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A Pokémon Hoarder is a 10-year-old Trainer who has effectively managed to catch all Pokémon according to the Pokédex he possesses. As such, he is likely to possess very high level Pokémon, because obviously some that he has caught are very rare and/or powerful.

Moreover, a Pokémon Hoarder is someone who only lives to get more and more Pokémon and Pokémon-related items, and who will not let go of anything Pokémon he gets his hand on. Pokémon Hoarders are extremely dangerous kids who grew much too early by being given an enormous source of power by irresponsible adults, who were lucky enough to be easily trusted by Pokémon, and who relies solely on his own Pokémon to provide for his everyday needs.

Pokémon Hoarders are know for : - their tremendous fortune acquired by winning Pokémon battles or robbing/attacking people and/or wealthy institutions - their high consumption of Pokémon PC storage room - their regret that there aren't any more available boxes - their high knowledge of the Pokémon world - the minutious care they provide to their Pokémon - their involvement in epic battles such as gym/league/territory domination battles or the capture of legendary Pokémon - the radical defiance they show for moral principles and laws of any kind

Pokémon Hoarders are rare; but wherever you hear a story about a strange 10-year-old kid who hasn't talked to anyone else but Pokémon and Pokémon nurses, never refuses a challenge, is able to draw out every single species of Pokémon you can think of from their belt and is always looking for new ideas to spend their money and find rare Pokémon, you can be sure there's a wannabe Pokémon Hoarder in town.

Your average Pokémon Hoarder