on May 25, 2017.


You can raise the ultimate Pokémon!

What is this world coming to?! It's a Pokémon game all about the weakest Pokémon ever—Magikarp! Anyone can play this simple game in their spare time to create the most majestic Magikarp ever in this official Pokémon app!

What kind of Pokémon is Magikarp?

  • It's famous—for being pathetically weak, unreliable, and generally useless.
  • It can't learn any powerful moves—all it does is flop around and splash!
  • When it flops its way too high in the sky, it's sometimes snagged by the Bird Pokémon Pidgeotto—never to be seen again!

Many surprising events lie in store for this pathetic Pokémon. But don't worry—it'll just keep on jumping until it can jump no more!

What kind of game is this?

  • Simple controls let anyone easily raise many generations of Magikarp
Tap the food that appears on the screen to feed your Magikarp, or have it complete training to increase its Jump Power! It's easy to do, and with each generation you raise, the next generation grows even faster!
  • Discover all kinds of Magikarp to show your friends
In this app, you can fish up all kinds of Magikarp with unusual patterns like calico and polka dots! When you encounter a rare Magikarp, show it off to your friends on your social media networks!
  • Pokémon like Pikachu and Piplup are here to help
A number of popular Pokémon can appear to help your Magikarp grow. Keep playing to find out which Pokémon you'll befriend!
  • Spruce up your pond with Decorations!
Spruce up the pond where you raise your Magikarp. You can make the pond of your dreams, and help your Magikarp grow faster, too!

Plot and gameplay

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump takes place in Hoppy Town, where people train Magikarp and compete to see whose can jump the highest. The player can train one Magikarp at a time; when it is lost or reaches its maximum level and retires, the player must fish for a new Magikarp.


  • Mayor Karp
  • Roddy Tackle
  • Man of Mystery
  • Flop Hoppington
  • Little Boy
  • Little Girl
  • Unnamed ghost

Magikarp patterns

Magikarp come in a variety of patterns, with more becoming available as the player progresses through the game and reaches certain milestones that cause Roddy Tackle to offer increasingly better variations of the Old Rod. These patterns, and the earliest rod that can catch them, are listed below:

No. Image English name Japanese name Type of pattern Rod
1 Magikarp Jump Pattern 01.png Standard ノーマル Standard Pattern Old Rod
Available from start.
2 Skelly とげとげ
3 Magikarp Jump Pattern 03.png Calico Orange/White ニシキ(赤白) Calico Pattern
4 Magikarp Jump Pattern 04.png Calico Orange/White/Black ニシキ(赤白黒)
5 Magikarp Jump Pattern 05.png Calico White/Orange ニシキ(白赤)
6 Magikarp Jump Pattern 06.png Calico Orange/Gold ニシキ(赤金)
7 Magikarp Jump Pattern 07.png Orange Two-Tone ツートン(赤) Orange Pattern So-So Old Rod
Beat the Quick League.
8 Magikarp Jump Pattern 08.png Orange Orca シャチ(赤)
9 Magikarp Jump Pattern 09.png Orange Dapples ウェーブ(赤)
10 Pink Two-Tone Pink Pattern Good Old Rod
Beat the Fast League
11 Pink Orca
12 Pink Dapples
13 Gray Bubbles Gray Pattern Great Old Rod
14 Gray Diamonds
15 Gray Patches
16 Purple Bubbles Purple Pattern
17 Purple Diamonds
18 Purple Patches
99 Magikarp Jump Pattern 99.png Gold きんぴか Gold Old Rod
Available from start.


Badge Leagues Stages
Friend League 5
Quick League 10
Heavy League 15
Great League 15
Fast League 15
Luxury League 20
Expert League 1 10
Expert League 2 10
Expert League 3 15



