Raging Sea (TCG)

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Raging Sea logo.png
DP7 Raging Sea Deck.jpg
Box art
Expansion Stormfront
Release date November 5, 2008
Types used WaterGrass
Coin DP7 Green Energy Coin.png

The Raging Sea Theme Deck from the Stormfront expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Water-type and Grass-type Pokémon. Each Theme Deck is packaged with a 60-card deck, damage counters, a custom coin, a rulebook, a card list, and a single-player mat.


When you play with the Raging Sea theme deck, crashing waves mean the tide is turning in your favor! The ever-powerful Gyarados thrives on causing serious disruption in your opponent's forces. Its Dragon Beat attack gives you the chance to discard an Energy card from each of your opponent's Pokémon—leaving those Pokémon low on resources and running for higher ground! And watch as Sceptile becomes your favorite new ally with its Slice Drain attack—it does big damage and then heals itself with every impact! Unleash the Raging Sea theme deck and you'll ride out the storm on top!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Gyarados Water Rare Holo
Magikarp Water Common
Sceptile Grass Rare
Grovyle Grass Uncommon
Treecko Grass Common
Abomasnow Water Rare
Snover Water Common
Bibarel Water Uncommon
Bidoof Colorless Common
Finneon Water Common
Potion T Common
Switch T Common
Mom's Kindness Su Uncommon
Energy Switch T Uncommon
Dusk Ball T Uncommon
Luxury Ball T Uncommon
15× Water Energy Water E
Grass Energy Grass E


  • The Cosmos Holofoil version of Gyarados is exclusive to this deck.
  • The Non Holofoil version of Sceptile is exclusive to this deck.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Mer Déchaînée
Germany Flag.png German Tosende See
Italy Flag.png Italian Mare Furioso
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mar Furioso

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