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This is a list of Theme Decks associated with an English main expansion.

Original Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
Base Set Overgrowth WaterGrass January 9, 1999
Zap! LightningPsychic
Brushfire logo.png Brushfire FireGrass
Blackout WaterFighting
Jungle Logo.png Power Reserve PsychicGrass June 16, 1999
Water Blast WaterFighting
Fossil Logo.png BodyGuard GrassFighting October 10, 1999
LockDown logo.png LockDown FireWater
Base Set 2 Logo.png Grass Chopper FightingGrass February 24, 2000
Hot Water FireWater
Lightning Bug LightningGrass
Psych Out PsychicWater
Team Rocket Logo.png Devastation GrassWater April 24, 2000
Trouble PsychicGrass
Gym Heroes Logo.png Brock Fighting August 14, 2000
Misty Water
Lt. Surge Lightning
Erika Grass
Gym Challenge Logo.png Sabrina Psychic October 16, 2000
Koga Grass
Blaine Fire
Giovanni Fighting

Neo Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
Neo Genesis Logo EN.png Hotfoot GrassFire December 16, 2000
Cold Fusion LightningWater
Neo Discovery Logo EN.png Brain Wave PsychicWater June 1, 2001
Wallop GrassFighting
Neo Destiny Logo EN.png Dark FirePsychic February 28, 2002
Light FightingWater

Legendary Collection Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
Legendary Collection Logo.png Lava FightingFire May 24, 2002
Turmoil LightningWater

e-Card Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
E1 Logo EN.png Echo PsychicColorless September 15, 2002
Electric Garden GrassLightning
E2 Logo EN.png Rock Garden FightingGrass January 15, 2003
Abyss FireWater
E3 Logo EN.png Eeveelution logo.png Eeveelution FireWaterLightning May 12, 2003
Mind Machine logo.png Mind Machine Psychic *

EX Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
EX1 Logo EN.png Ruby FightingFire June 18, 2003
Sapphire WaterGrass
EX2 Logo EN.png Caravan logo.png Caravan GrassFire September 18, 2003
Oasis logo.png Oasis WaterFighting
EX3 Logo EN.png FireFang logo.png FireFang FireWater November 24, 2003
WindBlast logo.png WindBlast GrassLightning
EX4 Logo EN.png Team Magma logo.png Team Magma FireFighting March 15, 2004
Team Aqua logo.png Team Aqua WaterLightning
EX5 Logo EN.png Forest Guardian logo.png Forest Guardian ColorlessGrass June 14, 2004
Wish Maker logo.png Wish Maker PsychicWater
EX6 Logo EN.png FireRed logo.png FireRed WaterFire August 30, 2004
LeafGreen logo.png LeafGreen GrassLightning
EX7 Logo EN.png Jessie logo.png Jessie GrassPsychicFighting November 8, 2004
James logo.png James GrassWaterLightning
EX8 Logo EN.png Starcharge logo.png Starcharge GrassPsychic February 14, 2005
Jetstream logo.png Jetstream FireWaterLightning
EX9 Logo EN.png Hydrobloom logo.png Hydrobloom WaterGrass May 9, 2005
Wildfire logo.png Wildfire LightningFire
EX10 Logo EN.png Golden Sky logo.png Golden Sky FireFighting August 22, 2005
Silvery Ocean logo.png Silvery Ocean GrassPsychic
EX11 Logo EN.png Breakthrough logo.png Breakthrough GrassLightningMetal October 31, 2005
Steeplechase logo.png Steeplechase FireMetal
EX12 Logo EN.png Groundbreaker logo.png Groundbreaker GrassFighting February 13, 2006
Shadowquake logo.png Shadowquake WaterPsychic
EX13 Logo EN.png FireMist logo.png FireMist FireFighting May 3, 2006
FloodRush logo.png FloodRush WaterPsychic
EX14 Logo EN.png Green Cyclone logo.png Green Cyclone Grass August 30, 2006
Storm Surge logo.png Storm Surge WaterLightning
Earth Shower logo.png Earth Shower WaterFighting
EX15 Logo EN.png Shadow Blaze logo.png Shadow Blaze FirePsychic November 8, 2006
Power Wave logo.png Power Wave LightningFighting
EX16 Logo EN.png Dark Blast logo.png Dark Blast FireDarkness February 14, 2007
Mind Game logo.png Mind Game PsychicFighting

