Pokémon Trading Cards series 3

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A packet of Pokémon trading cards series 3
A comparison between a non-foil, Silver foil card and Rainbow foil card

Pokémon Trading Cards series 3 was a set of Pokémon cards manufactured by Topps in 2000. There were 72 cards in total: 34 Pokémon cards, 12 "Heroes & Villains" cards, 19 episode cards, 6 puzzle cards, and a checklist card. Each of these 72 cards also had two foil card versions (silver and rainbow). In addition, there were 27 bonus "chase cards" not included on the checklist, including 12 die-cut embossed evolution cards, 10 pop-up cards, and 5 clear cards.

Cards were sold in randomly distributed packets of five or eight[1]. One card in each packet would be a randomly chosen foil card. Packs containing rainbow foil cards were distinguished by an oval "Special Collector's Edition" stamp; the boxes the packs came in also featured the same stamp.

A French, Italian, and Spanish series 2 set also included cards from both this set and the series 2 set. This set is characterized by a round Nintendo seal, as opposed to the oval Nintendo seal. Cards used from the series 2 set include all Pokémon (#77-117) and Heroes & Villains cards (HV1-5); cards used from series 3 include all Pokémon (#118-151) and episode cards (OR1-19). The set contained no chase cards.

Topps' 75th Anniversary card set from 2013 featured stamped buyback cards, confirmed to include some cards from Series 1, Series 3 & Pokémon First Movie. These are cards that Topps bought from the secondhand market via the buyback program and stamped with a gold "Topps 75th" logo. Some of the cards that were from Series 3 in the 75th Anniversary set include: HV6 Pikachu (silver foil), HV6 Pikachu, P03 (non-foil)

Collecting summary

Set Example front No. of cards Cards each pack Packs needed to finish
Non holo Topps Series 3 151.png 72/72 cards 6 out of 8 cards each pack 12 packs
Smooth silver foil Topps series 3 silver 151.jpg 72/72 cards 1 out of 8 cards each pack* 72 packs
Smooth rainbow foil Topps series 3 rainbow 151.jpg 72/72 cards 1 out of 8 cards each pack* 72 packs
Diecut cards Topps series 3 ev06.jpg 12/12 cards 1 every 12 packs 144 packs
Pop-up cards Topps Series 3 popup9.png 10/10 cards 1 every 6 packs 60 packs
Clear cards Topps Series 3 PC7.png 5/10 cards 1 every 9 packs 45 packs
*Depends if it is a Silver or Rainbow foil booster pack.

Cards in series 3


Set # Front Pokémon Back Back text
118 Topps Series 3 118.png Goldeen Topps series 3 118 back.jpg Goldeen's tail fin billows out like a ballroom dress — hence its nickname, the Water Queen. In "Pokémon Emergency" Ash and Pikachu prepare to defend the Viridian City Pokémon Center from the thieving Team Rocket. Misty steps forward, chooses a random Poké Ball from the center and lets loose Goldeen. Since water Pokémon can't battle on land, an embarrassed Misty calls it right back, while Team Rocket laughs at the mistake of our valiant heroine.

First appearance: Episode 2 — "Pokémon Emergency"
119 Topps Series 3 119.png Seaking Topps series 3 119 back.jpg Seaking is the second stage of evolution for Goldeen. During the autumn spawning season, they can be seen majestically moving through rivers and creeks. In "The Misty Mermaid" Misty participates in a water ballet at the Cerulean City Gym with her three sisters. In the ballet, Misty plays a beautiful mermaid who swims through the sparkling oceans with her faithful Goldeen, Seel and Seaking, until the nefarious Team Rocket shows up!

Episode 63 — "The Misty Mermaid"
120 Topps Series 3 120.png Staryu Topps series 3 120 back.jpg Staryu is an enigmatic Pokémon that can effortlessly regenerate any appendage lost in battle. In "Clefairy and the Moonstone" Ash, Misty and Brock meet Seymour, a Pokémon researcher in search of the legendary Moonstone. Our heroes find the Moonstone in the hands of a cute Clefairy, but Team Rocket's Meowth steals the precious rock! Misty calls out her Staryu and, with a swift and powerful water-gun attack, Meowth ends up all wet!

First appearance: Episode 6 — "Clefairy and the Moonstone"
121 Topps Series 3 121.png Starmie Topps series 3 121 back.jpg Starmie is the second and final stage of evolution for Staryu. Starmie's central core glows like a rainbow, and some value it as a gem for jewelry. As the fourth sister of the Cerulean City Gym, Misty uses her Starmie to battle Ash's Pidgeotto for another badge in, "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City." Ash is about to win when Team Rocket arrives. Our heroes join forces with Misty's three Cerulean sisters to thwart the villains.

First appearance: Episode 7 — "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City"
122 Topps Series 3 122.png Mr. Mime Topps series 3 122 back.jpg If interrupted while miming, Mr. Mime will slap its enemy with its broad hands. In "Mr. Mime Time" Ash and the gang meet Stella, a young ringmaster from a Pokémon circus, who is frustrated that her Mr. Mime refuses to perform. Brock — in an attempt to impress Stella — disguises Ash as Mr. Mime to make the real Pokémon jealous. But, when Team Rocket steals Mr. Mime, they discover that it is Ash in disguise!

