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A hello from a chaotic evil post-mortal

visit my livejournal Lamenting Nonsense

Random info about me

  • my starters have always been fire types
  • I do not like Blaziken
  • I have been playing the pokémon games since Gold
  • I love the dragon trainers outfit in D/P (DRAMATIC CAPE SWISH)
  • I have a habit of being beaten by the first gym leader (though this was broken in D/P)
  • I call Cyrus either Richard (because he looks like Richard Kruspe) or by his Japanese name Akagi
  • I would wear the team galaxy uniform as casual wear, especially the pants
  • When I watch the pokémon anime i spend alot of time criticizing some of the trainer strategies, especially Satoshi's
  • I have played and "beat" (in a sense) Pokémon Channel
  • I have a basic understanding of japanese
  • I <3 cyborgs

In training

This is the group I am trying to train for various purposes, many are my favorites and ones I like. most of the pokemon I train I classify as berzerkers so they are usually sweepers or tanks I very raely use buff moves though I will occasionally make exceptions; I prefer if the pokemon can learn a decent number of different type attacks as well. Usually I go for neutral natures so if they don't have a neutral nature I may train a new one with a neutral nature

if their name has a star that means I am working on them

Pokémon Nature Held Item Ability Moves
Serious Wide Lens Pressure
Night Slash
Ice Punch
Brick Break
Aerial Ace
Bashful Leftovers Sturdy
Iron Head
Naughty N/A Steadfast
Psycho Cut
Drain Punch
Leaf Blade
Night Slash
*Flora Mask
Careful Meadow Plate Poison Point
Sludge Bomb
Giga Drain
Magical Leaf
Petal Dance
Docile Wise Glasses Levitate
Shadow Ball
Perish Song
N/A N/A Keen Eye
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
Zen Headbutt
Brick Break
N/A N/A Insomnia
Shadow Ball
Faint Attack
N/A N/A Immunity
Crush Claw
Aerial Ace
Poison Jab
N/A N/A Snow Cloak
Shadow Ball
Ominous Wind
N/A N/A Sand Veil
N/A N/A Technician
Metal Claw
Aerial Ace