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Umberto (Japanese: タドコロ Tadokoro) is a character of the day who appeared in Shell Shock!.

Umberto was a strange old man who lived on Fukuhara Island No. 4 where a Kabuto Dome Fossil was found. When Nurse Joy brought an excavation crew to help her find more Fossils, he decided to do everything he could to get rid of them. His method of choice was to dislodge giant boulders from a cliff and make them fall on them. His intention was not to hurt them but merely to scare them away.

Soon, Ash and his friends spotted him and chased after him. When they caught up with him, he explained that if the Kabuto Fossils were disturbed, a red moon would appear and the island would be swallowed by the sea. Nurse Joy ignored his warning and continued to dig up the Fossils.

Soon, Umberto's prediction came true. The red moon appeared, causing the Kabuto Fossils to come back to life. Nurse Joy then realized that the island must have formed around the Kabuto Fossils. Because they were being revived, the island began to fall apart. The boats were also on the other side of the island which meant that no one could escape. Umberto then told them to go to the forest to build rafts. With the help of Ash and Misty's Water-type Pokémon and the rafts, they all escaped the island.

Nurse Joy later apologized to Umberto for ignoring his warning.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 飯塚昭三 Shōzō Iizuka
English Scottie Ray
Arabic مروان فرحات Marwan Farhat
European French Daniel Nicodème
Hebrew שלמה סדן Shlomo Sadan
Italian Tony Fuochi
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Andrzej Arciszewski
Brazilian Portuguese Sílvio Giraldi
European Spanish Daniel Dicenta


  • Although it was not actually stated in the episode, Umberto's name was revealed via the episode's summary on a Topps Trading Card.
    • The name also appears in the episode's summary on the booklet included within the 2008 Italian DVD relesae for the second season.

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