First appearance: Episode 66 — "Mr. Mime Time"
123 Topps Series 3 123.png Scyther Topps series 3 123 back.jpg With ninja-like agility and speed, Scyther can cast multiple illusions of itself. In "Showdown at Dark City" our band of heroes are thrown headfirst into a war between two unofficial Pokémon gyms. The Kaz Gym uses the powerful Electabuzz to rampage the city, while the Yas Gym uses the praying mantis-like Scyther to wreak havoc. Pikachu discovers that Scyther is affected by bright colors, so ketchup is poured on its head to distract it!

First appearance: Episode 42 — "Showdown at Dark City"
124 Topps Series 3 124.png Jynx Topps series 3 124 back.jpg Jynx seductively wiggles its hips as it walks, and it has the power to make people dance with it. In "Holiday Hi-Jynx" Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket all discover a Jynx lost in the wild, clutching tightly to a big black boot. The Jynx telepathically says that it is Santa Claus' right hand Pokémon, and that the boot belongs to Santa himself! A wild race to the North Pole follows, as Jynx and the lost boot are reunited with Santa.

First appearance: Episode 67 — "Holiday Hi-Jynx"
125 Topps Series 3 125.png Electabuzz Topps series 3 125 back.jpg Normally found near power plants, Electabuzz can wander away and cause major blackouts in cities. In "Showdown at Dark City" two warring Pokémon gyms and their trainers, the Yaz and the Kaz overrun the town. The Kaz Gym uses the high-voltage Electabuzz to cause all sorts of pandemonium. Ash arrives in the deserted city and is hit with rocks thrown by the locals, who are not fond of any Pokémon trainers.

First appearance: Episode 42 — "Showdown at Dark City"
126 Topps Series 3 126.png Magmar Topps series 3 126 back.jpg Magmar's body always burns with an orange glow, which enables it to hide among flames. In "Riddle Me This" Ash and Blaine, the riddling Pokémon Gym trainer from Cinnabar Island, are locked in fiery combat. In the explosive final conflict, Blaine lets loose his super-hot and super-rare Magmar to do battle against Pikachu. Since Pikachu is no match for Magmar, Ash wisely chooses to surrender rather than lose his best friend.

First appearance: Episode 58 — "Riddle Me This"
127 Topps Series 3 127.png Pinsir Topps series 3 127 back.jpg If Pinsir fails to crush its victim in its pincers, it can swing the unlucky creature around and toss it toward the horizon. In "Challenge of the Samurai" Ash and his new found Pokémon friends encounter a Pokémon trainer dressed as a regal Samurai. The mysterious trainer challenges Ash to a Pokémon battle and unleashes his monstrous Pinsir upon our intrepid hero and his novice Pokémon.

First appearance: Episode 4 — "Challenge of the Samurai"
128 Topps Series 3 128.png Tauros Topps series 3 128 back.jpg When Tauros targets an enemy, it charges furiously while striking the opponent with its long tails. In "The Flame Pokémon-ahton" Team Rocket hatches a foul plot that causes a herd of corralled Tauros to stampede and run amok. Ranch owner Lara Laramie tries to stop them, but she falls from her Ponyta and sprains her ankle. Because she can no longer ride, Ash enters the race and eventually wins the Pokémon-athon.

First appearance: Episode 33 — "The Flame Pokémon-athon"
129 Topps Series 3 129.png Magikarp Topps series 3 129 back.jpg Magikarp is a far weaker Pokémon than those it descended from. In "The Battle Aboard the St. Anne" Jessie, James and other Team Rocket agents attempt to steal dozens of Pokémon aboard a luxurious Pokémon-filled cruise ship. During their scheming, James uses his and Jessie's salary bonuses to purchase a gold-colored Poké Ball containing the almost useless Magikarp — and Jessie is not happy.

First appearance: Episode 15 — "The Battle Aboard the St. Anne"
130 Topps Series 3 130.png Gyarados Topps series 3 130 back.jpg Gyarados is the second evolutionary stage for Magikarp. These vicious, snake-like Pokémon are rarely seen in the wild and are capable of destroying entire cities in a rage. In "Pokémon Shipwreck" heroes and villains lie stranded at sea on a makeshift raft. James berates his seemingly useless Magikarp and kicks it overboard. The water Pokémon turns into a monstrous Gyarados and attacks with a powerful Dragon Rage.

First appearance: Episode 18 — "Pokémon Shipwreck"
131 Topps Series 3 131.png Lapras Topps series 3 131 back.jpg Over the years, this telepathic and rare water Pokémon has been hunted to near extinction. One of its abilities is to ferry people across large bodies of water. In "Holiday Hi-Jynx" Ash and friends are on a crusade to return a delinquent Jynx to its jolly owner at the North Pole — Santa Claus! The journey by sea is hampered by the slowness of Misty's Pokémon, but Santa sends Lapras to help.

