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With each generation of Pokémon there are always new things and changes introduced for better or worse. I've seen several things before that I always thought should have been different in each generation. Maybe the changes that should be made are Pokémon types, move sets, or maybe simply how items are used.

If you have any suggestions or others ideas that should be added to the list then leave a comment on the talk page, thank you. ♥

Generation I

Generation II

Generation III

Generation IV

  • The trade at Snowpoint City, trading a Medicham for Haunter would have been the same except Haunter would not be holding Everstone.
  • The Shinx evolution line would be Electric / Dark types.

Generation V

Generation VI

  • The Goomy evolutionary line would be Dragon/Fairy instead of just Dragon.
  • Milotic would have a Mega Evolution.
  • Klefki's Signature move; Fairy Lock would prevent all Pokémon that are not of the Fairy-type from leaving or switching out until Klefki is knocked-out or switched out.
  • Hold Hands would raise the Attack and Special Attack of both Pokémon by 1 stage.

Generation VII