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Flamemaster logo.png
PL4 Flamemaster Deck.jpg
Box art
Expansion Arceus
Release date November 4, 2009
Types used FireGrass

The Flamemaster Theme Deck from the Arceus expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Fire-type and Grass-type Pokémon. Each Theme Deck is packaged with a 60-card deck, damage counters, a custom coin, a rulebook, a card list, and a single-player mat.


Make your opponent feel the burn as Fire Arceus unleashes its Bright Flame attack, and keep the damage coming with the Trainer card Energy Restore as you race toward victory! Bring Tangrowth into the equation and inflict some tag-team trouble on already weakened Pokémon with its devastating Swallow Up attack or use Leaf Guard to both defend and attack at the same time. Only those who play with fire can become the Flamemaster!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Arceus Fire Rare Holo
Cherrim Grass Rare
Cherubi Grass Common
Grovyle Grass Uncommon
Ponyta Fire Common
Rapidash Fire Uncommon
Sceptile Grass Rare
Tangela Grass Common
Tangrowth Grass Rare
Treecko Grass Common
Bebe's Search Su Uncommon
Cynthia's Feelings Su Uncommon
Luxury Ball T Uncommon
Potion T Common
Professor Oak's Visit Su Uncommon
Switch T Common
16× Grass Energy Grass E
Fire Energy Fire E


  • The Non Holofoil version of Tangrowth is exclusive to this deck.

In other languages

Language Title
Germany Flag.png German Flammenherrscher
Italy Flag.png Italian DomaFiamme
Spain Flag.png Spanish Maestro de Llamas

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