First appearance: Episode 67 — "Holiday Hi-Jynx"
132 Topps Series 3 132.png Ditto Topps series 3 132 back.jpg Ditto is capable of copying an enemy's genetic code to instantly transform itself into an exact duplicate of anything or anyone. In "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion" Ash and friends meet Duplica, a Pokémon trainer trying to fix up her House of Imitae. The house's main attraction is Duplica's Ditto — even though it has trouble completing its transformations. Team Rocket then steals Ditto and threatens it until its transformations are perfect.

First appearance: Episode 37 — "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion"
133 Topps Series 3 133.png Eevee Topps series 3 133 back.jpg Eevee's genetic code is irregular, and it may mutate if exposed to radiation from elemental stones. In "The Battling Eevee Brothers" Ash and friends find an Eevee tied to a tree. They notice its tag and promptly return it to its owner, Michael, whose three brothers are forcing him to make the Pokémon evolve. After a confidence-building battle against Team Rocket, Michael decides to let Eevee just be itself.

First appearance: Episode 40 — "The Battling Eevee Brothers"
134 Topps Series 3 134.png Vaporeon Topps series 3 134 back.jpg Vaporeon is an Eevee that has been exposed to a Water Stone. It lives close to the water, and its long, ridged, finned tail is often mistaken for a mermaid's. In "The Battling Eevee Brothers" one of Michael's older brothers' favorite water Pokémon is a Vaporeon. He tells Michael that he should use a Water Stone to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon. But when Team Rocket arrives, Vaporeon is defeated quickly by Ekans and Koffing.

First appearance: Episode 40 — "The Battling Eevee Brothers"
135 Topps Series 3 135.png Jolteon Topps series 3 135 back.jpg Jolteon is an Eevee that has been exposed to a Thunder Stone. It accumulates negative ions in the atmosphere to blast out 10,000-volt lightning bolts. The second of Michael's brothers in "The Battling Eevee Brothers" tries to get him to use a Thunder Stone on Eevee. He even tries to give Ash the Thunder Stone to make Pikachu into Raichu! Team Rocket, however, just wants to steal the stones and sell them!

First appearance: Episode 40 — "The Battling Eevee Brothers"
136 Topps Series 3 136.png Flareon Topps series 3 136 back.jpg Flareon is an Eevee that has been exposed to a Fire Stone. When storing thermal energy in its body, its temperature can soar to over 1,600 degrees. The third of Michael's brothers, in "The Battling Eevee Brothers" tries to convince him to use the Fire Stone on Eevee to make it into Flareon. When Team Rocket attempts to use all three stones on Eevee at once, Ash, Misty, Brock, Michael and his brothers foil their plans.

First appearance: Episode 40 — "The Battling Eevee Brothers"
137 Topps Series 3 137.png Porygon Topps series 3 137 back.jpg As with the Pokémon Dragonite, there is very limited knowledge available for the "Virtual Reality" Pokémon called Porygon. Dexter has this information in the Pokédex: Porygon is a Pokémon that consists entirely of programming code, and it is capable of moving freely in cyberspace.

First appearance: Ash has not yet encountered a Porygon.
138 Topps Series 3 138.png Omanyte Topps series 3 138 back.jpg Although long extinct, in rare cases Omanyte can be genetically re-created from fossils. In "Mystery at the Lighthouse" Ash, Misty and Brock are told by Professor Oak to stop by and see Bill, the Pokémon researcher, during their travels. Inside his lighthouse, hundreds of pictures of living and extinct Pokémon adorn the walls and doors. Included is a picture of Omanyte. Ash will meet a real Omanyte sooner than he thinks.

First appearance: Episode 13 — "Mystery at the Lighthouse"
139 Topps Series 3 139.png Omastar Topps series 3 139 back.jpg Omastar, the second evolutionary stage for Omanyte, is a prehistoric Pokémon that became extinct when it's heavy shell made it impossible to catch prey. In "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon" Ash and friends engage in a Pokémon fossil hunt. As Ash digs deeper into the canyon floor, the ground falls in beneath him. He plummets into an underground cave and finds himself surrounded by legions of extinct Omastar and Omanyte!

First appearance: Episode 46 — "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon"
140 Topps Series 3 140.png Kabuto Topps series 3 140 back.jpg Kabuto is an extinct Pokémon that can be re-created from an ancient fossil. In "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon" Ash is trapped beneath the surface of a great canyon in a giant gave. As he stares into the cave, many glowing eyes from Kabuto and Kabutops stare back! These rock Pokémon don't like strangers, and they quickly chase Ash and the gang throughout the caverns of underground cave!

First appearance: Episode 46 — "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon"
141 Topps Series 3 141.png Kabutops Topps series 3 141 back.jpg Kabutops is the second evolutionary stage for Kabuto. It slashes prey with its claws and drains the bodily fluids. Its sleek shape is perfect for swimming. In "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon" as Ash and friends try to escape from the cave, Team Rocket gets lost inside it. With Jessie leading the way and James whining about the darkness, the evil trio are chased by the ancient Pokémon in another madcap race through the cave!

