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Current Status: Infrequent

Things about me

Hi, I am Sher-e-Bengal (Japanese:ベンガルトラ; Hindi:बंगाल का शेर; Bengali:বাংলাৱ বাঘ). I have been into Pokémon since 2003, about the time the franchise first came into India. Since the first episode itself, I became a huge fan of the Pokémon anime. It was much later that I came into the online Pokémon world. I became a member of Pokémon Crater and remained almost addicted to it for a year and a half before it closed down. Finally, I came to Bulbapedia in 2008, and have remained a fairly active member since.

In Bulbapedia, I mainly contribute to the anime articles like the location pages and the COD pages. It is only recently that I have started playing the games, and started contributing to the games articles. I am a former Project Leader of Project Games.

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