Image English name Japanese name Rank 1 JP Rank 25 JP Max Rank JP Unlock Unlock Cost
Oran Berry オレンのみ
Oran Fruit
2 81 From start
Sitrus Berry オボンのみ
Obon Fruit
9 163 From start
Pecha Berry モモンのみ
Momon Fruit
33 309 Trainer Rank 3
Rindo Berry リンドのみ
Rindo Berry
75 503 Trainer Rank 6
Wacan Berry ソクノのみ
Sokuno Fruit
142 787 Trainer Rank 9
Leppa Berry ヒメリのみ
Himeri Fruit
286 Trainer Rank 15
Rawst Berry チーゴのみ
Chīgo Fruit
593 Trainer Rank 21
Aspear Berry ナナシのみ
Nanashi Fruit
1.11k Trainer Rank 25
Razz Berry ズリのみ
Zuri Fruit
Trainer Rank 30
Bluk Berry ブリーのみ
Burī Fruit
Trainer Rank 36
Lava Cookie フエンせんべい
Fuen Rice Cracker
Trainer Rank 42


Image English name Japanese name Rank 1 JP Rank 25 JP Max Rank JP Unlock Unlock Cost
Magikarp Jump Sandbag Slam.png Sandbag Slam 35 956 From start
Magikarp Jump Jump Counter.png Jump Counter 122 2.01k From start
Magikarp Jump Dwebble Push.png Dwebble Push 439 3.93k Trainer Rank 4
Magikarp Jump Timber!.png Timber! Trainer Rank 8
Magikarp Jump Balloon Blow.png Balloon Blow 2.22k Trainer Rank 12
Magikarp Jump Boldore Push.png Boldore Push 4.36k Trainer Rank 16
Ball Smash 8.81k Trainer Rank 22
Rock Cruncher 17.1k Trainer Rank 27
Power Generator Trainer Rank 32
Forretress Push Trainer Rank 38
Poké Ball Smash Trainer Rank 44

Friendship Items

Pokémon English name Japanese name Skill Recovery time Cost to unlock Max upgrade levels
Pikachu Light Ball でんきだま
Electric Orb
Awards a little JP 1 hour 30 minutes Beat the Friend League 5
Piplup Mystic Water しんぴのしずく
Mysterious Droplet
Recovers 1 Training Point(s) 1 hour 30 minutes Beat the Quick League 3
Meowth Amulet Coin おまもりこばん
Amulet Koban
Gives amount of coins 2 hours 30 minutes Beat the Great League 5
Bulbasaur Miracle Seed きせきのタネ
Miracle Seed
Restores your League Energy 4 hours Beat the Luxury League 1
Charizard Charcoal もくたん
Gives a great item 12 hours 600 Diamonds 1
Snorlax Leftovers たべのこし
Provides food (×10) 50 minutes 500 Diamonds 5
Slowpoke Damp Rock しめったいわ
Damp Rock
Recovers others' skills 12 hours 350 Diamonds 1
Litten Flame Plate ひのたまプレート
Fireball Plate
Awards some JP 3 hours 30 minutes 250 Diamonds 5
Rowlet Meadow Plate みどりのプレート
Verdure Plate
Grants lots of Coins 4 hours 450 Diamonds 5
Popplio Splash Plate しずくプレート
Waterdrop Plate
Drops sunken treassure 7 hours 500 Diamonds 1


Image English name Japanese name Description Cost
Important Sign だいじなかんばん Max food number +1 Receive after losing first Magikarp
Shaymin Planter シェイミそう JP from food +14% 250 Diamonds
Substitute Plush みがわりぬいぐるみ Max food number +2 300 Diamonds
Sunflora Bunch キマワリフラワー Coins from events +28% 200 Diamonds
Whimsicott Cushion エルフーンクッション Trainer Exp. Points +9% 200 Diamonds
Exeggutor Palm ナッシーツリー Coins from league battles +12% 150 Diamonds
Bronze Eevee イーブイどうぞう League event rate +4% 550 Diamonds
Lampent Lamp ランプラーランプ Lv. Up Coins +29% 250 Diamonds
S.S. Anne Model サントアンヌ号もけい Coins from sunken treasure +68% 450 Diamonds
Aegislash Statue ギルガルドオブジェ JP from training +20% 350 Diamonds
Parasect Puffballs パラセクトダケ JP from events +16% 100 Diamonds
Octillery Pot オクタンツボ JP from food +10% Beat the Heavy League
Sudowoodo Bonsai ウソッキー盆栽 Coins from events +29% Beat the Fast League