First appearance: Episode 46 — "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon"
142 Topps Series 3 142.png Aerodactyl Topps series 3 142 back.jpg Aerodactyl is a ferocious perhistoric Pokémon that goes for the enemy's throat with its saw-like fangs. In "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon" Ash is confronted with long-thought extinct Pokémon — Omastar, Omanyte, Kabuto, Kabutops and the terrifying Aerodactyl. The pterodactyl-like creature grabs Ash and is about to turn him into a snack — until the newly evolved Charizard rushes to his aid and settles the score with Aerodactyl.

First appearance: Episode 46 — "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon"
143 Topps Series 3 143.png Snorlax Topps series 3 143 back.jpg This Pokémon is very lazy — it just eats and sleeps. As its mass builds, it becomes even lazier. In "Wake Up, Snorlax" Ash and the gang hungrily enter a small village — only to find that there is no food! The river has been dry for weeks and no one knows why. Our gang discovers a giant Snorlax plugging up the water flow, but they can't get it to move. Help from a hermit and his Pokémon whistle saves the day — and lunch too!

First appearance: Episode 41 — "Wake Up, Snorlax"
144 Topps Series 3 144.png Articuno Topps series 3 144 back.jpg Articuno is a legendary bird Pokémon, which is said to appear to doomed people who are lost in icy mountains. Of all the legendary birds, this is the only one — either real or mechanical — that has never been seen by any Pokémon trainer or breeder. It truly lives up to the description, "legendary."

First appearance: Ash has not yet encountered an Articuno.
145 Topps Series 3 145.png Zapdos Topps series 3 145 back.jpg Zapdos is a bird Pokémon that is said to appear from the clouds, while dropping enormous lightning bolts. In "Island of the Giant Pokémon" Ash, Misty and Brock wander around a deserted island looking for their lost Pokémon and encounter a huge Zapdos screeching above! Little did they know that the Zapdos is a giant robotic Pokémon!

First appearance: Episode 17 — "Island of Giant Pokémon"
146 Topps Series 3 146.png Moltres Topps series 3 146 back.jpg Moltres is known as the legendary bird of fire. Every flap of its wings creates a dazzling array of flames. In "Island of the Giant Pokémon" heroes and villains lose their Pokémon. In a desperate and difficult search for Arbok and Weezing, a gigantic robotic Moltres plagues Team Rocket, who huddle in a telephone booth for shelter. No one realizes that Pokémon Island is a theme park run by Team Rocket's notorious Boss!!!

First appearance: Episode 17 — "Island of Giant Pokémon"
147 Topps Series 3 147.png Dratini Topps series 3 147 back.jpg Dratini were considered mythical Pokémon until recently, when a small colony was found living underwater. In "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion" Jessie, James and Meowth promise their Boss that they will capture Dratini, and prove that they are not failures. They attempt to steal Ditto — who can mimic Dratini — but are defeated by Ash and Pikachu. In the end, Team Rocket puts on a poorly made Dratini costume to try and fool The Boss!

First appearance: Ash has not yet encountered a Dratini
148 Topps Series 3 148.png Dragonair Topps series 3 148 back.jpg The rare and resilient Dragonair is the second evolutionary stage of Dratini. According to the Pokédex, Dragonair is a mystical Pokémon that exudes a gentle aura. It has the ability to change the climate conditions surrounding its body. The gentle Dragonair and Dratini are elusive Pokémon that escaped cataloging for many years. Someday, a young Pokémon trainer will locate one of these fragile creatures.

First appearance: Ash has not yet encountered a Dragonair
149 Topps Series 3 149.png Dragonite Topps series 3 149 back.jpg An extremely rare Pokémon, Dragonite has almost human-like intelligence and is the final stage of evolution for Dratini. In "Mystery at the Lighthouse" Bill, the Pokémon researcher, tells Ash, Misty and Brock about Dragonite — a Pokémon he has been searching for all his life. Outside, a huge shadow appears through the fog, answering Bill's Pokémon summons. Is it Dragonite? No one will ever know, as Team Rocket scares the creature away.

First appearance: Episode 13 — "Mystery at the Lighthouse"
150 Topps Series 3 150.png Mewtwo Topps series 3 150 back.jpg Scientists, who manipulated the DNA of Mew, genetically created Mewtwo. In "Mewtwo Strikes Back" the powerful Mewtwo summons the best Pokémon trainers in the world to test their skills against his cloned Pokémon. Pokémon battle Pokémon clones, until Mew arrives to face Mewtwo. Ash leaps between the two Pokémon in order to save everyone, but dies trying. When all of the Pokémon begin to cry, their tears magically bring Ash back to life!

