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  ForceFire 07:24, 16 August 2021 (UTC)  

Adult content on Wikipedia

Adult content on Wikipedia is not of concern as they cover a whole range of topic and therefore will have links to adult stuff on various pages (if appropriate), doesn't make them an adult site. The onus is on the user if they want to click on it or not, and whether kids will click on the link or not is beyond our control. Just as long the target page doesn't have any explicit imagery, then it should be fine, otherwise it should be marked "NSFW".--ForceFire 08:07, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

The reason I am concerned about this is because I'm worried about parental reactions to this type of content. I personally have known about this content on Wikipedia for some time and I think I mentioned on one occasion that I've noticed the adult content creep gradually into everyday topics on Wikipedia pages.

Additionally, I have known of kids to get punished for accidentally accessing adult content on sites such as Wikipedia, simply because they did not know it was there (or that it existed for that matter). Personally I find some of the content on Wikipedia morally indecent and would have been better off not knowing about it. That's why I am so opposed to having Wikipedia links on this site. Mario60866 (talk) 08:12, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

Again, it's beyond our control. IF you are really concerned and have problems about the content on Wikipedia, it's best to bring it up to them and not us, as it's their site.--ForceFire 08:16, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

While what is on Wikipedia is beyond our control, what is not is that there are links to Wikipedia which could potentially lead to inappropriate content. I know of plenty of other sites which we could be using to avoid a site such as Wikipedia to begin with, though when it comes to the internet it gets difficult because everything (except Pokemon) on the internet has a tendency to be infiltrated by these types of content I have moral concerns with. Mario60866 (talk) 08:23, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

If I can interject here, everyone has a different view to the world, I'm sure there are things you're fine with that im probably not. Personally I don't like the fact and feel kids these days are subjected to a lot of guns and violence since that's what's society likes to pump out. That being said, Encyclopaedias are primarily there to inform from a neutral point of view, not to censor information in order to conform to some individual bias. Nothing on the pages you tried to remove is NSFW. If a child is punished for looking for information on a well known and accepted neutral source like wikipedia, to be honest I think that speaks more of the parents than it does of the child. 4iamking (talk) 08:27, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

4iamking, I do not recall trying to remove pages, though I did attempt to remove various page content for these reasons. Wikipedia has topics about truly damaging topics which should not be linked to on a site like this. I understand where you are coming from about encyclopedias being non-biased or censored but especially in today's society every parent is overly strict with no exceptions. That's why I would take a precaution such as this to avoid these types of things happening before they even happen. Mario60866 (talk) 08:31, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

I meant the links that you tried to remove, sorry if that was misworded. And if that is the case, all I can say, is that i'm glad I didn't have the displeasure of having had such parents, but regardless that has nothing to do with Bulbapedia.4iamking (talk) 08:41, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

You're right, maybe I just had bad parents who were overly obsessed with punishing me to hell and back. I'm sorry if I seemed argumentative or rude. Mario60866 (talk) 08:43, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

If you did, you would stand down, and stop trying to start an edit war. If hypothetically some overprotective parents somewhere feel the need to punish a child for clicking on a Wikipedia/3rd party link, as previously stated not a concern on this site as we can't control that, and those parents would probably have to keep their child away from every public school, because an elementary school biology/sex-ed class might have them killed! Jokes aside, just stop.4iamking (talk) 09:16, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

Partial block

As you have continued to try to push your views on Wikipedia and adult content, you have been blocked from editing Gender for three days. Do not continuously remove information that was added back in, it falls under edit warring and is a blockable offense. Because of your recent comment in Talk:Gender, I'm unsure if you are doing this out of actual concern or if you are just trolling.--ForceFire 09:24, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

I am not trolling; I have legitimate concerns with this. Mario60866 (talk) 14:05, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

Personal content

Please do not add your personal opinions and views onto the articles, they are inappropriate for a wiki, keep that to your userpage. And do not make usertags in the mainspace, create it in your userspace and wait for it to be approved. - unsigned comment from Force Fire (talkcontribs)

Userspace limits

Hello. I have noticed that you have been editing the User: namespace a lot recently, and have made a total of 4+ userspace edits today. Please do not edit the userspace any more, as the userspace policy limits the amount you can edit your userpage: No more than three edits per day (by UTC), and you must contribute to the mainspace more than you edit your user page(s). This policy was instated to promote people helping out in the mainspace, and also to control strain on our servers. Bulbapedia is an encyclopedia, after all, so help us out by contributing to some articles before coming back to your personal page(s). The more often you edit in the mainspace, the more you will be allowed to edit your user page(s). Thank you. --ForceFire 07:52, 27 January 2022 (UTC)

I'm so sorry about this. The reason why last night I was editing my user space so much was because it's my first time making it and I was correcting mistakes. I included tons of details because I feel super lonely and wanted to tell people about me without being called slurs like my family does to me. In the future I'll edit the main space more. Mario60866 (talk) 16:02, 27 January 2022 (UTC)

Userpage edit

I think you don't mind it, but I had to make this edit to your userpage. It was just to remove the page from the category of pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. --Bfdifan2006something to say? · My work documentation 16:54, 12 February 2022 (UTC)

My Username and Email Address are indexed on StopForumSpam

There is a website calling itself "" and it has indexed my username and email wrongly as a spammer. Next to it, there is also an index under my IP address with several other usernames which do not belong to me. I think the other usernames belong to my older brother Zachary, who is known to troll on websites I go to.

