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I quit Pokken, but am always up for Smash Bros Ultimate. If you want to play me, just say the word.

Pokemon related accomplishments

My Pokemon related accomplishments include:

My personal trivia

Random things I noticed

  • All of the Iron-Masked Marauder Pokemon, including Celebi have a quadruple weakness.
  • Spoink's badge bounces a bit in the Badge Arcade, whereas nothing else moves in its machine.
  • Hyperspace Fury is the only non Z-move move that breaks Protect which can hit all types.
  • RioLucariolu
  • Darkrai is the only Technical Pokkén character without a Mega evolution or a weakness against Ghost attacks.
    • It is also the only non-Ghost type that can go through walls without an item in Mystery Dungeon.
  • By giving Stunfisk an Air Balloon, it becomes the only Dual-typed Pokémon immune to both of its STABs.
  • Onix is the only Gigantic Pokémon that can still evolve.
  • The playable Pokemon in every Special episode is either pure Grass or pure Normal (not counting Igglybuff's eventual type change)
  • Torracat is the only starter Pokemon to have a stat drop when it evolves.
  • In Pokémon Yellow, the game corner slots use Team Rocket's Pokemon.
  • Sandshrew and Sandslash are the only Pokemon not to share any weaknesses with their Alolan forms.

Random opinions I have

  • Shaymin being in Giratina's Shuffle stage may be a reference to the movie.
  • Chandelure's attacks piercing guards in Pokken may be a reference to its Infiltrator ability, which ignores Barriers & Substitutes.
  • Uxie having Mind Zap is a reference to its ability to erase memories.
  • Being able to enter the Safari Zone in Yellow without paying was added to prevent players from trapping themselves in case they spent all their money on Ultra Balls or something.
  • Mr. Mime & Magmar can have Follow Me in Pokémon Quest, a homage to their purification moves in XD.