First appearance: Pokémon The First Movie: "Mewtwo Strikes Back"
151 Topps Series 3 151.png Mew Topps series 3 151 back.jpg Mew is so rare that many experts consider it to be a mirage, as only a few people have seen it. In "Mewtwo Strikes Back" Mewtwo wreaks havoc across the world and awakens the small psychic Pokémon, Mew. A playful little creature, Mew observes others but doesn't get involved, until it discovers the horrible things that Mewtwo is doing. Mew confronts its genetic clone, and a destructive battle of psychic energy begins.

First appearance: Pokémon The First Movie: "Mewtwo Strikes Back"

Heroes & Villains

These cards are a continuation of the Heroes & Villains cards introduced in series 2. As of such, they are numbered beginning with #6 to form a continuous set.

Set # Front Character Back Back text
HV6 Topps Series 3 HV6.png Pikachu Topps series 3 HV6 back.jpg If Pikachu could talk, oh, the "tails" that it would tell. Since the very beginning, Pikachu has never left the side of its loyal trainer and best friend, Ash. From the devious schemes of the bumbling Team Rocket to the frightening temple of Mewtwo, Pikachu has fought proudly and bravely to protect Ash and the rest of its friends from harm.
HV7 Topps Series 3 HV7.png Misty Topps series 3 HV7 back.jpg The lover of all things "cute," Misty is one of Ash's and Brock's most loyal friends. Misty is an accomplished water Pokémon trainer, who hails from Cerulean City. She is also one of the Water Flowers of the Cerulean Gym! Misty is the only girl amongst our heroes and is usually the one with the best ideas and most logical solutions to get the gang out of trouble. Too bad the boys hardly ever listen to her!
HV8 Topps Series 3 HV8.png Brock Topps series 3 HV8 back.jpg Poor Brock...he falls in love with every girl he meets. Too bad they all turn him down! Brock also has a great love for Pokémon and Pokémon breeding. He left his home at the Pewter City Gym to join Ash on his Pokémon journey. As he left the Gym, Brock decided to devote his life to becoming the world's greatest Pokémon breeder!
HV9 Topps Series 3 HV9.png Meowth Topps series 3 HV9 back.jpg Meowth is the only Pokémon that can speak English, which has its advantages. Meowth not only schemes and plans with its partners , the notorious Team Rocket, but it can also translate for humans what Pokémon are saying to each other! Meowth would like to think that it's in charge of Team Rocket's devious operations, but it is usually the one to get the villains into trouble the fastest.
HV10 Topps Series 3 HV10.png Butch Topps series 3 HV10 back.jpg If there is one thing that Jessie and James don't like, it's competition. Butch and Cassidy are big competition. In "The Breeding Center Secret," a Pokémon salon and boarding house is opened. When Pokémon leave, not only will they be refreshed, but they will be evolved too! The secret owners of the salon are Butch and Cassidy – members of the notorious Team Rocket organization, who want to steal all of the Pokémon!
HV11 Topps Series 3 HV11.png Tracey Sketchit Topps series 3 HV11 back.jpg On the journey to the beautiful Orange Islands, Ash and Misty meet up with Tracey Sketchit, a Pokémon water. Tracey is a skilled artist and, if he isn't sharing Pokémon adventures with the gang, he is off documenting and sketching as many Pokémon as he can find. Tracey has three Pokémon: a Marill, a Venonat and a Scyther. This terrific trio helps Tracey in his quest to sketch every Pokémon in the world.
HV12 Topps Series 3 HV12.png Professor Oak Topps series 3 HV12 back.jpg Professor Oak is the top Pokémon researcher in the world. As Ash's mentor, he supports Ash's endeavor to become the world's greatest Pokémon master and gave Ash his first Pokémon – Pikachu. In the Orange Islands, Professor Oak helps Ash, Tracey and Misty during their journeys. Tracey idolizes the professor, on consideration that Professor Oak is not only the top Pokémon researcher, but also the top Pokémon watcher!
HV13 Topps Series 3 HV13.png Lapras Topps series 3 HV13 back.jpg Upon their arrival to the Orange Islands, Ash and Misty stumble upon a group of mean-spirited kids taunting a young Lapras. It turns out that the baby Lapras was separated from its family. Ash and Misty come to Lapras' aid, and a Pokémon battle ensues. After some harrowing adventures with Ash, Misty, Tracey Sketchit and the terrible Team Rocket, Lapras lets Ash catch it and a new friendship is made.
HV14 Topps Series 3 HV14.png Snorlax Topps series 3 HV14 back.jpg In an adventure on the Grapefruit Island, Ash, Misty and Tracey find themselves in trouble when a hungry Snorlax begins eating all of the grapefruits in the yearly crop. Nana, the owner of the grapefruits, is none-too-happy about this. Tracey suggests they ask Jigglypuff to put Snorlax back to sleep. After Jigglypuff sings, Snorlax falls asleep and Pikachu hits it with a Thundershock attack, allowing Ash to capture it.
HV15 Topps Series 3 HV15.png Marill Topps series 3 HV15 back.jpg Being a Pokémon detective is an unusual job, but not for Marill. As part of Tracey's trio of Pokémon, Marill has the amazing ability to use its over-sized ears as a type of sonar or radar. If Marill is searching for someone in a dense forest, it just listens silently. A rustle, a breath or a sneeze – even a hundred yards away – will be picked up by its sensitive hearing.
HV16 Topps Series 3 HV16.png Nurse Joy Topps series 3 HV16 back.jpg If your Pokémon are feeling under the weather, don't bother with a veterinarian – come to Nurse Joy. The always-helpful Nurse Joy (and all of her identical cousins and sisters) is the resident Pokémon medical expert in the world. Ash, Misty and Brock stop by and visit the innumerable Nurse Joys in their Pokémon centers whenever they arrive in a new town in order to heal their Pokémon and get a good night's rest.
HV17 Topps Series 3 HV17.png Officer Jenny Topps series 3 HV17 back.jpg Because of the noble Officer Jenny (and all of her identical cousins and sisters), Pokémon trainers around the world can sleep safely in their beds at night. Always on patrol, the lovely Officer Jenny is the first at any crime scene...but usually the last to solve any crimes. Ash and the gang have often teamed up with an Officer Jenny to thwart the nefarious Team Rocket more times than Pikachu could zap Ash!

