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Warning! Page contain loads of animated sprites!

Folders I created:
User:Bluetails/List of episodes aired in Singapore
User:Bluetails/4gen Sprites

I'm a orange, two-tailed, curious, adventurous, floatable, orange weasel. I can't talk, so I have to rely on the keyboard to communicate.
I've joined bulbapedia since March 2016 and I been actively contributing since April 2016. However, recently I've been much more inactive.
I'm still learning with the wiki code.
I mostly do minor edits. Mostly for typos and grammatical errors.

I also edit Wikia pages, you can see my user page here (

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↑(Except for Leaf Green, I gave up on that one.)
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My AllTime Pkmn Highscore

7 Badges in Red version(with a little help from my younger brother)

8 Badges in Gold version - the pokémon league is very tough;

4 Badges in Leaf Green version - The Fuchsia City Gym is so hard...

2 Badges in Diamond Version - now at Solaceon Town

1 Badge in White version - now at Nacrene City.

A picture of Jigglypuff on stage in Pokemon Snap at 4820 points - followed by Magmar

Finished and Completed Pokémon Channel. (Everything completed, but I only meet latios as one of the "event Pokémon".

Returned to Pokémon Square after telling the townfolk that we are not their enemies in Red Rescue Team

Just Finished Chapter 12 in Explores of sky.

Stage 90 in Pokémon Shuffle mobile.

Shiny Pkmn that I caught

I caught this Shiny Ursaring in Victory Road while grinding my pkmn. It is the very first Shiny I have encountered in a Pokémon game.

Spr 2g 217 s.png
normal Unknown
Held item:
Ursaring Lv.33ShinyIIStars.png
Fury Swipes
Feint Attack

I also encountered a shiny Starly on route 201 in Pokémon Platinum. But since I don't have a pokeball that early in the game, I could do nothing but to defeat it. As of Jan 2018, this is the latest Shiny I have encountered.

External links

[email protected]

I've moved from Bulbagarden forums to Lake Valor!

Have any questions regarding about my account? Or anything to ask about me? You can send me a Tweet

My Deviantart - Where I occasionaly post my drawings

Checkout my music channel (Musescore)
Checkout my 2rd Musescore channel
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My activity on Minecraftfourms

Shuffle mobile Friend code: GJQNG3N3(19 spots left!) (From Asia!)

3DS Friend code: I don't have a 3DS - and I don't think I will ever have...


Favorite Pokemon

Non-Animated Pokémon does not mean anything.
P.S. I'm hidden somewhere down below. Can u find me? I thought the riddle at the top of the page give me away...

Gen I

Yet, SO Hard to Draw Ivysaur I like the squeaking sound it makes Caterpie's Mom 3 Horns, X3 the trouble! The one and only Cute Purple Mouse!

Rai Sandshew Sandslash Nidoran My Favorite Nidoqueen

Nidoran Nidorano Vuipix Golduck Arba Only Human In the Pokemon world?

Two-headed chick Whirl island folks Dewgong Drowzee Eggxucor Lickitang

Rhyhorn Rhydon I Like the concept of having a Dragon Head on top of an insect Mother Kangaskan Electricbuzz Magmar

Who won't like this? Cuteness Overload! I wish this could be mistaken for Mermaids I'm friends with this, yeah, Seriously Who doesn't like him?

Gen II to IV

Chicko Just Bayleaf it. Cyndi One of Buizel's friend (Quilava) Croconaw Sentret

Furret Leadyba ledrrn Spinerack Chincho So cute.

Hey, Look! It's Mareep! Fllaffy Amfuros azmarill Girafang Heracross

Swinub! Banzai(Remorade) Ortillary Delibird smeargal The Milk sure is disgusting!

Suicune Lavata The one and only time traveler Grovile(Ash)(Not from Mystery Dungeon! Septile Combuskin

Mudkip I love two-tailed Pkmn Swampet pocheyana Mightyania Linocoon

when there is a sroomish, there is got to be a Breloom Breloom Mawile Electrike volbeat illumise

Zangoose They see me rolling. seloo kecleon Jarchi Shinz is Sooooooooooo Sparkeling Cute!

Hey! You found me! I'm Bluetails, the -Mon who wrote this entire garbage! ...I mean, profile page My tail has a hue of blue so that's why I go with that nickname. Anyway, gotta go now, Dad is coming! It looks like a Pillow #ShayminJumpscared

Gen V

V for Victory! Snivy(A Guy) Servine, Snivy's Sister King of the Forest's Snakes Teapig Piginite is my friend

A friend of Buizel Samurott, king of ...the beach patrat Vice-Principle Watchog! The lighting Zebra! Sandile

Krokrokro maractice Caracosta Swanna young 4 seasons Joltrick

Garventula Kibago meinfoo Heatmor the anteater Zeweilgeos

Gen VI & VII

I secretly had a crush on her! This is Clemont's This is Ash's I prefer the Darker Male one Cotton Candy Dog Heiloptile

Goomy Row, Row, Row your Rowlet #ChineseCat "Bark Bark" Ori-Ori-Ori-Ori-Oricorio