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Shouldn't the Kecleon shops in the main town of the PMD games have a bit more of a mention? Aren't they also Kecleon Shops. Turtwig A (talk | contribs) 15:26, 12 December 2009 (UTC)

I added some info for the town shops. It could probably still be expanded upon though. And if anyone deems it worthy of removing any of the tags, please do so. --Jared 05:00, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

What if...

What if an enemy Pokemon took an item from the shop, and you used a mug orb on it? Would it count as theft? Flyingtypefan 02:40, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

I did a bit of testing in Red rescue team, and it appears that enemy Pokémon won't pick up items in a Kecleon Shop. Someone else might want to test Time, Darkness, or Sky to see if it's different. --Jared 05:02, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

The WiiWare Games

The shop is in the town in the WiiWare games (seen [1] at 1:40 and 2:50). If anyone has any of the games it would be nice to get some more info on here, but since they're only available in Japan I realize that might not happen. --Jared 08:06, 16 October 2010 (UTC)


Why is this classified as an incomplete stub? I can't tell whether it's fully complete, but it looks nothing like a stub to me. Could I remove the stub template? ~~ Scyther Be Awesome! Need something? 21:08, 22 April 2011 (UTC)

Pure Seeds

If someone were to pick up all of the merchandise in a Kecleon shop and then eat a pure seed before leaving, could they escape as they would have one turn to inspect the ground before Kecleon attacks and use the stairs? Kingsurskit (talk) 21:33, 18 April 2013 (UTC)

Yes. I've tried this and can confirm that it even works in Gates to Infinity. Note that sometimes Kecleon will spawn in the room with the stairs, but this can usually be solved with a Foe-Hold Orb. Sometimes it will also be standing right on the stairs, though, meaning you'll have to wait for it to get out of the way or defeat it. If your attack/special attack isn't high enough to damage Kecleon, you can also either use 7 blast seeds (Kecleon has around 328 HP which I found by using Curse on it) or hit it with a one-hit knockout attack (optionally after the use of an Encouragement Seed).
DuckyDragon (talk) 02:39, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

False Team Member Glitch Requires More Research

Despite the False Team Member Glitch being listed as present in Blue / Red Rescue Team only, I have experienced the glitch in Explorers of Time (I can submit video proof if required). The glitch was triggered by a Graveler using Selfdestruct near a Kecleon Shop in Crystal Crossing. --ShadowAviation (talk) 21:23, 23 May 2013 (UTC)

What about the weather?

In PMD Blue / Red Rescue Team Kecleon can faint because of the bad weather (sandstorm, hail). The items inside shop still belong to kecleon, and if you take them and exit the shop kecleon will start to spawn (you can't pay for them, even if you want to, because kecleon from the shop is gone). I haven't tested this in other PMD series. (Sorry for the mistakes, I'm new here)Kwazar (talk) 09:44, 24 June 2014 (UTC)

I got an image of Super Mystery Dungeon.

(Still can't upload it though; why are the archives treated differently from the -pedia? And what's there to edit on the archives?) Unowninator (talk) 16:35, 8 July 2016 (UTC)

Uploaded it here a:File:Kecleon Shop dungeon PSMD.jpg. Thank you for uploading. :) How do you take pictures like that by the way? --Raltseye prata med mej 19:07, 8 July 2016 (UTC)
Push the home button, go to miiverse & write a Play Journal entry. Unowninator (talk) 19:13, 8 July 2016 (UTC)
For a start, you can add {{Anipng}} to all the Gen 4 and 5 sprites that are not animated in the archives. --Bluetails (talk) 03:00, 9 July 2016 (UTC)
Uh, what does that have to do with anything? Unowninator (talk) 04:02, 9 July 2016 (UTC)
for your information, add {{Animated}} To Category:Black and White sprites and Category:Black and White back sprites
Sorry it's {{Animated}} Not {{Anipng}}--Bluetails (talk) 09:47, 10 July 2016 (UTC)