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It all started when I was roaming around Bulbapedia, and I saw how good the graphics were compared to my Emerald Version/LeafGreen Version. So I got real jealous and thought to myself; Should I spend about $200 on the game and system, or should I look on the internet and find an Emulator. Well sure enough with this economy, I choose the Emulator. It is not as bright as it being played on a real DS, but you get my drift. Just to fore-warn you; I am not going to give any information about what Emulator I used, or where I got it from. I am not going to advertise it, so tough luck trying to find an Emualtor if you don't want to spend $200 on the full Platinum Version and a DS, or a DSi. (Which I am going to get a DSi, before SoulSilver gets released into North America!)

Party (as of July 11, 2009 8:45 pm)

Spr 4p 398 m.png Poké Ball summary IV.png STARAPTOR Lv. 60
Normal Flying
HP 190 Sp.Atk 95
Atk 173 Sp.Def 81
Def 104 Speed 146
Brave Bird Fly
Defog Close Combat
OT Collin, ID No. 56488 None
Spr 4p 475.png Great Ball summary IV.png GALLADE Lv. 70
Psychic Fighting
HP 177 Sp.Atk 121
Atk 203 Sp.Def 183
Def 124 Speed 140
Psychic Thunderbolt
Close Combat Psycho Cut
OT Collin, ID No. 56488 Mind Plate
Spr 4p 445 m.png Great Ball summary IV.png GARCHOMP Lv. 70
Dragon Ground
Sand Veil
HP 250 Sp.Atk 132
Atk 212 Sp.Def 145
Def 177 Speed 184
Crunch Dragon Rush
Earthquake Rock Smash
OT Collin, ID No. 56488 Dragon Fang
Spr 4p 407 m.png Poké Ball summary IV.png ROSERADE Lv. 60
Grass Poison
Natural Cure
HP 147 Sp.Atk 176
Atk 122 Sp.Def 146
Def 105 Speed 124
Giga Drain Cut
Energy Ball Grass Knot
OT Collin, ID No. 56488 Big Root
Spr 4p 136.png Poké Ball summary IV.png FLAREON Lv. 61
Flash Fire
HP 153 Sp.Atk 153
Atk 197 Sp.Def 164
Def 103 Speed 117
Strength Flamethrower
Iron Tail Overheat
OT Collin, ID No. 56488 None
Spr 4p 395.png Poké Ball summary IV.png EMPOLEON Lv. 60
Water Steel
HP 188 Sp.Atk 167
Atk 134 Sp.Def 126
Def 149 Speed 110
Surf Rock Climb
Waterfall Flash Cannon
OT Collin, ID No. 56488 Metal Coat

I'm not done with this, but it will be getting updated as much as Bulbapedia allows me to.