Episode cards

Much like the episode cards in series 2, there are nineteen episode cards in series 3. The series 3 cards, rather than continuing from where the series 2 cards stopped, instead feature Orange Islands episodes.

Set # Front Title Back Back text
OR1 Topps Series 3 OR1.png The Lost Lapras Topps series 3 OR1 back.jpg Everyone is sent to Valencia Island to get a GS Ball from Professor Ivy. After a Jigglypuff encounter, they land on Tangelo Island, where they see some boys abusing an injured Lapras. Tracey Sketchit, a Pokémon watcher, steps in to help defend the Lapras - with Ash's help. The infant Pokémon doesn't trust humans - and being captured by Team Rocket doesn't help! After rescuing Lapras, all decide to travel the Orange Islands.
OR2 Topps Series 3 OR2.png Fit To Be Tied Topps series 3 OR2 back.jpg On Mikan Island, Ash gets ambushed by a young boy who turns out to be the Mikan gym leaders little brother. Once Ash finally meets the gym leader, Cissy, he challenges her to a battle and discovers that Orange Island battles are waged with skill and not direct fighting. After three challenging events take place, Ash wins in the end and is awarded with the Coral-eye Badge!
OR3 Topps Series 3 OR3.png Pikachu Re-Volts Topps series 3 OR3 back.jpg On Mandarin Island, Pokémon become extremely mean and start disobeying their masters. When Pikachu runs off, Ash and friends join up with Officer Jenny to discover who the culprit is. After much searching, our heroes learn that Butch and Cassidy have amplified a Drowzee's hypnosis to control all the Pokémon! In a shocking move, Jessie and James team up with our heroes and overthrow their evil rivals.
OR4 Topps Series 3 OR4.png The Crystal Onix Topps series 3 OR4 back.jpg On Sunburst Island, Ash meets Mateo, a crystal sculptor who's searching for the Crystal Onix. Tracey's Marill uses it's super hearing to locate the Onix and, with Team Rocket on their heels, they arrive at a crystal cave. A Pokémon battle ensues with Mateo's Charmeleon weakening the Onix. When a spark of inspiration from the Crystal Onix hits Mateo's heart, his sculptures become some of the most beautiful ever.
OR5 Topps Series 3 OR5.png In the Pink Topps series 3 OR5 back.jpg A gigantic whirlpool shoots our gang to Pinkan Island, a Pokémon sanctuary where all of the Pokémon are pink from eating the rare Pinkan berries! As usual, Team Rocket attempts to steal the Pokémon, but they anger a Nidoking instead. Just as everyone is about to be crushed, the Nidoking mysteriously falls. Misty thinks that Togepi was waving its arms in what appeared to be a Metronome attack. Has Togepi learned Metronome? Only time will tell.
OR6 Topps Series 3 OR6.png Shell Shock! Topps series 3 OR6 back.jpg The gang arrives on an island where a Kabuto fossil has been found, and travel into a dense forest. They meet a man named Umberto, who proclaims that they shouldn't disturb the Kabuto. Our heroes find a cave of fossils but in a strange twist, they discover that entire island is constructed of Kabuto! When the Kabuto awaken, the island begins to sink! Our heroes escape, and the legend of the Kabuto continues.
OR7 Topps Series 3 OR7.png Stage Fight! Topps series 3 OR7 back.jpg On a Pokémon showboat, Ash and friends meet Kay and her shy Raichu. Raichu won't perform, and Ash is asked to help build Raichu's confidence. When Team Rocket arrives and tries to steal all the Pokémon, the tension rises. Raichu steps up to help and, with a Megapunch attack, sends Team Rocket blasting off again. With newfound confidence, Kay and Raichu perform and a great time is had by all.
OR8 Topps Series 3 OR8.png Bye Bye Psyduck Topps series 3 OR8 back.jpg While taking a break from their travels, Misty's Psyduck is lost. As everyone searches, Misty meets Marina, who finds Psyduck and notices its glowing tail – a sign that it might evolve. Misty accepts Marina's Pokémon challenge and a Psyduck vs. Psyduck battle is suggested. However, Psyduck is again missing. When a Golduck appears and helps Misty win, they think that it's her evolved Psyduck, until they find Misty's Pokémon sleeping!
OR9 Topps Series 3 OR9.png The Joy of Pokémon Topps series 3 OR9 back.jpg Our heroes follow a small rowboat to an island where they find a huge stranded Magikarp. They are about to push it into the ocean, but a muscular Nurse Joy stops them. This Nurse Joy is the Orange Island's nurse and she treats Pokémon that cannot reach any centers. They lend Nurse Joy a hand but Team Rocket shows up and Magikarp evolves into Gyarados to aid our heroes in thwarting the villains.
OR10 Topps Series 3 OR10.png Navel Maneuvers Topps series 3 OR10 back.jpg While crossing the beach of Navel Island, Ash finds a sign instructing all badge candidates to climb Snow Mountain – without help from any Pokémon. When Ash reaches the top, the gym trainer Danny reveals the climb was just a test. The competition begins and, although Team Rocket shows up during the games, Ash defeats the villains and goes on to victory! Winning two out of three events, Ash is awarded the Sea Ruby Badge!
