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ワルダック Wardack
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Cipher Head
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum
Member of Cipher
Rank Head
Mayor Es Cade in his office at Phenac City

Evice (Japanese: ワルダック Wardack) is the criminal mastermind behind Cipher. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Cipher Head (Japanese: シャドーのボス Shadow Boss).

He disguises himself as the mayor of Phenac City under the name of Es Cade (Japanese: バックレー Backley). In his disguise, he is a fat and jolly gentleman who appears to be worried about the increase in crime caused by Cipher and Team Snagem, yet as the head of Cipher, he appears to have done nothing to stop either of them, ensuring that Snagem and Cipher work without interference.

In the games

Evice revealing his true identity

Pokémon Colosseum

When Wes and Rui arrived in Phenac City, members of Cipher surrounded the city. One of them, Nascour, was seen leaving Es Cade's house. Wes and Rui chased away the Cipher operatives from Phenac City, and Es Cade promised to investigate Cipher in return. However, he ended up leaving Phenac City shortly thereafter in a rage.

After Wes and Rui defeated Miror B., Dakim, Ein, Venus, Gonzap, and Nascour at Realgam Tower, Es Cade revealed his true intentions - his role as the head of Cipher, whom Nascour reports to. Evice provided Team Snagem with powerful technology. In return, Team Snagem snagged Pokémon from innocent Trainers, after which they were transformed into Shadow Pokémon at the Shadow PKMN Lab, then shipped via The Under Subway and dispensed to the general public in Pyrite Town and The Under. Evice was also the one of who had had the Realgam Tower built. The diabolical mastermind wanted to attract wealthy Pokémon fans to the skyscraper and charge them money to see fierce tournaments between Shadow Pokémon.

Evice challenged Wes to a battle to put a stop to him, but was defeated, with even his most powerful Pokémon, Tyranitar, standing no chance. After the battle, Chief Sherles arrived to arrest Evice, but the rotund villain tried to make a quick get-away on a helicopter. His escape plan was put to a quick stop, however, as the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh shot down his helicopter with Sacred Fire, and Evice's evil scheme was put to an end. He and Nascour were subsequently arrested by Sherles.

While Evice does not appear in XD, he is mentioned by NPCs. A woman in the Pokémon HQ Lab states that he is still safely behind bars, and Chief Sherles states that he was not the true leader of Cipher.


Before snagging Tyranitar

After snagging Tyranitar


Phenac City
  • Upon first entering his office
"Ah, you must be travelers! Welcome to Phenac City! I am Es Cade, the Mayor. Now, you wanted to see me. Is there something that I may be able to assist you with? "
"Oh? What may I do for a pretty young lady like you?"
"Saw it? And what did you see?"
"O-o-o-oh, my! Pokémon like a fighting machine? And it attacks people?! Now if that were true, that would be truly frightening. However, it is a little hard to believe."
"Hmm… I see. I understand. I will order an investigation at once."
"Oh, no, no. There is no need for thanks. We mustn't allow thugs to do as they wish. Especially thugs that endanger a pretty young lady like you. I'll ask that you give me a little time on this matter. I promise we will get some useful information for you."
"Oh, yes. You appear to be Pokémon trainers yourself. If so, I urge you to visit our city's pride and joy, our Pokémon Stadium. It's a breathtakingly beautiful Stadium befitting our oasis city!"
  • If talked to
"I promise you, we will obtain useful information about those sinister Pokémon. While we do so, I heartily recommend that you visit our Stadium, the symbol of our civic pride!"
Realgam Colosseum
  • Before battle
"Enough! Don't embarrass yourself, Nascour!"
"My, my. That certainly was a battle worth seeing. I must be honest with you. I never imaged that you would get this far."
"Oh, dear me. Do you fail to understand still? You're such an innocent child. At times, I am the affable mayor of Phenac... And at others, I am the secret boss of the criminal syndicate Cipher... I am Evice, and I shall rule the world!"
"How dare you meddle in our affairs so thoroughly! The Shadow Pokémon plan, we can resurrect from the start. But you two... you'll never be forgiven! I'll destroy you utterly so you may never again rise against me!"
  • Before battle, if the player was previously defeated
"Ah, it's good to see you. Indeed it is. I've been worried about you. I was worried that you'd run off out of fear of me! Hohoho! Now, are you prepared to be devastated once again?"
"Hahah! I'll happily humiliate you as often as you're willing!"
  • Being defeated
"Noooooooh! Even my ultimate Pokémon!"
  • After being defeated
"Blast you! Don't forget what you've done, <player>! It won't end this way next time! I will ruin you the next time, I promise you that!"
"Waahahah! Let us meet again! Our bid to take over the world using Shadow Pokémon hasn't ended yet!"


  • Evice's name appears to be a combination of "evil" and "vice." "Vice", in addition to implying wrongdoing, may also imply the possibility that Evice isn't the true leader of Cipher. This is confirmed by Sherles in Pokémon XD, where he mentions that Evice wasn't the absolute leader to begin with. Instead, the position of Cipher's leader is held by Greevil, a character who hadn't appeared in Colosseum.
    • It is unclear if this was always intended to be the case or was a retcon in XD. A resident of The Under references a man who made a fortune in the mines of the city that he hopes used his money for good; the line appeared to be referring to Evice originally but could also have been referring to Greevil all along.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Nosfrat
Germany Flag.png German Intrigo
Italy Flag.png Italian Malerio
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Néfiro

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