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Route 122

Route 122

This is a small route where north takes you to Route 121 and south takes you to Route 123. All you need to do here is use Surf to head to the south and enter Mt. Pyre which is above the south exit.

Mt. Pyre

Once at Mt. Pyre as you explore the 1F you will notice two doors, one at the west end and the other at the north end. While the one on the west end is the one you need to take, we'll go north first to collect items and battle trainers. Once at the 6F you should find TM30 (Shadow Ball). Now use the ledges to fall back down the floors to grab Incenses' for producing new baby Pokémon through breeding. On the 5F you'll find the Lax Incense, then using the lower ledge you'll find the Sea Incense. Continue using the ledges to return to the 1F.

Mt. Pyre Outside Area
Mt. Pyre Summit

Once back on the 1F take the west exit to reach outside area of Mt. Pyre. There is nothing to do here other than face wild Pokémon such as Vulpix and Meditite, though you can also find TM48 (Skill Swap). Head to the north exit to reach the summit.

At the summit you will face three Team MagmaR/Team AquaS grunts. Once you are done with them you will see MaxieR/ArchieS who are frustrated by your continued interference but know it is alright as they have now have the Blue OrbR/Red OrbS and they quickly retreat revealing their teams' next target is Slateport City.

Afterwards the elderly lady gives you the Red OrbR/Blue OrbS and encourages you to take the other Orb back. Leave Mt. Pyre and once back on Route 122 head south to reach Route 123. We'll face more trainers here before heading to Slateport City.


Return to the Mt. Pyre Summit after dealing with GroudonR/KyogreS in the Cave of Origin, and you will see MaxieR/ArchieS. They will apologize for their foolish error that humans cannot control the balance between land and sea, and says goodbye forever before leaving after returning the Blue OrbR/Red OrbS. You can then return the Red OrbR/Blue OrbS you received back to the old woman who quotes that the two orbs should remain together for the good of Hoenn.

Route 123

Route 123

Before heading onto this route make sure that to have Pokémon on your team know Fly and Cut as it will help with make things convenient. Once on the route head east and cut the tree to find a hidden trainer. Then head west to find another Berry grove and talk to the girl next to it and if you have a Grass-type Pokémon with you she will give you TM19 (Giga Drain).

As you head west you will notice a lot of ledges that you can use to head to the part of this route you visited earlier. Because of the ledges, it is impossible to face every Trainer on this route the first time through so you will have to fly back to Lilycove City once you reach the end and return to this route to start from the beginning again. You can also cut the small trees to reach the north end without any wild encounters. Easiest way to turn this into two trips is to handle the north and southern end separately. Once you are ready fly to Slateport City.

Slateport City

Once back at Slateport City head to the Slateport Harbor which is above the Pokémon Center and you will see Captain Stern surrounded by people as well as the reporters Gabby and Ty. Talk to Stern and he reveals that he is preparing to start his underwater exploration having found an Underwater Cavern on Route 128 which Stern believes contains an ancient Pokémon. However, MaxieR / ArchieS uses a megaphone to announce to Stern that they are taking his submarine. Once Stern realizes they're inside the building you'll spot MaxieR / ArchieS who dares you to chase them back to their hideout in Lilycove City, before they leave with the submarine.

Now that this and the Mt. Pyre mission are complete you can now freely explore their hideout so fly back to Lilycove and Surf off the east side and into the cavern in the northern direction which is their hideout.


Return to the Slateport Harbor after recovering the Scanner from the Abandoned Ship and talk to Stern where he'll give you either a DeepSeaScale or DeepSeaTooth which is necessary for Clamperl's evolution in exchange for the Scanner. This is the only chance to gain either of these items in the game so choose wisely.

Team MagmaR/AquaS Hideout

Team Magma Hideout 1F
Team Magma Hideout 2F

Once inside the two guards which guarded the entrance before are gone so once in head north while battling a grunt along the way and head into the 1F room. Use each of the teleporters to find a hidden item with an item as well as the 2F. On the 2F use the teleporter below the one you had used to reach a hidden room of the 1F.

Then, use the secret combination (Left, Center, Left, Left) to reach the hidden area of the 2F. In this room you can find a Master Ball. This is your best chance to get one because after defeating GroudonR/KyogreS this room becomes inaccessible. Next return to 2F and find the next teleporter on the other side of the room to take you to another area of 1F.

Continue through the next few sets of teleporters and stairs to reach the final part of 2F. In this part you will find your old enemy TabithaR/MattS who is here to stop you.

After the battle TabithaR/MattS admits their bosses preparations are done and you'll watch the submarine leave the hideout. In order to reach the cave where the submarine is headed you'll need to use Dive on Route 128. But in order to unlock this HM for field use you'll need to beat the Mossdeep Gym first. Now that this mission is over the Wailmer around Route 124 are gone, so you can head to Mossdeep City next.

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