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Ryan Jackson aka "Red Soldier"
Age 15
Gender Male
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Trainer class Pokémon trainer


im black, i live in Houston, Texas (aka H-TOWN) and im 15 years old.

How i got into Pokémon

im new to this website, but i been a fan of Pokémon since 2000. the first Pokémon episode i saw was the very first one. After episode 3, i was officially a fan of Pokémon and, after 8 years, i still am a fan today.


my favorite shippings are:

my favorite Pokémon stuff is the Original series, the Generation I and II games, i think the Lass lass looks sexy in all games except Generation II games and Ruby and Sapphire, the card game on the Game Boy, and i like to watch parodies of the series.

i have seen the episode that caused hell in Japan, it doesnt do anything to me.

my hobbies are skateboarding, playin the guitar, playin video games, and watchin tv.

more stuff about me iz down there

About me

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i also like rap, if u hate rap i really dont give a f%*# so dont put stuff like "omg i hate rap" on my discussion page cuz anything like it will be DELETED


Pokémon Diamond
i only have 6 badges so i got 2 more to go, heres my team in Pokémon Diamond as of October 12, 2008:

  • my friend traded me a Pichu hatched from an egg that know Volt Tackle, and then it evolved into Pikachu.
  • i got my Chatot from the kid who trades it to you in Eterna City

Pokédex: Seen 108, Caught 57.

Pokémon Caught at Moves
Spr 4d 441.png
Chatot♀, Lv.31
Normal Flying
Link trade
Met at Lv. 7
Aerial Ace Flying
Defog Flying
Fly Flying
Steel Wing Steel
Spr 4d 075.png
Graveler♂, Lv.33
Rock Ground
Iron Island
Met at Lv. 30
Earthquake Ground
Fire Blast Fire
Rock Climb Normal
Strength Normal
Spr 4d 423E.png
Gastrodon♂, Lv.31
Water Ground
Route 213
Met at Lv.21
Surf Water
Water Pulse Water
Body Slam Normal
Rain Dance Water
Spr 4d 025 m.png
Pikachu♂, Lv.35
Route 222
Met at Lv.1 (hatched from egg as a Pichu)
Thunderbolt Electric
Thunder Electric
Rock Smash Fighting
Volt Tackle Electric
Spr 4d 447.png
Riolu♂, Lv.26
Veilstone City (egg hatched)
Met at Lv. 1
Force Palm Fighting
Reversal Fighting
Endure Normal
Counter Fighting
Spr 4d 389.png
Torterra♀, Lv.48
Grass Ground
Lake Verity
Met at Lv.5
Cut Normal
Earthquake Ground
Crunch Dark
SolarBeam Grass

what i use

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Games & Anime

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(i lost my Pokémon Yellow but then i got another one from GameStop)
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♥ Girls i love ♥

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