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What I'm working on

  • PokéDex entries
  • BerryDex entries
  • MoveDex entries
  • Anime page entries

Of course I mainly know about the things for the Pokedex entries, since that is the main part, and I also know a few things about berries and a bit about different moves and whatnot for the MoveDex. One day, this website may be complete, but it will be hard, because every once in a while, right when you start to know everything about Pokemon, they come out with NEW stuff. They're tricky they are. ;)

A little Bit about me

I'll just say that I live in Ontario,Canada. I have been following Pokémon since I was like 4. I've done it all, watched the shows, played the games, read the books and traded the trading cards, and I never get tired of it. That Satoshi Tajiri was a genius when he invented Pokémon. Well...thats pretty much me, the rest is kinda in my user templates... down there...




way at the bottom...

Other great Pokémon websites

Special Dedication

Because one of my favorite Pokemon is Eevee, I have decided to dedicate this entire section to Eevee,it's evolutions and all of their awesomeness. Eevee is a great Pokemon and has the record for the most evolutions. As a bonus, it and all of its evolutions are cute.♥ So here I have all of its evolutions to show you that.

First evolution First evolution First evolution
Water Stone Thunderstone Fire Stone
First evolution
Sun Shard
Moon Shard
First evolution
Level up in ↓
Eterna Forest
Level up on
Route 217
First evolution First evolution

So there you have it,eight of my favorite Pokemon.♥

My User Tags

Alright you found them!...I'm so good at giving directions aren't I? Well here they are...

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