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Hey there! I'm Scyther Be Awesome, known on other parts of teh interwebz as: kittie93 or katplayer. I mostly just run around Bulbapedia welcoming new users, making miscellaneous edits, fixing weird sentences, adding tiny bits of info, etc.. I often get over-excited about potential edits, so if I make weird mistakes, I'd appreciate being told. But, I try my best to do what I can to improve the community. Unless I'm editing a page on the mainspace, I'll usually just not bother with the accented e. And I tend to seethe with rage every time someone creates a new account. That generally means I have to go put the welcome template on their talk page and not eat yummy food for the next thirty seconds.

Real-World Info

I'm a 17-year old girl who got into Pokemon nearly ten years ago when I found a translucent purple Game Boy Color with a copy of Pokemon Gold and a player's guide under the Christmas tree. Since then, I've owned nearly every main series game there was. I'm only missing Pearl, now. I've also owned both Pinball games and Mystery Dungeons Blue, Darkness, and Sky. I also remember, a long time ago, having the TCG game. And losing all the time, but whatever.


I'm going to go in chronological order here.

Pokemon Gold

I can't remember much about my original play through of this game (besides thinking the guy at the Bug Catching Contest who holds your pokemon was actually a Team Rocket Grunt), but I do recall three of my pokemon:

Spr 2g 157.png Spr 2g 196.png Spr 2g 018.png
Typhlosion Espeon Pidgeot
fire psychic flying

I wound up with Cyndaquil after restarting the game multiple times before using that nifty save feature for once (honestly, I'm surprised I understood anything about the game at all). I probably caught a Pidgey because it was the first pokemon I ran into after having access to Pokeballs, and I probably got an Eevee from Bill. I also have reason to believe I was a cheater and used Articuno and Zapdos on my team, probably caught in my Red version. I distinctly remember having a level 100 Articuno, so it might have been in there.


And after I spent about twenty minutes trying to understand tables, I decided to just steal the team template used for trainers in-game and adapt it for myself. Here's my SoulSilver team. I play as Ethan because Lyra looks weird.

They also happen to have nicknames, I just couldn't find a place for them in the template. They are as follows:
Typhlosion: Kristoph
Ampharos: Apollo
Nidoqueen: Valant
Pidgeot: Miles
Poliwrath: Colias
Dragonite: Klavier

The observant would note that they're all named after Ace Attorney characters (and some have the wrong genders, but heck.).

And here's a funny story about Colias. When he was just a lowly poliwag, I entered the Bug Catching Contest with him, hoping to find a Scyther for my team. I was nearing the 20-minute mark when I decided to settle for a Butterfree, so maybe I could at least win. Well, I did, and I named the Butterfree Palaeno (making Colias Palaeno on my team) and used him on my team until about Victory Road, where his sub-par stats as a Butterfree just weren't cutting it anymore. So, he was replaced by Klavier, the Extremespeed Dratini from the Dragon's Den.


The template is too bothersome right now, so I'll just dump their species and names:

Empoleon: Pippy
Torterra: Torterra
Infernape: Infernape
Luxray: Shinxie
Salamence: Salamence
Garchomp: Gibby

Torterra and Infernape I got off the GTS, and Salamence was migrated from an Emerald save file I'd stopped playing.

And upon typing that, I realized I have a real problem with Ice.


Eh. I have a Simisage named Cotyledon, a Seismitoad named Metaphibian, a Musharna named Taxis, a Zebstrika named Ion, an Unfezant named Orinthia, and an Embroar named Pokabu.


As for all my other teams, putting them up is a work in progress (AKA, I'm just too lazy right now.). Anyway, I'm writing up some tasks here for myself, so I don't lose pages and so I always have some work to do.

  • Watch and write synopses of anime episodes for this.
  • Work on descriptions for Lookalike items.
  • Click on random page and search it for errors.

Info For Me

This section is just stuff I need to keep in mind in the games.

Will's first pokemon: Bronzong (Steel/Psychic)
Koga: Skuntank (Posion/Dark)
Bruno: Hitmontop (Fighting)
Karen: Weavile (Ice/Dark)
Lance: Salamence (Level 72!!!!)

I... really need to train...

My Signatures

First: ~~ Scyther Be Awesome! Bother me here.

For B/W: ~~ Scyther Be Awesome! Need something?


And now I leave you with some random thoughts, which tend to be added with every edit:

  • ... Tate is a boy!?
  • Why is Lugia part psychic, anyway?
  • Why are so many grass-types part poison?
  • How is Doduo a flying type, when it doesn't have wings?
  • I bet if I were a pokemon, I'd be a Mareep.
  • I name shiny pokemon shiny.
  • Andrew Volpe is my hero.
  • I want it with whipped cream on it.
  • I'm hungry.