Psy Crusher (TCG)

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Psy Crusher logo.png
BW9 Psy Crusher Deck.jpg
Box art
Expansion Plasma Freeze
Release date May 8, 2013
Types used PsychicGrass
Coin BW9 Blue Deoxys Coin.png

The Psy Crusher Theme Deck from the Plasma Freeze expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Psychic-type and Grass-type Pokémon. Each Theme Deck is packaged with a 60-card deck, damage counters, a custom coin, a rulesheet, a card list, a deckbox, a two-player mat, and a TCGO code card.


Mash your opponents' minds with mental might when you play the Psy Crusher theme deck! Use Leafeon's Energy Crush attack to turn the power of opposing Pokémon on themselves, and make sure no Pokémon can escape when you unleash Cofagrigus's Elongating Arms attack! Espeon keeps the reinforcements coming with Psy Alert, and Muk deals damage and heals itself. Then, when Beedrill Confuses and Poisons using Swift Sting, it won't take a mind-reader to know that the shattered remnants of the forces facing you have been crushed!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Leafeon Grass Rare Holo
Leafeon Grass Rare
Espeon Psychic Uncommon
Eevee Colorless Common
Cofagrigus Psychic Rare
Yamask Psychic Common
Beedrill Grass Rare
Kakuna Grass Uncommon
Weedle Grass Common
Treecko Grass Common
Metang Psychic Uncommon
Beldum Psychic Common
Muk Psychic Rare
Grimer Psychic Common
Staravia Colorless Uncommon
Starly Colorless Common
Team Plasma Ball I Uncommon
Team Plasma Grunt Su Uncommon
Shadow Triad Su Uncommon
Pokémon Communication I Uncommon
Potion I Common
Energy Retrieval I Uncommon
Energy Search I Common
Superior Energy Retrieval I Uncommon
10× Psychic Energy Psychic E
Grass Energy Grass E


  • The Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Leafeon is exclusive to this deck.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Écrasement Psychique
Germany Flag.png German Psypresse
Italy Flag.png Italian Assedio Mentale
Russia Flag.png Russian Умственная Блокада Umstvennaya Blokada
Spain Flag.png Spanish Asedio Mental

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