One-time-use items

Image English name Japanese name Description Cost
Training Soda とっくんソーダ Restores 1 Training Point (Set of 3) 25 Diamonds
Power Up パワーアップ Boosts Jump Power gains by 50% for 3 hours 200 Diamonds
LP Restore リーグエイド Restores your League Play 25 Diamonds
Skill Restore スキルハーブ Restores any Support Pokémon's skill 150 Diamonds
Purse of Coins コイン小袋 Number of Coins received is based on Trainer Rank. 100 Diamonds
Sack of Coins コイン大袋 Number of Coins received is based on Trainer Rank. 300 Diamonds
Mountain of Coins コインのお祭り Number of Coins received is based on Trainer Rank. 800 Diamonds
Diamond Miner ダイヤ掘り机 Get 100 Diamonds each day! 2500 Tickets

Other items

  • Everstone — The player begins the game with one Everstone, which can be cracked and broken by tapping Magikarp in quick succession. When broken, Magikarp can be evolved into Gyarados on reaching Level 20 or higher. This will cause the Magikarp to retire, and a new one must be caught.

Random encounters

No. Name Unlock condition Occurance Blurb
1  ??? Beat the Fast League  ???  ???
2 Nugget  ??? After training Don't be shy! I just love sharing my Nuggets!
3 Is It Treasure?  ??? After training That's a tempting surprise, but I'm not too sure about taking it.
4 Out of Nowhere...  ??? After training There's a Berry tree! Can your Magikarp jump high enough to snag a Berry?
5 Idol Riches  ??? After training The townspeople want to reward you for training so hard, day after day!
6 Massage a Karp  ??? After training Your Magikarp is looking pretty tuckered out. Leave it up to Mayor Karp!
7 Everyone's Hero  ??? After winning a battle Gee whiz! I want to raise Magikarp just like your someday!
8 Roddy Tackle  ??? After winning a battle I never dreamed you'd be able to train up that Magikarp to this level!
9 Unsinkable Magikarp  ??? After losing a battle You may have lost, but at least you looked good doing it!
10 Go, Magikarp, Go!  ??? After losing a battle What a flop! That had to sting, but at least you did your best!
11 All That Glitters  ??? After training This could be your chance for some real treasure! Or some real trash!
12  ??? Beat the Fast League  ???  ???
13  ??? Beat the Great League  ???  ???
14 Magikarp Adrift  ??? After training Magikarp wandered off all on its own and got lost.
15 Snoozing with Snorlax Beat the Quick League
Requires Snorlax
After training Snorlax's big belly looks like a dream bed, don't you think?
16 Tag Battle? Requires Pikachu After training Magikarp and Pikachu were just out for a harmless walk when...
17  ??? Beat the Luxury League  ???  ???
18  ??? Beat the Great League  ???  ???
19  ??? Beat the Luxury League  ???  ???
20  ??? Beat the Fast League  ???  ???
21 Easygoing Slowpoke Beat the Heavy League
Requires Slowpoke
After training You met a Slowpoke on your way home!
22  ??? Beat the Fast League  ???  ???
23 Slacker Magikarp  ??? After training Magikarp just doesn't seem to be putting its all into training today.
24  ??? Beat the Great League  ???  ???
25  ??? Beat the Fast League  ???  ???
26 A Challenge Beat the Great League After training You got a letter from your next opponent in the league.
27 Many Wise Words Beat the Great League After training Did you know? Male Magikarp and female Magikarp have different colored whiskers.
28 Is It Feebas?  ??? During feeding You got a boost of power from Feebas! We feeble few have to stick together!
29 Food Fever  ??? During feeding Manaphy's mysterious power has summoned all sorts of Pokémon!
30 Be Gone! From start Tap TV, then Cancel. Repeat until TV has static.
Repeat process to remove static.
Event will appear after the next Training session.
Be gone... Intruders.
31 Hop, Skip & Whump! From start Repeatedly make Magikarp jump out of pond. Jump without thinking, and Pidgeotto may get you!
32  ???  ???  ???  ???
33 You Can Do It! From start Lose 3 battles in a row. Your Magikarp has lost three times in a row!
34 Adios, Gyarados! Trainer Rank 10 Repeatedly tap Magikarp to break the Everstone
Get Magikarp to Level 20.
Uh, congrats? Your Magikarp evolved into Gyarados!


