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Poké Transporter

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The logo of Poké Transporter

The Poké Transporter (Japanese: ポケムーバー PokéMover) is an application for the Nintendo 3DS line of systems. It was released on the Nintendo eShop, serving as an extension to Pokémon Bank.


This software allows players of the Generation V core series games to migrate Pokémon to Generation VI games. The service allows one-way transfer of Pokémon from Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 to Pokémon Bank, from where they can be moved to Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. When one of the Nintendo DS cartridges is inserted into the system, it will be possible to deposit Pokémon belonging to it on the Pokémon Bank. Then, such choices can be downloaded into a connected Generation VI game using the Nintendo 3DS.

Only the Pokémon from Box 1 can be transported, and the entire Box will be transported at once, limiting the transfer to up to thirty Pokémon at a time; if any Pokémon in the Box are ineligible to transport, they will simply remain in the Box while all other Pokémon in the Box are transported. The Pokémon transported to Pokémon Bank are placed in the Transport Box, from which they must be moved to either Pokémon Bank's Boxes or those in the player's Generation VI game to allow more Pokémon to be transported. Any held items will be returned to the bag, or deleted if it is full. Unlike the Pal Park and Poké Transfer before it, Pokémon that know HM moves can be transported without having to forget those moves. Kyurem must be in its normal form to be transported. Eggs cannot be transported.

As a part of Pokémon Bank, the player must have a valid pass in order to use Poké Transporter.

Legality checking

Poké Transporter has a legality checker that is intended to prevent Pokémon obtained or modified through external devices or a glitch such as the Rage glitch from passing through. However, it does not prevent all illegitimate Pokémon, and does stop some legitimate Pokémon. While legitimately obtainable, Shiny Jirachi could not be transported prior to the release of the Shiny 2014 Tanabata Jirachi.

Modifications to transported Pokémon

The names of unnicknamed Pokémon will be rechecked upon transportation. An unnicknamed Pokémon's name will be made to match its species name in its origin language if it had obtained a name from another language by evolution in a game in that language. Unnicknamed Pokémon from before Generation V, which have their species names in all-caps, have their names changed to be capitalized normally. If a Pokémon's nickname contains a word which is prohibited in the Generation VI games, the Pokémon's nickname will be erased, reverting to the default species name in its language of origin.

Blue-Striped Basculin with the Ability Reckless will have their Ability changed to Rock Head upon transportation. Starly that have their Hidden Ability flag set (such that they would evolve into Reckless Staravia) will have their Ability changed to Reckless upon transportation. Venipede, Whirlipede, and Scolipede with Quick Feet will have their Ability changed to Speed Boost upon transportation.

Pokémon obtained in Generation III that gained an Ability in Generation IV that would change Ability slot upon evolution will be locked into their current Ability slot upon transportation (although it can still be changed using the Ability Capsule). Female Azurill that would evolve into male Marill will be permanently locked into being female upon transportation.

Server issues

On December 25, 2013, Pokémon Bank and the Poké Transporter were both released in Japan, South Korea, and other Asian territories. Due to high volumes of traffic throughout the Nintendo Network caused by a large volume of Nintendo Network IDs being created,[1] the Nintendo eShop was temporarily inaccessible.[2][3] When the Nintendo eShop was accessible again on December 29, 2013,[4] Pokémon Bank was removed from the Nintendo eShop (although players that had previously downloaded Pokémon Bank could still download Poké Transporter, which can only be downloaded through Pokémon Bank).[citation needed] In addition, the release of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter for the Americas, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand—originally set to be December 27, 2013—was delayed due to the aforementioned issues.[5][dead link]

On January 21, 2014, Pokémon Bank was re-released in Japan, South Korea, and other Asian territories.[6] The service was then launched in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand on February 4, 2014;[7] and in the Americas on February 5, 2014.


  • Unlike Pokémon Bank, Poké Transporter is theoretically compatible with the Nintendo 3DS's save-data backup feature. However, it cannot be used, giving the error "There is no save data that can be backed up.", even if it has already been used to transfer Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Poké Transfert
Germany Flag.png German PokéMover
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokétrasferitore
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓무버 PokéMover
Spain Flag.png Spanish Poké Trasladador


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