Diamond & Pearl Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
DP1 Logo EN.png Terra Firma logo.png Terra Firma GrassDarkness May 23, 2007
Inferno Zone logo.png Inferno Zone FireFighting
Royal Frost logo.png Royal Frost WaterMetal
DP2 Logo EN.png Skull Charge logo.png Skull Charge GrassFighting August 22, 2007
Armor Fortress logo.png Armor Fortress WaterMetal
DP3 Logo EN.png Lavaflow logo.png Lavaflow FireGrass November 7, 2007
Powerhouse logo.png Powerhouse LightningFighting
DP4 Logo EN.png Eternal Time logo.png Eternal Time FightingMetal February 13, 2008
Infinite Space logo.png Infinite Space WaterPsychic
Endless Night logo.png Endless Night FireGrassDarkness
DP5 Logo EN.png Polar Frost logo.png Polar Frost WaterLightning May 21, 2008
Forest Force logo.png Forest Force GrassPsychic
DP6 Logo EN.png Metal Surge logo.png Metal Surge GrassMetal August 20, 2008
Bombardment logo.png Bombardment WaterFighting
DP7 Logo EN.png Raging Sea logo.png Raging Sea WaterGrass November 5, 2008
Dark Rampage logo.png Dark Rampage DarknessFighting

Platinum Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
PL1 Logo EN.png Flourish logo.png Flourish GrassFire February 11, 2009
Rebellion logo.png Rebellion PsychicFighting
PL2 Logo EN.png Cutting Edge logo.png Cutting Edge GrassPsychic May 16, 2009
Drill Point logo.png Drill Point WaterFighting
PL3 Logo EN.png Ignition logo.png Ignition FireGrass August 19, 2009
Overflow logo.png Overflow WaterPsychic
PL4 Logo EN.png Flamemaster logo.png Flamemaster FireGrass November 4, 2009
Stormshaper logo.png Stormshaper LightningPsychic

HeartGold & SoulSilver Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
HS1 Logo EN.png Growth Clash logo.png Growth Clash GrassFighting February 10, 2010
Ember Spark logo.png Ember Spark FireLightning
Mind Flood logo.png Mind Flood WaterPsychic
HS2 Logo EN.png Chaos Control logo.png Chaos Control PsychicFightingDarkness May 12, 2010
Steel Sentinel logo.png Steel Sentinel GrassFightingMetal
HS3 Logo EN.png Nightfall logo.png Nightfall MetalDarkness August 18, 2010
Daybreak logo.png Daybreak PsychicGrass
HS4 Logo EN.png Royal Guard logo.png Royal Guard FightingPsychic November 3, 2010
Verdant Frost logo.png Verdant Frost GrassWater

Call of Legends Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
COL1 Logo EN.png Recon logo.png Recon GrassFire February 9, 2011
Retort logo.png Retort FightingLightning

Black & White Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
BW1 Logo EN.png Green Tornado logo.png Green Tornado GrassPsychic April 6, 2011
Red Frenzy logo.png Red Frenzy FireFighting
Blue Assault logo.png Blue Assault WaterLightning
BW2 Logo EN.png Power Play logo.png Power Play FightingWater August 17, 2011
Toxic Tricks logo.png Toxic Tricks PsychicFighting
BW3 Logo EN.png Fast Daze logo.png Fast Daze GrassFire November 2, 2011
Furious Knights logo.png Furious Knights LightningMetal
BW4 Logo EN.png Explosive Edge logo.png Explosive Edge WaterFire February 8, 2012
Voltage Vortex logo.png Voltage Vortex LightningDarkness
BW5 Logo EN.png Shadows logo.png Shadows DarknessWater May 9, 2012
Raiders logo.png Raiders PsychicDarkness
BW6 Logo EN.png DragonSpeed logo.png DragonSpeed WaterFightingDragon August 15, 2012
DragonSnarl logo.png DragonSnarl PsychicDarknessDragon
BW7 Logo EN.png Ice Shock logo.png Ice Shock WaterLightningDragon November 7, 2012
Cold Fire logo.png Cold Fire WaterFireDragon
BW8 Logo EN.png Plasma Claw logo.png Plasma Claw FireWaterDragon February 6, 2013
Plasma Shadow logo.png Plasma Shadow PsychicGrass
BW9 Logo EN.png Frost Ray logo.png Frost Ray WaterLightning May 8, 2013
Psy Crusher logo.png Psy Crusher PsychicGrass
BW10 Logo EN.png Mind Wipe logo.png Mind Wipe PsychicGrass August 14, 2013
Solar Strike logo.png Solar Strike WaterFire