Image Name Mastery Level Requirement and Reward
1 2 3 4 5
Magikarp Jump Number of Logins.png Number of Logins 3
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 25
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 25
Magikarp Jump Times Fed.png Times Fed 2200
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 150
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 1700
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 36000
Magikarp Jump Times Trained.png Times Trained 200
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 150
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 2100
Magikarp Jump Events Triggered.png Events Triggered 17
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Patterns Collected.png Patterns Collected 10
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Magikarp Fished.png Magikarp Fished 40
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Social Media Shares.png Social Media Shares 3
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Number of Skill Uses.png Number of Skill Uses 100
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump League Victories.png League Victories 100
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 230
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 2100
Magikarp Jump Decorations Collected.png Decorations Collected 3
Magikarp Jump Support Candy.png x 1
Magikarp Jump Support Candy.png x 1
Magikarp Jump Items Used.png Items Used 5
Magikarp Jump Support Candy.png x 1
Magikarp Jump Support Candy.png x 1
Magikarp Jump Magikarp Retired at Max Lv.png Magikarp Retired at Max Lv. 10
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 230
Magikarp Jump Coin.png x 2100
Magikarp Jump Magikarp Forced to Retire.png Magikarp Forced to Retire 1
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5
Magikarp Jump Diamond.png x 5


Specialty Shop

Item United States Canada United Kingdom Australia Japan Hong Kong Taiwan Philippines
Small Pack: 100 Diamonds, 100 Exchange Tickets, 3 LP Restores, and 3 Training Sodas
Limited-time bundle available for 72 hours from launch
$0.99 $1.39 £0.99 $1.49 ¥120 $8.00 $30 ₱49.00
Large Pack: 250 Diamonds, 250 Exchange Tickets, 3 Skills Restores, and 2 Power Ups
Limited-time bundle available for 72 hours from launch
$4.99 $6.99 £4.99 $7.99 ¥600 $38.00 $150 ₱249.00
50 Diamonds + 50 Exchange Tickets $0.99 $1.39 £0.99 $1.49 ¥120 $8.00 $30 ₱49.00
250 Diamonds + 250 Exchange Tickets $4.99 $6.99 £4.99 $7.99 ¥600 $38.00 $150 ₱249.00
550 Diamonds + 550 Exchange Tickets $9.99 $13.99 £9.99 $14.99 ¥1,200 $78.00 $300 ₱499.00
1200 Diamonds + 1200 Exchange Tickets $19.99 $27.99 £19.99 ¥2,400 $158.00 $590 ₱999.00
2150 Diamonds + 2150 Exchange Tickets $34.99 $47.99 £33.99 $54.99 ¥4,200 $278.00 $1,050 ₱1,750.00

Exchange Office

Item Cost
5 Training Soda 500 Exchange Tickets
3 LP Restore 500 Exchange Tickets
1 Power Up 500 Exchange Tickets
1 Sack of Coins 500 Exchange Tickets
Diamond Miner 500 Exchange Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Exchange Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Exchange Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Exchange Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Exchange Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Exchange Tickets


Main article: Staff of Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

Version history


Version Release date Changes
1.0 May 17, 2017
  • Initial release
1.0.1 May 23, 2017
  • Magikarp Jump is now available to download in your region!
1.0.2 May 26, 2017
  • Minor bug fixes


Version Release date Changes
1.0.1 May 23, 2017
  • Magikarp Jump is now available to download in your region!
1.0.2 May 26, 2017
  • Minor bug fixes


The game can be played on:


Date Locations
May 17, 2017 Italy (iOS only)
May 23, 2017 Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
May 24, 2017 Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, United States, Venezuela
May 25, 2017 Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 跳躍吧!鯉魚王 Tiuyeuhkbah! Léihyùhwohng
Mandarin 跳躍吧!鯉魚王 Tiàoyuèba! Lǐyúwáng
France Flag.png French Pokémon : Magicarpe Jump
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon: Karpador Jump
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon: Magikarp Jump
South Korea Flag.png Korean 튀어올라라! 잉어킹 Twieoollara! Ingeoking
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon: Magikarp Jump


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