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I've been working on teams for Pokémon Battle Revolution for a while, mostly to deal with the difficulties of the Courtyard Colosseum's second challenge (my record is somewhere in the 80s or low 90s, if I remember right). Since Battle Revolution has virtually no limits on what you can and can't use, I've done what most Trainers would do and made a team of Legendaries (and, as I've found out the hard way, a properly trained common Pokémon can wipe the floor with any Legendary...). I've had to use my Action Replay many times to get the ultimate movesets, but it seems I may need to do a little more tweaking with the team's mechanics. This is what I've come up with so far:

Groundlord's gold coloration in Battle Revolution shows his place as the head of the team. He can one-shot just about any challenger with Earthquake or Sacred Fire, and the two Elemental Punches are there to help deal with any Flying types he faces. Drought eliminates the problems of the fog that sometimes rolls in at the start of a match. Virtually the only problems he's ever faced in the Courtyard Colosseum are the Alakazams who use the Trick/Flame Orb combo (the burn severely reduces his ability to do damage, and the process of healing in the Courtyard Colosseum make it hard to get that Flame Orb off of him) and the Houndooms (they ALWAYS seem to have Solarbeam and enough Special Attack to one-shot Groundlord).
Ho-Rainbow is Groundlord's main partner. Not only does he have immunity to Earthquake, but he also has several moves that take advantage of the guaranteed sunlight. I'm starting to consider swapping Heat Wave for Follow Me, since there's hardly ever TWO targets getting hit (Groundlord's faster, so his move usually knocks one out); it would help deal with the Flame Orbs and Houndooms.
Diachronos is mostly there to take over as a Special Attack user in case Ho-Rainbow drops, but that doesn't mean he's no good at dishing out pain. He has Spacial Rend for STAB against types he can't trump and Ice-resistant Dragon-types; Ice Beam and Psychic offer protection from Ground and Fighting types. Aura Sphere is there mainly to give him more versatility (plus I just love the move, especially the animation).
BlackCloud is here to give Groundlord a little more freedom to use Earthquake (previous teams had only Ho-Rainbow as a useful partner, and him being KO'd severely diminished the team's effectiveness, so I decided another Flying type was needed), as well as being a physical sweeper. Shadow Force gives him a poweful attack to use against many Pokémon, as well as another defense for his double-Ice weakness. Brick Break gives some trumping ability against Rock and Ice types, and ThunderPunch helps against Water-types. Dragon Claw is solely for STAB if there isn't another move that would be more effective (Might replace it if I can find a better move).
Kyroceanar is kind of a "filler"; I didn't really know what I wanted to put in that slot, so I decided to just use him. Ice Beam is standard for my Water-types (as Grass protection), and Earth Power makes a good substitute for Earthquake due to Kyroceanar's high Special Attack. Muddy Water is a replacement for Surf, since hurting the other party members isn't a good idea in the Courtyard Colosseum, and Thunder is there just to take advantage of Drizzle.
Deoxyribot replaces the Attack Form Deoxys I was using previously (Deoxyribos; for some reason he couldn't dish out as much damage as he should have...Maybe his moveset needs some changes). His high Defense stats combined with Recover and the Leftovers make him hard to take out, and Aromatherapy virtually eliminates the threat of most status conditions. Since I'm bad at guessing what kind of move the opponent is going to use, Counter and Mirror Coat don't do damage very often, but they pack a hell of a punch when they connect.

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