OR11 Topps Series 3 OR11.png Snack Attack Topps series 3 OR11 back.jpg On Grapefruit Island, our heroes admire the really huge grapefruits. Then, a woman runs towards them, calling them thieves! Ash explains and all is forgiven. Later, a workman announces the existence of a real grapefruit thief, and it's none other than Snorlax! Nothing stops the munching of the hungry Pokémon, until Jigglypuff sings Snorlax to sleep. With Snorlax weakened, Ash leaps into action and catches it!
OR12 Topps Series 3 OR12.png A Shipful of Shivers Topps series 3 OR12 back.jpg On Moro Island, an ancient Orange League trophy is brought up from the bottom of the ocean. Team Rocket steals it but gets caught the next morning. The villains escape – only to end up, along with our heroes on a ghost ship. Haunter and Gastly inhabit the ship; it is their job to protect the trophy, which was originally won by their captain, a Pokémon Master, many years ago.
OR13 Topps Series 3 OR13.png Meowth Rules! Topps series 3 OR13 back.jpg Jessie and James are separated from Meowth, who lands on an island during a ceremony celebrating the coming of a Meowth from the skies! The natives worship Meowth like a god. They request Meowth perform Pay Day – an attack that creates coins. However, Meowth has spent all of its training time learning to talk, so it can't learn Pay Day! After the natives become restless, Jessie, James and Meowth reunite and then escape.
OR14 Topps Series 3 OR14.png Tracey Gets Bugged Topps series 3 OR14 back.jpg On Murcott Island, our heroes encounter a solitary, injured Scyther, and they take it to the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy tells the gang that this Scyther used to lead a swarm, but a younger Scyther took over. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is busy capturing the Scyther swarm after they cut off Jessie's hair! Sensing danger, the wounded Scyther bursts from the Center and rushes to help. After the battle, the old Scyther agrees to go with Tracey.
OR15 Topps Series 3 OR15.png A Way Off Day Off Topps series 3 OR15 back.jpg Our heroes take a break and let all of their Pokémon out to relax, but Scyther and Charizard have a hard time getting to know one another. Team Rocket is also taking a break, and when the villains see the heroes relaxing, they jump into action. As the battle climaxes, Charizard and Scyther join in and send Team Rocket blasting off again. With victorious pride, Charizard and Scyther finally acknowledge each other's skills.
OR16 Topps Series 3 OR16.png The Mandarin Island Miss Match Topps series 3 OR16 back.jpg While on Mandarin Island, Ash learns that Prima, one of Orange Island's best trainers, is there as well. When they meet, Prima won't battle. Angered, Ash challenges a passer-by and uses Charizard who, as usual, doesn't listen. Prima uses Slowbro and brings down Charizard. Finally, Prima agrees to battle Ash, and after he loses she gives him some advice: if he listens to his heart and the heart of his Pokémon, he will be a great Pokémon Master.
OR17 Topps Series 3 OR17.png Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon? Topps series 3 OR17 back.jpg While passing through a quaint little village, Ash and company meet Ralph and Emily, two Nidoran owners. Maria, Emily's Nidoran, and Tony, Ralph's Nidoran, are desperately in love. Unfortunately, Emily and Ralph are bitter enemies. Tony and Maria continue to sneak away to be together, while Misty tries to get the two owners to fall in love. When Misty fails, and a sinister plan by Team Rocket is foiled, Ralph and Emily decide to let their Nidoran live happily ever after.
OR18 Topps Series 3 OR18.png Git Along, Little Pokémon Topps series 3 OR18 back.jpg On Mandarin Island, Ash and friends discover a flock of Magnemite amidst an electrical storm, who are capturing and storing the lightning. A cowboy named Ethan relates that he uses the Magnemite to store energy to power the smaller towns. Team Rocket decides that by capturing all of the Magnemite, they can control all of the electricity in the world! With Ash commanding Pikachu and Ethan's Magnemite, Team Rocket blasts off again!
OR19 Topps Series 3 OR19.png The Mystery Menace Topps series 3 OR19 back.jpg In the city of Trovitopolis, our heroes find themselves in an underground tunnel, where a mysterious creature captures Ash's Bulbasaur. The conceited Mayor wants the sewer creature destroyed, but our heroes realize that it may be a new Pokémon, and attempt to safely capture it. They discover that it's just an oversized Bulbasaur, in need of some company. Apparently, Bulbasaur was abandoned by its master for not evolving, and that master is none other than the Mayor himself!

