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June 16, 2024
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June 16, 2024

Oh look. It's that guy, TTEchidna. The bane of all editors. The guy who chased everyone away.

Yeah hi. If you didn't know already, I used to be in charge of this little (not really) section of Bulbagarden. And then I lost my goddamn mind. I suppose you could say it started with HGSS. I had nothing more to look forward to in Pokémon, really. It had come full circle, back to Johto. And sure, I was excited for Generation V, but I guess I just couldn't handle it.

The traffic got to me. It still does. And I'm incredibly short with new editors, who seem to make the same mistakes that I've been correcting people on for five years. Half a decade. That's right, that's how long I've been fixing this damn wiki. I suppose it's just my frustration that no one's learned to lurk by now. That new users seem to just ignore their welcome message, and just jump in adding whatever random trivia they've pulled out of their asses. Or maybe it's my frustration that the fandom's just acting the exact same as they did four years ago, almost to the day, when Diamond and Pearl were new. "They're never making another game!" "Remakes of two generations ago are guaranteed!" "All the names suck!" "The new designs suck!" I'm sick of it. Quit whining. And if RSG5 happens, well, I hope that Hoenn won't suck as much as it did in Generation III.


What? Oh, with Pokémon? Got Yellow in 1999 after my parents won a Mew at the Toys R Us Black Friday event. Traded an Onix for that thing. I was crushed. But I had a Mew. And the reason to catch 'em all.

So I got Red and Blue. And then I did catch 'em all.

And then Gold and Silver came out. It was amazing. I loved it. Started with Cyndaquil, as my brother, sister, and I had determined who we would choose from the nine-card TCG set we got from Japan. That set has influenced our starter choice from then until now.

Ruby and Sapphire came out. It was exciting, but then I found that GSC couldn't connect. I felt betrayed. I had no access to my old Pokémon. Including my favorite of them all, Typhlosion. Then FireRed and LeafGreen came, and I hoped for remakes of Gold and Silver. They never came for GBA.

Then Diamond and Pearl came. They had the same feel as GSC, since they introduced a lot of new evolutions. And I still hoped for my beloved remakes, especially when there were continuous hints throughout the DP series of the anime.

And then Platinum came. No remakes. I was sad. It came to America. I had fun, starting with a Piplup, the first non-Fire-type starter I'd used since Yellow... But Piplup ultimately didn't fit with my most common type, and I relied on my Blaziken, which I had traded in from Diamond, to do most of the fighting.

And Pokémon Sunday announced the remakes. To this day, I still feel like the Route 29 theme played in DP126 when Ash and his friends are walking with Candice is the result of my request to not just see Route 29 on a Game Boy Color screen, and the repeated appearances of Cyndaquil make me feel like that's very much the case... Others may not think so, but hey, whatever, leave me in my little remake world.

Because hey. I know Midori Harada, and you don't.

More to write?

Not really. Third version's Grey. I'll have a team thing up here then if I'm not sick of the wiki by then.