Is anyone else here aware of this? How can I get it taken down? Mario60866 (talk) 06:09, 23 February 2022 (UTC)


Please do not edit war, if you disagree with an edit, take it to the talk page of the article in dispute or the talk page of the user that reverted you. Eevee's gender difference is in the shape of a flower when viewed from top down, as the pattern surrounds her tail, and not just a part of her tail.--ForceFire 06:13, 11 March 2022 (UTC)

But to make a flower in drawing, the easiest way is to string hearts together in a circle. It also looks like a heart from the side and you typically aren't looking at Eevee from its behind unless you're using it in battle in which case it's still a partial side view. Mario60866 (talk) 18:34, 12 March 2022 (UTC)

Troll on my YouTube channel

Someone is posting mean comments on my YouTube channel's videos under the username "Wobbuffet Troll". This started today when I noticed a comment by this person pop up while I was publishing a video. If it is any of you here on Bulbapedia, please stop. If you think you know who it is, please let me know so I can block them. Mario60866 (talk) 13:42, 18 March 2022 (UTC)

Another userpage edit

Special:Diff/3498127 - had to do this because you said you didn't know how to insert the {{User Pokéwalker}} or {{User Let's Go, Eevee!}} templates. The rest, I stated in the edit summary. --Bfdifan2006 (T/C) 13:25, 22 March 2022 (UTC)

Userspace policy

Over the past week you have only made two edits to the mainspace and five edits to your userspace. Please make sure that a majority of your future edits contribute to the mainspace. You should always make at least one more mainspace edit than userspace each day e.g. if you've made two userspace edits, you should make three productive mainspace edits. Landfish7 07:58, 23 March 2022 (UTC)


Hi - saw your message on my talk page. Can you reach out to me on Discord so we can chat more easily? I'm an admin there. - or write me back if you'd like to chat via another method. -- evkl (need to talk?) 15:20, 4 April 2022 (UTC)

Sorry for the late response I can talk via discord Mario60866 (talk) 18:00, 4 April 2022 (UTC)

Regarding RSE May's age

Please stop trying to assert that she's 7 years old.

1. How old a character looks is entirely subjective. Even if she looks 7 to you, she looks about 10-12 to several other people (including myself). Additionally, while it has no direct bearing on the age of RSE May, her anime counterpart is 10 and is virtually identical in appearance.

2. ORAS May is confirmed to be 12. While the magazine claiming that previous protagonists prior to Gen V were 10/11 is probably too general to be taken at face value, there's no reason to believe that RSE May is somehow 5 years younger than ORAS May. PokemonMasterJamal3 (talk) 05:13, 2 June 2022 (UTC)

Partial block

As you have shown a clear refusal to listen to others when they tell you your edits are wrong and have shown that you are unwilling to change your behavior whenever someone disagrees with you, you have been blocked from editing May, Eevee, and List of Pokémon with gender differences for three months. You have already been told multiple times that the pattern on Eevee's tail is a flower and not a heart, as this image shows. The pattern SURROUNDS THE TAIL thus is FORMS A FLOWER. If it were a heart, the pattern would NOT be surrounding its tail. Also, do not add your opinions on what May's age is, your opinion does not make it factual or confirmed. They are just you opinions.

If you re-add those even after three months, would will be blocked from editing those articles indefinitely.--ForceFire 17:37, 4 June 2022 (UTC)

I hate you. Mario60866 (talk) 17:58, 4 June 2022 (UTC)

You are only restraining my helpless lust for May and you make me want to asphyxiate myself to death. Mario60866 (talk) 18:00, 4 June 2022 (UTC)

Blocked permanently

Force Fire was honestly being kind just blocking you from those pages instead of the entire site, but it's obvious you aren't here to contribute meaningfully, especially when you believe you can just say those kinds of things and assume we'll let it go. Just because you copped to your trolling and lies across various other places doesn't excuse you if your behavior is just going to continue. Time to move on. Good luck. Kai * the Arc Toraph 18:15, 4 June 2022 (UTC)

If so, can you at least delete my whole account and all of what I added to the site? Mario60866 (talk) 19:03, 4 June 2022 (UTC)