Puzzle cards

The full front puzzle featuring Pikachu and its friends
The full back puzzle featuring the Team Rocket trio
Set # Front Front description Back
P01 Topps Series 3 P01.png Pikachu with apple Topps Series 3 P01 back.png
P02 Topps Series 3 P02.png Charmander and Pikachu painting Topps Series 3 P02 back.png
P03 Topps Series 3 P03.png Pokémon and Poké Ball balloons Topps Series 3 P03 back.png
P04 Topps Series 3 P04.png Pikachu brushing its teeth Topps Series 3 P04 back.png
P05 Topps Series 3 P05.png Squirtle and Pikachu Topps Series 3 P05 back.png
P06 Topps Series 3 P06.png Charmander and Pikachu singing Topps Series 3 P06 back.png


Set # Front Title Back Back text
CL Topps Series 3 checklist.png Checklist Topps series 3 CL back.jpg All different cards of the set with checkmark boxes

Chase cards

Die-cut Embossed Cards

There are 12 die-cut embossed evolution cards in the set, representing four three-stage evolutionary lines. The image of each Pokémon and the Pokémon logo are embossed.

Set # Front Back Pokémon
EVO1 Topps series 3 ev01.jpg Topps series 3 ev01 back.jpg Weedle
EVO2 Topps Series 3 EVO2.png Topps series 3 ev02 back.jpg Kakuna
EVO3 Topps series 3 ev03.jpg Topps series 3 ev03 back.jpg Beedrill
EVO4 Topps series 3 ev04.jpg Topps series 3 ev04 back.jpg Gastly
EVO5 Topps Series 3 EVO5.png Topps series 3 ev05 back.jpg Haunter
EVO6 Topps series 3 ev06.jpg Topps series 3 ev06 back.jpg Gengar
EVO7 Topps Series 3 EVO7.png Topps series 3 ev07 back.jpg Nidoran♀
EVO8 Topps series 3 ev08.jpg Topps series 3 ev08 back.jpg Nidorina
EVO9 Topps series 3 ev09.jpg Topps series 3 ev09 back.jpg Nidoqueen
EVO10 Topps series 3 ev10.jpg Topps series 3 ev10 back.jpg Machop
EVO11 Topps series 3 ev11.jpg Topps series 3 ev11 back.jpg Machoke
EVO12 Topps series 3 ev12.jpg Topps series 3 ev12 back.jpg Machamp

Pop-up cards

There are 10 pop-up cards in the set. Each pop-up card has an image of a Pokémon or human character which can be punched out and then propped up using the rest of the card for support.

Set # Front Back Character
P1 Topps Series 3 popup1.png Topps series 3 p1 back.jpg Ash
P2 Topps Series 3 popup2.png Topps series 3 p2 back.jpg Pikachu
P3 Topps Series 3 popup3.png Topps series 3 p3 back.jpg Tracey
P4 Topps Series 3 popup4.png Topps series 3 p4 back.jpg Misty
P5 Topps Series 3 popup5.png Topps series 3 p5 back.jpg Team Rocket
P6 Topps Series 3 popup6.png Topps series 3 p6 back.jpg Marill
P7 Topps Series 3 popup7.png Topps series 3 p7 back.jpg Psyduck
P8 Topps Series 3 popup8.png Topps series 3 p8 back.jpg Bulbasaur
P9 Topps Series 3 popup9.png Topps series 3 p9 back.jpg Charizard
P10 Topps Series 3 popup10.png Topps series 3 p10 back.jpg Squirtle

Clear cards

Like the Heroes & Villains cards, the clear cards in series 3 are numbered in continuation with the clear cards from series 2.

Set # Front Back Pokémon
PC6 Topps Series 3 PC6.png Topps series 3 pc6 back.jpg Venonat
PC7 Topps Series 3 PC7.png Topps series 3 pc7 back.jpg Mew
PC8 Topps Series 3 PC8.png Topps series 3 pc8 back.jpg Togepi
PC9 Topps Series 3 PC9.png Topps series 3 pc9 back.jpg Scyther
PC10 Topps Series 3 PC10.png Topps series 3 pc10 back.jpg Lapras



  • Various cards contain capitalization errors or minor spelling or grammatical errors.
  • On #125 Electabuzz, "Yas" is misspelled as "Yaz".


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