Endless Night (TCG)

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Endless Night logo.png
DP4 Endless Night Deck.jpg
Box art
Expansion Great Encounters
Release date February 13, 2008
Types used FireGrassDarkness
Coin DPRD Silver Palkia Coin.png

The Endless Night Theme Deck from the Great Encounters expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Fire-type, Grass-type, and Darkness-type Pokémon. Each Theme Deck is packaged with a 60-card deck, damage counters, a custom coin, a rulebook, a card list, and a single-player mat.


Get ready for the next Pokémon breakthrough—with Darkrai on your team, the opposition will fear the dark! Slipping from the shadows, Darkrai's Sleep Hole attack lulls your enemies to sleep, then hits them with a powerful impact where they lie! Loaded with Darkness, Fire, and Grass Pokémon at the ready, the Endless Night theme deck will make sure you have victory at hand against any opponent!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Darkrai Darkness Rare Holo
Cacturne Darkness Uncommon
Cacnea Grass Common
Beedrill Grass Rare
Kakuna Grass Common
Weedle Grass Common
Houndoom Darkness Rare
Houndour Fire Common
Slugma Fire Common
Zangoose Colorless Uncommon
Quick Ball T Uncommon
Energy Search T Common
Potion T Common
Leftovers T Uncommon
Amulet Coin T Uncommon
Roseanne's Research Su Uncommon
10× Grass Energy Grass E
Fire Energy Fire E
Darkness Energy Darkness E

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Nuit sans fin
Germany Flag.png German Endlose Nacht
Italy Flag.png Italian Notte Perpetua
Spain Flag.png Spanish Noche Interminable

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