XY Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
XY1 Logo EN.png Resilient Life PsychicFairy February 5, 2014
Destruction Rush FightingDarkness
XY2 Logo EN.png Mystic Typhoon WaterPsychic May 7, 2014
Brilliant Thunder FireLightning
XY3 Logo EN.png Dark Hammer FightingDarkness August 13, 2014
Enchanted Echo FairyGrass
XY4 Logo EN.png Burning Winds FireGrass November 5, 2014
Bolt Twister LightningWater
XY5 Logo EN.png Earth's Pulse FightingLightning February 4, 2015
Ocean's Core WaterFire
XY6 Logo EN.png Aurora Blast logo.png Aurora Blast WaterFire May 6, 2015
Storm Rider logo.png Storm Rider LightningGrass
XY7 Logo EN.png Iron Tide WaterMetal August 12, 2015
Stone Heart GrassFighting


Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
XY8 Logo EN.png Burning Spark LightningFire November 4, 2015
Night Striker PsychicDarkness
XY9 Logo EN.png Wave Slasher logo.png Wave Slasher WaterGrass February 3, 2016
Electric Eye logo.png Electric Eye LightningPsychic
XY10 Logo EN.png Sky Guardian logo.png Sky Guardian FireFairy May 2, 2016
Battle Ruler logo.png Battle Ruler FightingGrass
XY11 Logo EN.png Gears of Fire logo.png Gears of Fire FireMetal August 3, 2016
Ring of Lightning logo.png Ring of Lightning PsychicLightning
XY12 Logo EN.png Mewtwo Mayhem PsychicFighting November 2, 2016
Pikachu Power LightningGrass

Sun & Moon Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
SM1 Logo EN.png Forest Shadow logo.png Forest Shadow Grass January 20, 2017
Roaring Heat logo.png Roaring Heat FireFighting
Bright Tide logo.png Bright Tide WaterLightning
SM2 Logo EN.png Steel Sun logo.png Steel Sun MetalPsychic May 5, 2017
Hidden Moon logo.png Hidden Moon PsychicFire
SM3 Logo EN.png Rock Steady logo.png Rock Steady FightingPsychic August 4, 2017
Luminous Frost logo.png Luminous Frost WaterFire
SM4 Logo EN.png Destruction Fang logo.png Destruction Fang DarknessPsychic November 3, 2017
Clanging Thunder logo.png Clanging Thunder DragonLightningFighting
SM5 Logo EN.png Imperial Command logo.png Imperial Command Water February 2, 2018
Mach Strike logo.png Mach Strike Fighting
SM6 Logo EN.png Tropical Takedown logo.png Tropical Takedown Grass May 4, 2018
Twilight Rogue logo.png Twilight Rogue FightingPsychic
SM7 Logo EN.png Leaf Charge logo.png Leaf Charge GrassLightning August 3, 2018
Hydro Fury logo.png Hydro Fury WaterFire
SM8 Logo EN.png Blazing Volcano logo.png Blazing Volcano FireGrass November 2, 2018
Storm Caller logo.png Storm Caller Lightning
| SM9 Logo EN.png Relentless Flame logo.png Relentless Flame Fire February 1, 2019
Torrential Cannon logo.png Torrential Cannon Water
SM10 Logo EN.png Lightning Loop logo.png Lightning Loop Lightning May 3, 2019
Battle Mind logo.png Battle Mind FirePsychic
| SM11 Logo EN.png Soaring Storm logo.png Soaring Storm WaterDragonLightning August 2, 2019
Laser Focus logo.png Laser Focus Psychic
SM12 Logo EN.png Towering Heights logo.png Towering Heights Fighting November 1, 2019
Unseen Depths logo.png Unseen Depths Water

Sword & Shield Series

Expansion Logo Name Type Release date
SWSH1 Logo EN.png Rillaboom Theme Deck Grass February 7, 2020
Cinderace Theme Deck Fire
Inteleon Theme Deck Water
SWSH2 Logo EN.png Zacian Theme Deck Metal May 1, 2020
Zamazenta Theme Deck Metal
SWSH3 Logo EN.png Galarian Darmanitan Theme Deck Water August 14, 2020
Galarian Sirfetch'd Theme Deck Fighting
SWSH4 Logo EN.png Charizard Theme Deck Fire November 13, 2020
Drednaw Theme Deck Water

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