Metal Surge (TCG)

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Metal Surge logo.png
Expansion Legends Awakened
Types used GrassMetal
Coin DP6 Brown GliscorMewtwo Coin.png

The Metal Surge Theme Deck from the Legends Awakened expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game focuses on Grass and Metal type Pokémon. Like other Theme Decks, Metal Surge includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, single-player mat and card list.


Harness the strength of a volcano with the Metal Surge theme deck. Heatran's Smelt Poké-Power will help get it fully loaded, then for each Metal Energy it has, it cranks the damage into overdrive with its Heavy Metal attack. For the final encore, bring out Metagross to call down its devastating Extra Comet Punch attack. Besides doing hefty damage the first time you use it, that power gets doubled on the next! With the Metal Surge theme deck, you'll have the competition surging... to run away!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Heatran Metal Rare Holo
Metagross Metal Rare
Metang Metal Uncommon
Beldum Metal Common
Yanmega Grass Rare
Yanma Grass Common
Ledian Grass Uncommon
Ledyba Grass Common
Meowth Colorless Common
Pineco Grass Common
Buck's Training Su Uncommon
Cynthia's Feelings Su Uncommon
Technical Machine TS-1 T Uncommon
Poké Radar T Uncommon
Energy Search T Common
Potion T Common
14× Grass Energy Grass E
10× Metal Energy Metal E


  • The Cosmos Holofoil version of Heatran is exclusive to this deck.
  • The Non Holofoil versions of Metagross and Yanmega are exclusive to this deck.

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